Title: Realization
Author: Sage SK
E-mail: sageskatfyresightdotcom

Comments: Just a random 100 word ficlet. Read closely and you'll know who I'm talking about. ;) And, yeah, I had plans to make this into a full fledged fanfic, but as you can see, I got nowhere.

He had to savor this moment. He had to look at his surroundings. At the clouds. At the rays of sunlight that shone through their white, floating obstacles as they beckoned him, called him, to make his presence up there with them. He stopped, his jet not ten feet away from him.

With a smile, he outstretched his arms closing his eyes as he let the wind carry itself through his blonde fur.

A slight ruffle followed as the friendly breeze made its way through his flight suit. He laughed. It did tickle, but that wasn't the reason for his sudden chuckle. It was realization. This was what it felt to be alive.