Hi everybody! It's Rizu again! Look what I've got! It's Sapphire Rose, the sequel to Red Rose Angel! You thought Diana and Yugi would just live a normal life with no more worries and dangers. O.o – yeah right…well now Diana has a new kind of adventure. And it's gonna be without Yugi! –gasp– Don't worry…Yugi's still a main character in this fanfic, but he has his own problems to worry about. Plus, you're gonna see the return of two very nasty bastards. This Serena girl is also gonna be a main character too. Serena is based on a good friend of mine. Not only is she a YGO fan, but she loves Rex and Weevil. o.o

Chapter 1 – a New Mission and the Baby

"Ten months and three days…" said the red, black and golden haired King with a sigh.

The High Druid, Simon Mcmooran, looked up as he walked passed the throne. "Sire?"

"I was just saying that it has been ten months and three days since I became King."

Simon smiled and nodded. "Oh aye, it has, your Majesty. Britain has been very peaceful since you took the throne."

Yugi chuckled. He stood and walked down one corridor and then another until he found his study. A huge wooden desk sat near the fireplace with an ink well and quill pen lay out with some papers ready to be looked at. Yugi sighed. He had become a bit bored lately. He had not seen his brother since the coronation and the banquet celebration. Tea had occasionally come to the castle to visit Yugi's love, Diana, but she never spoke about Yami whose real name was Alexander.

Yugi's real name was Henry and he used to be the exiled Prince of Lancaster during the War of the Roses. That was until his mother, Lady Margaret, sent Simon to summon a champion from the future. Yugi sat at his desk and laughed out loud. Who would have thought that the champion we brought here from the future would turn out to be the one I fell in love with, he thought.

It was true too. Diana Sapphire the Rose Duelist was the champion they needed to win the War, which they did. Yugi had fallen deeply in love with Diana and even made love to her after his coronation. He didn't get her pregnant—to his partial relief—but Diana had been acting strange since a couple days after that night.

"But if she is pregnant with my child, I think I would have noticed." Yugi said to himself. "I wonder…"

As if in answer to his wondering, he jumped at the high-pitched squeal of a baby. Yugi's thoughts were pulled in different directions as he went in search of the source of the sound. What if Diana really had become pregnant and the baby who was crying was his! He partly wanted to believe that and be the father of Diana's children, but he partly wasn't ready to be a father until he and Diana at least got married.


Diana cuddled the little bundle of pink skin wrapped in soft blankets. Tea smiled as the baby gurgled sweetly and reached up to try and pull Diana's hair. Diamond Dust the silvery gray pooka mewed and climbed onto Diana's shoulder to get a better view of the baby. The baby stared back at the pooka with big, crimson eyes. The pooka nuzzled at the baby's soft tuffs of brown hair.

"Adorable…what's his name?" Diamond Dust asked.

"It's a girl, Diamond Dust." Tea said tiredly.

"And her name is Cara, right Tea?" Diana asked.

Tea nodded and slumped in the chair she was sitting in. Diana was sitting on the edge of the bed she shared with Yugi. She had come to love the 14th century even if electricity or computers or television hadn't even been thought of yet. Diana had never watched that much television anyway and she was always at a constant war with technology. I think this century suits me, except for the lack of decent transportation, Diana thought. Oh well! I usually walked everywhere back in my time.

Yugi suddenly came into the room and Tea straightened slowly. "Hello your Majesty."

He stared wide-eyed at Diana and Cara. Diana blinked at him. "What? Have you never seen an adorable baby before?"

Yugi stumbled backwards and caught himself on the door frame. "Is…is it ours, Diana?"

Diana blushed furiously. "No. Cara's your niece, silly!"

Tea smiled. "She's mine and Yami's daughter."

Yugi let out a sigh of relief. He walked over and sat down next to Diana. "Want to hold her, Henry?" Diana asked. Diana had gotten into the habit of calling Yugi by his real name. No one except Lady Margaret and Yami had ever called Yugi by his real name until now.

Yugi looked at Tea for permission, but she was asleep. Yugi took Cara from Diana's arms very gently and held her softly. The baby giggled sweetly and slowly fell asleep as the King rocked her back and forth. "Isn't she cute?" he heard Diana say.

"Yes she is."

"Were you afraid that she was your daughter?"

"Our daughter, love." Yugi corrected her. "And no…you've been acting a bit strangely since we consummated our love."

Diana frowned and bushed again. "Well, I'm not pregnant or anything. I'd tell you if I was, you know. Besides I'd rather wait until I'm married before having kids."

Yugi smiled when he heard his own thoughts echo in her words. "You want to marry me?"

Diamond Dust fell off Diana's shoulder when she heard that. Diana felt like fainting herself. "Are…are you asking for my hand in marriage?"

The King paused for a second. "Do you want me to?"

"W-w-well…no I…I don't think I'm ready yet."

Yugi nodded. "That's reasonable, Angel." He always referred to Diana as 'Angel' and almost never by her real name, though she never understood or bothered to ask why.

Cara wiggled a little, but continued to sleep soundly. Yugi smiled at her. "So my brother has been busy, has he?"

Diana choked back a laugh. "Guess so. He and Tea were married just a month after your coronation, Henry. No one except Joseph and Lady Margaret were there."

"Yes my mother told me about their wedding. I wish I could have gone."

Diana shrugged. "You can come to our wedding, if and when we have one."

Yugi chuckled quietly so as not to wake the baby. "I should hope so. I have to attend my own wedding." He pressed his lips softly against hers. "And I will marry you someday, Angel. Because I do want us to be together forever."

Diana smiled and kissed him. "I know you do, Henry."

Simon came scurrying into the room just as Tea had awakened from her nap and Yugi handed the baby to her. "Your Majesty, a representative from the Third and Fourth World has arrived. He says that it is very urgent that he speak to you and Lady Diana."

"Why? What's wrong, Simon?" Diana asked, getting to her feet.

"He did not say, Diana. But from the look on his face, I don't think it is good news." Simon said. Diamond Dust straightened and Diana could feel the pooka's concern in her heart. Ever since she had bonded to Diamond Dust, Diana had been able to sense the pooka's inner emotions.

Yugi looked at Diana. "Let's go see him then." Diana nodded and followed her King.


Diana blinked when she saw the creature waiting for them. It was an elf dressed in off-white pants with a perfectly white tunic embroidered with gold and silver. Draped around his shoulders and back was a chiffon colored cape. The elf knelt as Yugi came to sit in his throne. Diana stood beside the throne and admired the pretty blonde hair of the elf.

The elf stood and said, "Greetings, your Majesty and Rose Duelist. I am Findecáno Fëfalas, Fin for short. I represent those of the Third Race on a matter of grave importance."

"Please, continue." Yugi said.

"Since the War's end, both of our worlds have been peaceful and the Third and Fourth World has been left untouched by mortal hand and eye. Yet in the passed few months, we have encountered strange swarms of humans invading our World."

"Strange humans?" Diana asked, raising one eyebrow.

Diamond Dust simply stared at Fin. "Why in the world would you come here with such a small matter, Fëfalas? A few months time is merely hours compared to how long you and I have lived."

Fin nodded. "True, Lady Diamond. But these humans are very different and a very real threat. They can somehow suck the immortality out of our people. They have some kind of magic that can do this."

Diana cringed as she felt Diamond Dust's horror and fear like an arrow to her heart. "D-Diamond Dust…"

The pooka ignored her. "What about my fellow pooka? Are they all right?"

"I do not know." Fin turned to address Yugi. "We are in need of your assistance, Majesty."

"And you shall have it, Fin. I owe your people a great debt for strengthen our forces during the War."

Suddenly, a knight burst into the room and knelt on one knee a few paces behind the elf. "Your Majesty, I have terrible news."

"What is it?" Yugi asked, trying to contain the annoyance in his voice.

"There is a strange army invading Chester, sire. I tried to send a small band of troops to stop them, but there were more knights than what I had originally thought. I sent only fifteen men, but only two returned back alive. The other thirteen were sent back in strips of flesh and bone."

Diana's eyes widened. "Could they be the same invaders in your world, Fin?"

Fin shrugged. "I do not know, Rose Duelist. But please I am in need of desperate help!"

Yugi looked from the knight to the elf and then to Diamond Dust. The pooka was ridged with worry for her people and her concern was evident on Diana's face as well. He motioned for Diana to lean in close. He whispered in her ear, "What is it you want to do?"

Diana bit her lower lip in thought. Diamond Dust was so worried and the elf looked just as worried. She whispered back, "I want to help Diamond Dust and Fin."

"What if I need you here, Angel?"

"Then do what you can. Like you said, we owe the Third and Fourth Race for helping us." Diana said. His hand clutched hers as she added, "I'll be careful, I promise."

Diana straightened and Yugi announced, "I will send Diana to help you, Fin." He then addressed the knight, "As for these invaders, call all my commanding officers to my study and we will discuss it further."

The knight bowed his head and left as swiftly as he'd come. Fin bowed to Diana. "I thank you, my lady."

"You're welcome. Just let me go get my dueling deck." Diana turned and went back to her room. Diamond Dust ran after her and jumped on her shoulder.

"I can't thank you enough for doing this, Diana. It really means a lot to me." the pooka said.

"I know, Diamond Dust. I promise you that we'll save your people from these immortality sucking jerks." Diana told the pooka.

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