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Chapter 50: Is this goodbye?

:Last time:

When the light had faded, William was already by Tyson's side on Dragoon's back. "Now that we got William, we need to destroy the core" Tyson said, holding onto Dragoon and onto William at the same time. The crystal is the core boy! Get that in your head, Dranzer said. "Oh so that explains the rumbling sound" Tyson said looking relief. Rumbling sound? What … rumbling sound? Driger asked, than all of them looked behind to find that an explosion is headed their way. "Gasps!" Was the last sound to be heard


Tyson's POV.

Where am I? Am I dead? These questions keep on rolling within my head and it still does. What exactly happens after the explosion I really don't know. All I know now is that I'm resting in a quite place, peacefully resting until my eyes can be open up. Along this time I can heard some giggling and some one crying. I don't know who are they but it make me sad to hear that someone cry. I don't know how long have I been sleeping or am I asleep. I just don't know. Until today.

"Look! He's waking up" someone said. My vision was blur at first and when my eyes are focus enough, I saw a lot of people surrounding me, basically my team. "Guys!" I said weakly. "Tyson, Tyson!" Hilary said and she sort of wanted to chocked me to death. "Hi-la-ry! Ha-rd to be" I managed to choked out and she let go looking worried and Kai was just no where in sight. "What is it? Are you hurt?" she said nervously. "I think you are chocking him Hilary" Ray chuckle while I rubbed my neck and smiled.

Normal POV.

"How are you feeling Tyson?" Hilary asked in a much relief tone. "Can you tell that I'm lying here alright?" Tyson joked and he received a smack not from Hilary but from Max. "What was that for Max?" Tyson asked furiously. "Hilary was worried the last three weeks when you're still lying here and you still can joked about these matters?" Max said angrily. "Cool it Max. This is the Hospital" Ray said to calm Max down. "Three weeks! Has it been that long? No wonder my neck felt stile" Tyson said while rubbing the back of his neck then something hit him, "Ah! What happen to William? Is he alright?" he asked nervously.

"William's fine and he had left the hospital days ago. So did everyone" Max said looking more like himself now. "Everyone?" Tyson asked again. "After the explosion, everyone was injured by the impact and got hurt. As you can see you are the messy one" Ray said. "And what about Kai? I thought he would at least be here to lecture me?" Tyson joked again. "You better hope that Kai didn't hear you Tyson" Kenny warned and a confused look appeared on Tyson face.

Back at the Hiwatari mansion, inside the universal room, (Basically a room to see the stars at day. A room personally made by Kai himself) Kai was just laying on the chair looking at the night sky. His eyes weren't emotionless but filled with sadness and a depressed sigh escaped from the young Russian's mouth. Back at the Hospital, "What! Karalin's leaving?" Tyson exclaim and Hilary and the others just nodded, "but I thought she and Kai are in love?" he asked.

"They are but it seems that her father wanted her to enhanced her talent on showbiz" Hilary said sadly. "Her father? But I thought she's…" Tyson said and just stop. "Oh and I almost forgot. You better be well for our graduation ceremony" Max said suddenly. "Graduation? We just enter this university this year. How on earth are we going to graduate?" Tyson asked looking more confused. "I don't know about this but our name was stated on the list. And guess what?" Ray asked looking at Tyson with a funny look. "I fail right!" he said dully. "Well, you have to find it out yourself then" Hilary said and every one of them start to be secretive and made Tyson more confused that ever.

Later that evening, Kai was already out from the universal room and up on the hill at the back of his house enjoying the quite time alone. A lot has been happening around here and it really help to change my point of view. But what differences does it make when the one I precious the most is leaving, Kai thought as a depressed sigh escaped from out young Russian. Then a wimp was heard among the bushes and make Kai on his defense pose. Then out of the bush a head poop out to reveal, "John?" he exclaim, then seeing something was in John's mouth.

Days had passed and Tyson was well enough to leave the hospital to enjoy the rest of his life at the campus. He was thrill to find out that he had pass all his subject and get extra credit on his beyblading skill that he forgot he still got an injured foot. "After all what can you asked from a beyblade champ? Ouch!" he said. "You better watch that foot of yours or you will never be well enough to join the graduation partiiiie!" Max sang. "Alright, alright! Sheesh, what does a man got to do to have fun while resting?" Tyson wined, while they approached their way up to the black SUV. Ray at the driver seat, Max on the passenger seat and Hilary Tyson and Kenny at the back seat.

"Nothing! All you need now is to rest your injured leg of yours so we can all enjoy the rest of the days together" Kenny said. "Humph! Fine. I'll endure one day at my room" Tyson wined like a four year old and made everyone laugh. Meawhile, at the Anime-Galz's resistance, Karalin and Nick are getting ready for their departure after the night of the graduation party. "Do we really have to leave sis?" Nick wined. "Its dad's idea and we have to respect his orders Nick. Don't worry, you will be able to find some new friends there" Karalin comforted her little brother with a hug, "Come, we'll get this entire sort out then head for lunch ok. How do Pizza Planet sound?" she asked.

When the place mention, Nick when from sad to happy in a minute, "Pizza Planet? Woopy! Can I bring Lillian go too?" he asked. "Sure why not. I don't see the harm as long as he sister is coming" she said and Nick quickly went out to tell Lillian and Cornelia the good news while leaving her sister behind to do all the cleaning. She was nearly done when she found out that she had lost something, "Huh! I remember I left it here" she assumed searching for something, when someone came in.

"Looking for something Karalin?" said certain blond crouching down to help. Her friend just shocked her head to reply. "I see that you are nearly done packing. Are you positive that you will be leaving so soon?' she asked. "My dad even sent the air ticket incase I forgot the date and time" Karalin said showing her friend the air ticket, "and I got nothing against it to denied his wish" she added, putting the things away. "Hm! I still remember when we first met at the setting. You were so photogene" Cornelia complimented making Karalin bushed ten times harder and both start to laugh. "Sis! Can we go now? I'm starved here" Nick asked. "Me too! I'm going to be flat when we get there if we don't hurry" Lillian shouted too.

"Alright! We are coming" both Karalin and Cornelia said as they came out from Karalin's room and onto the porch. The kids was the first to get ready and was waiting at the garden, "Quickly, quickly" Lillian rushed the two teenagers. "Alright, we're coming. Will it hurt just to wait for a second Lillian?" Cornelia questioned her little sister. She just puffed up her cheeks for an answer, "I guess not!" Cornelia said making Karalin giggle. "Alright, who's up for some pizza and video games?" Karalin asked. "We are, we are!" both Nick and Lillian answered at the same time. "Then let get those foot of the ground and let get moving" Cornelia continue and made the kids jump around with joy then set off to Pizza Planet.

When there's a beginning there must be an ending. So this comes to an end of our little heroes' school year at the New York Beyblade University. Today is the day where they are receiving their graduation certificate to proof they have finished their highest degree at this campus. It was the best day of the year and everyone had dress up at their blue graduation uniforms and their square hats. Even time flies when giving out the degree. "… and last but not least, the World Champion Team, The Bladebreakers" said the professor then followed by the degree giving to each and every of the Bladebreakers and proceed to the boring speech.

"Attention please! I'm proud to invite out principle of this campus to give us a little graduation speech" said the professor and he hand the stage to the old Principle. "This is going to take forever" Tyson whispered and he receives a pinch in his foot from Hilary, "itai!" he whispered and glares at the now giggling Hilary. "Ahem! Is this thing on? Thank you! Firstly, I would like to thank you all for coming to this University and finished your study here and I'm also honored to thank the World Champion Team for coming. I know that it has been a hard year for all of you. And to sincerely sent you off, I wish a happy Graduation day to all" after his last word, everyone in the front porch threw their square in the air and some start to dance too.

The day ends when the sun sets into the mountains and to declare the true Graduation Party at the Hiwatari mansion. Why they have a party there? Well, it's because he has a bigger garden. And we can see the Anime-Galz, the silver Strikers including Roxanne and Nicole, the Rotten Sharks who's not so rotten anymore, the Saint Shields and of course out host, the Bladebreakers. But it seems that someone is missing from the group, "Hm? Tyson, have you seen Kai" Karalin asked.

"Oh! His girlfriend is a little heartsick not seeing her boyfriend?" Tyson teased which make Karalin blushed and angry to receive a light stomp on his now heeled foot making him does a rolling dance on the grassy floor. Then she walk away looking for a descend person to asked, "Max, have you seen Kai?" she asked. "Kai! He was there…" Max said pointing at the empty seat, "a minute ago! Sorry Karalin. Haven't seen him" Max added then walk off to asked Mariam for a dance. "Hm! Where are you Kai? Do I ever see you again?' she whispered to herself and walk off to the buffet table.

In a very dark, huge room was where out young Russian hide himself looking down at the party by the window. Seeing everyone happy and dancing away, he felt disgust for some reason. He then collapses onto his bed putting his arm over his eyes and the other hand dangle at the end of the bed. "Why do I felt like there's a hole in my heart?" he whispered to himself. He then snapped out from his thought when John licks his hand. "John! Why aren't you down there enjoying the party?" he asked the German shepherd which reply him grabbing a photo by the bale and showing it to him.

"This…" the young Russian said looking at the photo. It was the time when he and Karalin was at the beach enjoying the sunset. A lot of sweet memories of him and Karalin have the best time together popped into his head. Kai snapped out from his thought when John starts to wimp while he stood on the balcony. "What is it John?" Kai asked walking onto the balcony to retrieve the German Shepard, "This is very dangerous. Come on!" he said dragging to dog when he saw Karalin and Nick leaving the party. That's when John bites his owner's hand bringing him back to reality.

"Ouch! John!" Kai growled and John just barks at him and drag him out of the balcony. "Stop it John! What's done is done" Kai said leaving the Shepard and sat on his bed, "There's no turning back" he said. John seems to understand his master's trouble and he went over to apologized. "I know you are sorry boy! That's alright" he said as he petted his pet. It's past midnight when the party ended and everyone was in bed snoozing on what would happen to very next day.

But not all are asleep. Kai Hiwatari was still awake, peculiarly picking up a guitar and playing a sweet tone that filled his room. It was rather a sad tone actually. He stop when the moon appeared at the starry sky. He put his guitar down and went to on his mini hi-fie to listen to some music and that's when he stumble on a pick-a-song programmed. "Alright! We have just heard a song from Avril Lavigne's song "My Happy Ending". Now let's heard our next caller's to see who she pick this next song for. Hello!" said the DJ. Kai just sat by his chair and listen to this programmed when, "Hello!" it was Karalin's voice.

"Yes miss. What's your name and who will you dedicate this song to?" the DJ asked softly. "I'm Karalin and I dedicate this song to the one I precious the most. I'm not sure if he's listening but I was to tell him this. No matter where I would be or when I'll be back, I'll always be with you. And if fate allow us, we will meet again and that's when we sill never be parted again. I wish you would sent me off tomorrow because I got something importance to give my love" she said softly. She's crying? Kai thought. "I hope you and your lover will be together always. May god blessed you" the DJ said then the next song's melody start to play, "We all do hope that Ms. Karalin's lover is listening and let's hope that Jesus will look after them always. This next song's title is "Never Had A Dream Come True" and a good night to all.

(Pretend that Sclubs7's song's playing ok. For those who haven't herd this song before just read the lyrics)

Everybody's got somethin' they had to leave behind
One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow a time
There's no use lookin back or wonderin' (or wonderin')

A lot of Sweet memory of the both of then is playing like a video player playing back all the sweet time they had when they were first met at the assembly, at the cafeteria, the first night dance they had at the valentine ball, at the beach to enjoy the sunset and up to the first battle they had on the Championship.

I've never had a dream come true
till the day that I found you
Even though I pretend that I've moved on
You'll always be my baby


Kai took Karalin out to the park to enjoy the night view. "Oh Kai. This is beautiful" said Karalin smiling at Kai. Kai was blushing like a tomato, then he took out something from his pocket, "Here this is for you" he said opening the box reveling a love shape pendent necklace. "This is beautiful" said Karalin taking the necklace "But, what for?" she asked. "Will you be... my girlfriend Karalin?" asked Kai which gave a Karalin a shocked. "I don't know what to say Kai, but..." said Karalin.

"You're the only that can give me this kind of feeling that I've lost for twenty years Karalin. The feeling of caring for others and I know I've met my true love." said Kai staring at the moon then he look back at Karalin "Would you give me a change? Give us a change?" he asked the Karalin nodded slightly, Kai smiled and give Karalin a hug and both of then are laughing.

Somewhere in my memory I've lost all sense of time
And to my road can never be cause yesterday is all that fills my mind
There's no use lookin back or wonderin'(or wonderin)

"But will god let us be like this forever Kai?" Karalin asked suddenly and Kai let go of the embraced. "What on earth do you mean Karalin?" Kai asked looking confused. Karalin just escaped from Kai's hand and walk to the edge, "I got a few date like you before and my hometown. But when they start to proposed, a few days later they would just broke up with me. I'm afraid that…" she said looking depressed and Kai just appeared in front of her. "You silly girl! As long as our love are strong, nothing and I mean nothing can break us up" Kai assured her and hug her again while her happy tears slipped from the end of her eyes.

:End of flashback:

The young Russian was still on his chair holding the photo that John had gave him, thinking back what he had said to her the other night when he knows that she's leaving him. But does it matters?

I've never found the words to say
your the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me too
A part of me will always be with you)

The sun is approaching to show its face now and to call the sleepy one awake. No! This will not end and I'm going to make sure of it, Kai thought as he grab coat and his personal car key and quickly dashed into the garaged without even washing up. He got into him Phantom design BMW and looking at the passenger drawer fro a note. When is her flight again? He asked himself as he search through the pile of note.

You'll always be the dream that fills my head
Yes you will say you know you will Baby
You'll always be the one I know I'll never forget

Meanwhile, at the Anime-Galz residents, Karalin and Nick are ready to go and her friends are there to help them. They even rented a van to help her and her brother with the luggages. It was very quite along the way to the airport cause the girls didn't want to say goodbye. Once they reached their destination, Karalin asked it they can watched over nick while she had their luggages checked in and they just nodded for her answer. Once in front of the checked in counter, "Two ticket to Algeria, Africa, please" Karalin said as she checked in the luggage's. After a few minutes she's all done and she and her friends went to have breakfast.

I've never had a dream come true
till the day that I found you
Even though I pretend that I've moved on
You'll always be my baby

In a certain BMW, Kai was driving off the speed limit to the airport as fast as he can to see his precious one off. Please be there, please be there. Please! Kai keep on praying while he drive and go faster and faster and faster and finally he reaches the airport. He didn't even check the time or parked his car, he just want to see Karalin.

Because love is a strange and funny thing(funny thing)
no matter how I try and try I just can't say goodbye
No No No No

He look over the entrance gate and at the check in table but he just can't fine her. "No! No NO NO NO! No" he keep on saying and he finally squat down and just well, cry. Then someone lend him a helping hand and when he look up, "Karalin!" he said happily but it was just an old lady asking if he needs any help. "No! I'm fine mam" he said and the old lady just left him be. And when Kai was about to leave…

I've never had a dream come true
till the day that I found you
Even though I pretend that I've moved on
You'll always be my baby

"You came!" Karalin said looking stunned, "And, you cry? Wow! I didn't know I got such and affection over Mr. Sour…" before she can finish, the young Russian just pull her in a bone-crushing hug and a very HOT kiss.

I've never found the words to say
your the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me too
A part of me will always be with you

A part of me will always be with you

"Promised me that we will meet again" he said hopingly. "I promised. Someday we will meet again" Karalin assured him and they just keep on hugging don't care is they caught a lot of attention. "Oh and I nearly forgot. Here's something that my mom and dad used from their weeding." She took out a blue box. When she opens it to reveals, "Earrings?" Kai asked. "A pair! You take the left side while I take the right. Like that we will have each other forever even though we are parted" she said giving Kai a ear ring.

Then the P.A. start to call, "Flight 336 to Africa is now ready for departure. Passengers please be at gate 16 for immediate boarding. I repeat…" said the P.A. "I have to go Kai" Karalin said as he try to leave but Kai grab her hand. "Please, I promised we WILL meet again someday" she reassured him and so he let her go and watch her disappeared among the crowd. He even see her plane disappeared within the sky, "We will meet again. I got a feeling we will" he whispered and a smiled appeared on his face while he drive back home.

Kai's POVs

Years had passed and I've never hear a single news from Karalin. As for the others, well, we do keep contact but rarely. Tyson had taken the pose as the BBA corporation's Chairman that Mr. Dickenson said in his will. Mr. Dickenson also left a few pose for each and everyone of us. Kenny had been offered as the top scientist of the BBA, Ray, the Chairman of the China branch, he didn't accept because he still got his village to rule, Max the chairman of the America's Branch. He accept with one condition, he request to be a beyblade scientist like his passed away parents. And so they did as he was requested. As for me, well, they did sent me a chairman pose at Russia. But I decline because I still got something importance to do that will change my whole life.

I've donated ¼ out of my grandfather's treasure to the one that needs it. I've sold the mansion that was once my grandfather's and now I'm living in a pent house at the city. Tyson and Kenny will often drop in and visit but I really hope they didn't. I open a little coffee house and pub name "Red Phoenix" in the city. The business was alright and I'm quite happy with this lifestyle like a normal person would.

Normal POV.

Kai was now in his office right above Red Phoenix café doing some paper work when came a knock on the door. "Come in!" the adult Russian said. Then came in a worker by the pub saying, "Mr. Hiwatari sir. The new pub singer is here and she requested that you personally be there for her first performance" he said. "Alright! Tell her I'll be there in a minute and she better be ready. I hate waiting too long" Kai said standing up. The worker went out and soon followed by their owner of the pub. He enter his coffee house and took a seat where he can perfectly view the stage. Later came out the new singer. She sat down right in front of the microphone and holding up a guitar and start to sing her melodious song.

A little fate, brightens a little rainy day;
Life is difficult you can go away, don't hide yourself in a corner;
You have my place to stay, sorry is gone say goodbye;
Opens up.

"This song. It sound so … familiar" Kai whispered to himself. Then he noticed that the new singer was only wearing one earring and it's on her right side. Earring on her right, Kai thought and soon sunshine the two lover that's long since they meet. The next time we meet we never be parted again.

You have got to believe, you are my destiny;
We're meant to be together;
That's what I'm here for.

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