Well this is something I had been planning on submitting to the iRO fanfic contest, however after 1000+ words I knew there was no way I was going to finish this under the 1500 limit. So I figured I'd forget the fanfic contest and just make this as big as I wanted to. The main character is my iRO Crusader Drear on Loki.

At times like this I can only wonder what most people actually think love is. Most people will tell you that love is something shared between two people; something both great and beautiful that can connect two people on the deepest of levels. Though I can tell you anyone that says that is a hypocrite. What people consider love is actually much more close-minded; and anything that isn't the same as their definition of love, is not considered love at all. It's considered to be wrong, or an abomination.

I know this as I've had to deal with it first-hand. The feelings of love don't matter. The deep spiritual connection means nothing. Because a love that is different is a love that no one can accept. Because of the love I shared with another, I have been mocked, ridiculed, and treated as though I was some raving lunatic. What did I do to deserve such a harsh response?

I loved someone that was different…

As I remember back to everything that happened, I remember every detail of it with such crystal quality; every second of every minute. It began in the capital city of Prontera. It was past midnight and I had just been doing what I had done countless times before. Browsing around through some of the overnight merchant shops stocking up on supplies I'd need for my departure to Orc Dungeon the following morning. I was just enjoying the night air while talking to anyone who was still around at such a late hour. I had just been walking the streets when I first saw her…an injured woman wearing a heavy cloak.

Her cloak was large enough to conceal all of her body, and with the large hood over her head, it was nearly impossible to tell who she was. After a few moments I could see the outline of what must have been an extremely menacing whip through her cloak. Logically I just figured she must have been a Dancer returning to Prontera to have her injuries healed and to stock up on supplies. Despite the appearance of just a person coming back to restock supplies; something seemed incredibly unusual. I can't explain the feelings I had toward this woman…my eyes were drawn to her. In my mind I had told myself I was just admiring her cloak and wondering where she had purchased such a garment. But in all honesty, I couldn't have turned my gaze away even if I had wanted to. I lost total track of everything I had been doing, I don't even know how long it was that I stood admiring her.

Only when she had finally walked out of sight did I finally come back to reality and realize an alarming amount of time had passed. The streets were now nearly empty and only a handful of merchants still had their shops open in the street. It took me a few moments to get my train of thought back to what was important. I'd considered perhaps getting a room at the inn for the night. I am not one that's big on sleep however, so I thought why put off till tomorrow what I can do tonight. I had all the supplies I'd need and was in no mood for sleep; so I figured no reason I shouldn't go adventuring to Orc Dungeon right then and there.

I didn't get very far before I saw her, that same Dancer. She was sitting underneath a tree, not looking very thrilled with her current situation. I had began to think perhaps she had no zenny; I couldn't recall her actually buying anything as she browsed through the shops as I had watched her earlier. Surely she would have rented a room at the Inn if she had zenny. Everyone knows Dancers don't wear the…warmest of clothing. I'm not normally one to hand out free items to any pretty girl I see like I've known some men to be. But I had seen this person injured and unable to even buy potions to heal herself. Being a Crusader I believe very firmly in the helping of others; so of course I didn't even think twice before I walked up to her.

I pulled a White Potion from my supplies and held it out to her, "Miss? I noticed you seemed to be injured when you had first arrived earlier this evening. Perhaps I can offer this to you? It's not much, but I'd hope you can use it to feel better?" Agh…I'd felt like an idiot, I tried not to falter with my voice as I spoke to this woman and all I'd done was ramble on. In the middle of my own self feeling of stupidity she had looked up at me and for the first time I could see part of her face. In almost a flash the White Potion was flung out of my hand and had shattered against a nearby tree.

I tried to recover from the initial shock of what she'd done…I'd also tried not to stare at her. Even though I only saw her for a brief moment; there was something…unexplainable about her. After regaining my composure I took another White Potion from my supplies. "Miss…I didn't pay nearly a thousand zenny for that White Potion to have something to water the grass with. Please take this from me?" I was having a difficult time trying not to falter with my words as I spoke to her.

She looked up at me again and speaking for the first time, "There is no reason for you to offer me a Potion…Just go and leave me alone." It was difficult to not be discouraged; thinking back to it now the polite thing for me to do would probably to have been to back off and leave her alone. But…I just couldn't; there was something about this woman. Something I am still unable to put into words.

Trying with all my concentration to keep my voice steady; I simply said, "There is more than enough reason for me to offer you this potion. There is a great deal of trouble in this world. We all need to stick together and we all need to look out for one another." Oh how my hopes rose up when she took the potion from my hand.

I stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do next. As badly as I had wanted to stay here and speak with her; I just couldn't work up the courage. She obviously wanted to be left alone and it wasn't my place to stay there. Just as I had taken my first step back, she said something to me that at the time was the most confusing thing I'd ever heard. She looked up to me, half of her face still hidden by the cloak and said in a perfectly calm voice, "I am the trouble in this world."

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