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Chapter 1: The past!

Kai's POV!

Back stage. I felt dizzi and tired by the minute and I can't hold it much longer 'Pom' "Pant" I finally fell. "Light" I said "Bey battle is really incredible. Isn't it, Tyson" My eyelid finally shut and I heard the cracking sound of my beyblade broken into pieces before everything went black!

Normal POV.

"Hei, there's a kid sitting there" said a staff!

"Let's go and check it out" said another staff and they approach to Kai! "Kid, you alright? Kid. Ah!" Looking at his friend,"Kid" said one of the staff 'Pom' Kai fell down. "Ahh! We better send him to the hospital and quick".

The other one nodded. And he held Kai up. "Let's go"

While inside the stage, the Bladebreakers wonanother championship Tournament.

"Let welcome our Champion up the stage and receive their price" said Jazzman! "Yah! Woo!" The crowd cheered as Tyson took the trophy and raise it high. "Woo! Yah!" the crowd cheered.

"So, what makes you the world champion today?" asked Jazzman.

"Well, we owe all to Kenny" said Max.

"ME" said Kenny in surprised.

"Yah! If it wasn't for Kenny and Dizzi's research, we won't have won" said Ray which made Kenny blush.

"Don't forget about Tyson's hard work and Hilary's couching and cheering" said Kenny "But the one we really must thanks is…"

"MR.DICKENSON!" said the Bladebreakers together.

"He's the one who put the Bladebreakers together" said Tyson "And the cool one too".

"Kai, of course" said Max and Ray together. The hold up their trophy together. "Yah! Woo!" The crowd cheered.

"And there you have it from our Champions" said Jazzman.

"Psst, Jazzman" said a staff! Jazzman bent down and heard the news/.

"Tyson, there's a note from Mr. Dickenson! He said he want to se you all at the hospital" said Jazzman "He said is something about Kai".

"KAI!" said the Bladebreakers and rush to the exit.

Inside Kai's dream. "Where am I?" said Kai "Am I dead, is this hell" said Kai. "Will someone just answer me?" said Kai and a flash of light approch. "What the..."

"Kai" said a voice. "Dranzer?" said Kai and he too a closer look. To his suprised it was his... "dad" "Yes Kai and it has been a long time" said his dad. "Yah too long" said Kai.

"It seems there's a lot of question that's bothering you, my son" he asked. "What do you know?" said Kai and his dad smile backed at him. "I'll show you something. Come" said Kai's dad and he drag him off.

At the hospital, Mr. Dickenson is standing outside Kai's room.

"Mr. Dickenson, Mr. Dickenson" Tyson yelled, "Mr. Dickenson, how is Kai?"

Mr. Dickenson look inside from the window, "See for yourself." The Bladebreakers look in!

"What happen to Kai?" said Max.

"Well I really don't know" said Mr. Dickenson looking down"Some of my staff found him unconsciouse on the fool and send him here"

"Well, Kai was exausted from the last battle with Brookyln" said Ray, "He should have stayed and rest! instead of wondering out".

"Well, what do you think Tyson, Tyson!" said Hilary.

"What I hope now is that Kai will be alright" said Tyson in a worried tone. Looking inside through the window.

Inside Kai's dream, which he was looking at something that his father brought him to. "Ah!" said Kai in shocked."That's me, isn't it"." It's you when you were just 5, my son" said Kai's dad "Look how happy you were, with your friends"

"Yah! But that was before you and mom left me" said Kai looking at his dad.

"Follow me and I'll show you something more" said Kai's dad smiling "Huh?" said Kai confusedly and follow his dad, "Look down there" said his dad pointing down.

"Ah! That's my team" said Kai "Well at least I think is was. But not ever again". "Do you think so? Look closer." said his dad. And Kai take a closer look. Some of them are crying, Kai thought.

"Well it's your choice" said his dad smiling to Kai "weather to stay here or leave them for ever my son" he walk away. The he stop and turn around "Think of what I just said Kai. Think wisely my son.I'll be here if you need me."

"Ah! Dad" said Kai, then he sat down and start thinking.

3 Days later, and the Bladebreakers went to visit Kai at the hospital, "So, how is he doing?" said Ray worried. Max shocked his head and both of them sigh.

"Guys" said Hilary with Kenny behind him, "How is Tyson, is he still sitting there?"

"Yah!" said Max "He hasn't been eating for three day now. What should we do?"

"What can we do. But to hope for miricle" said Kenny, "Oh and Kai's beyblade has been repaired" Kenny took out the beyblade.

"Well it look perfect" said Hilary "except there's something missing" she then took a closer look. So does Ray and Max! "Where Dranzer?" said Ray pinting on the spot where the red phoenix always sat. "Yah where's Dranzer" said Max.

"I have no idea" said Kenny looking down "But for now, we need to worry about Tyson"."Yah!" said Hilary "If he doesn't eat anything he'll be sick for sure". "On the other hand, if Kai doesn't wake up, he won't eat anything at all" said Kenny.

"I don't think that's going to be any problem" said Tala just came, "Kai is very strong, he won't give up that easily"

"But..." said Hilary. "We must hope the best out of it" said Ray "Come on let's go in" everyone follow.

Inside Kai's patient room. Where Tyson is sitting. "How long are you going to sleep, Kai?" said Tyson "Wake up already".

"Tyson, are you alright?" said Hilary in a worry tone.

"Huh? Oh you guy" said Tyson which just know that Tala and the others are here,"Yah! I'm fine!"

"Don't worry too much Tyson" said Tala "Kai will wake up sooner or later".

"Tala!" said Tyson and saw Tala smiling! Then he look back at Kai! "Yah, I have fate for him! huh?"

"What is it Tyson?" said Max. "Gasp! Kai's body..." Everyone take a look and saw that Kai's body is glowing red.

"Huh?" Tala saw the beyblade on Kenny's hand and then snatch it away! "Hey" said Kenny who just realise that Tala had took the beyblade away. "Tala what are you doing?" said Kenny.

"Just wait and see" said Tala and he place the beyblade onto Kai's palm. Then the glow took form of a phoenix and swoosh into Kai's new beyblade! "Dranzer's back! Dranzer's back" said Tyson hopping around.

"Hahahaha! Tyson" said Hilary pointing at Kai. Everyone look down at Kai who is awaking.

"Kai!" said Tyson "I'll call the docter" then he ran out.

"Where am I" asked Kai!

"This is the hospital my friend" said Tala. "We know you will wake up Kai" said Hilary. "We're so glade that you are fine now" said Max.

"Yah! I'm happy to stay!" said Kai and he took up Dranzer "I'm really happy" Smiling! Everyone went to hug Kai! And then Tyson came trashing in pulling the docter behing him! Everyone laugh, including Kai! (For the first time and what happen to Mr. Sourpouss)

To be continue...

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