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I looked at her for a moment; totally unsure of what to do or say. To hear her say something so bizarre; I had no idea what to do now. Trying not to sound overly concerned, I couldn't stop myself from asking her, "Is there something bothering you? Perhaps something I can help you with?" She only sat and drank the white potion. All that could be heard was silence…a very awkward silence.

I had looked away only for a moment as I thought I'd heard someone passing by. When I looked back to the dancer, she was gone. In that split-second, that moment in which my mind jumps to the realization that she wasn't where I had last saw her, I suddenly felt myself being choked of air. In the short moment of confusion she had swept around to my other side and had a strangle-hold on my neck. Shocked as I was, I couldn't move; even more shocking was when she lifted me into the air. I couldn't move; maybe because of the shock of what had just happened, or maybe something else. Either way, all I could do was stare at her as my feet dangled more than a foot off of the ground.

She spoke to me then, in a voice so cold it sent a chill down my back, "What is it that you want from me? Why the hell are you so intent on bothering me? I don't want any more of your potions. Nor do I ever want to hear the sound of your voice again. I swear to whichever God you worship, if you keep pushing me, I will make you regret it!" Then with seemingly no effort, she flung me over her back. At that point everything was a blur, I'm not sure how far she threw me, I just remember hitting the ground hard. The scrape of my armor against the concrete made the most horrible noise, that and trying to catch my breath; the whole situation just seemed unreal. I just laid there for several moments; totally bewildered with all my thoughts in chaos. She simply sat back down underneath the same tree as before, as though nothing had just happened.

Eventually I managed to pick myself up, as painful as just that was. I looked at her, though I didn't dare say a word. Trying to make as little noise as possible, I slowly managed to walk away. Unfortunately for me, even walking was more difficult than it should have been. I'd landed on my leg and more than likely strained quite a few muscles. I couldn't walk without limping; pain shooting through my leg with each step.

I didn't even dare look back at her as I was walking away. After limping my way back to the main road, I looked to the southern exit of Prontera. My will for Orc Dungeon had disappeared; no way was I going to make the effort to get there now. I was just so tired…so sleepy. I decided it'd be best to stay at the inn for the night and make a go at Orc Dungeon tomorrow. I don't even remember feeling disappointed; I just remembered wanting to fall into that bed and just rest.

I have almost no recollection of my walk to the inn. It almost felt as though I was in a daze. I just wanted to hit that bed, to rest my muscles. To just let it all go and relax. I'd felt as though I'd gone days without sleep, though in reality I'd slept quite comfortably just the night before. Though that didn't seem to matter anymore, I just wanted a warm bed to sleep in.

I remember bursting in through the door at the inn, throwing a few thousand zenny onto the inn-keepers desk and asking for the key to my room. Totally beyond me how I managed to make it up the stairs without slipping. Once I'd finally reached my room, I barely took the time to lock the door behind me before allowing my armor to drop to the floor. Usually I took extreme care with all my equipment, but at the moment, I just really couldn't care all that much.

After having laid my sword at the foot of the bed, I finally allowed myself to collapse onto the bed; I finally just let my body relax. How could I have gotten so tired? How did I get so fatigued in such a short time? Maybe that Dancer had thrown me even harder than I thought. Maybe I really was hurt; oh, who could care. That bed…was so warm, just so comfortable. My last thoughts before I drifted off to sleep were of that woman's face. After I'd gotten past the shock of what had happened, I remembered something, when that Dancer had thrown me; I could see her face. That headgear she wore, so strange. A mask that only covered half her face; it had seemed so somber, so mournful. The horns attached to it just added to the overall depressing look of that headgear.

It wasn't long before my thoughts began to trail off and sleep overtook me. I don't remember my dreams at all. I recall that I woke up a few times throughout the night. Occasionally the pain in my leg would waken me so I had to change positions while I slept. I remember waking up in the morning, to the sun shining in through the cracks of the window-shutter. I still felt so tired though, I just slept. Each time I awoke I couldn't find the strength to bother getting up. So I only shut my eyes again and went back to sleep.

I lost all sense of time; I couldn't really care about it either. I was far too tired to care about the time or how long I'd been sleeping. I just wanted peace. Eventually the inn-keeper came knocking at the door asking if I'd like to pay for another night. I didn't even bother opening my eyes, I just yelled to him that I would pay him for the extra night when I departed and he agreed.

I awoke again, I knew it was well into the night but I had no sense of how late it actually was. I had opened my eyes only for a moment to look outside…the window-shutters were open. I stared at the window for a few moments before the realization of what happened sunk in.

The shutters were open…but they had been closed when I'd first fallen asleep. There was no one that had come into this room since then, and I was certain I hadn't gotten up and opened them. Suddenly the potential seriousness of the situation had been realized in my head.

I sat up in the bed quickly and took a look around the room. I saw my armor, so neatly organized on the floor beside the bed. My sword was leaning up against the wall so neatly. In a panic I made a grab my sword, totally unsure of who could have done this…but then I heard her voice.

In such a soft voice, she said to me from the shadows of the room, "Why such a panic Drear? It's only me. I'm sorry, I didn't really mean to startle you. I just didn't want to wake you as I came in last night. You looked so peaceful sleeping there." Ugh, I was so confused, what on Earth was happening here? Gripping my sword even tighter, in a voice that was almost a yell, "Who are you? What are you doing here and what do you want?"

In such a calm voice she replied to me, "Nothing Drear…I've just been watching your dreams. You're different from the rest, aren't you?"

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