She wasn't an ordinary girl; He'd deciphered that when he first met her. She was unattainable, forbidden, he's decided. She herself was droid of emotions, locking herself away. She didn't let anyone uncover her, figure her out. She was peculiar in that way. Yet somehow, he'd felt a special connection with her, something he'd never felt with Star. Something about her, so different, so mysterious.

He was curious. He wanted to find out more.

There she was, lying asleep in his bed. He sighed and ran a finger along her pale back, her arms, slightly muscled from fighting all these years. She stirred slightly in her sleep, making her hair fall to one side and the love marks on her neck faintly visible. He remembered how she got those. Memories of them struggling to get to the bed, kissing hungrily as if they'd been starved. Truly, Robin felt that he's been starved from this girl too long. It'd only taken him a heartbeat to decide then- he'd needed her. Wanted her. A certain vicious nature sprung out from his inner being and she didn't resist. At then he'd hope she felt the same way. That she's wanted him as much as he wanted her.

But he'd hoped too much.

She was just a friend. A very beautiful friend, he might add.

And he felt guilty for using her like that. Just for sex, he meant. They were already twenty one, and it wasn't as though it was their first time. So why was he worrying?

Precisely. He just didn't know.

He stared at the place where her shoulder and neck met and kissed it gently. A muffled groan escaped her lips and she rolled onto her back, her eyes opening slightly. A smile tugged at his lips and he got out of bed to get dressed.

Back on the bed, Raven sighed contentedly to herself. She grabbed a robe hanging from the clothes hanger and draped it around herself, walking back to her own room. She saw Cyborg and Beast Boy, their eyes glued to the television screen, fingers flying on the controlers as they tried to beat each other for the thousandth time that week. Cyborg sent her a knowing smile.

"Hey Raven" Beast Boy muttered half heartedly, his eyes still on the game.

"Oh. Hi." She said in her usual monotone. She glanced around"Where's Star"

"She went out with some guy. I don't know."



A moment of slience passed, and, deciding they were more interested in their game, Raven went back to her room, where she could think, where she could clear her mind.

And she needed to clear her mind of a certain boy, just like she did everytime. Robin, he made her feel something she'd never felt before. It made her soft, and she wasn't a touchy feel kind of girl. It made people weak. She wasn't a weak person. She didn't love Robin. Just because she slept with him didn't mean she loved him. Hell, She didn't love anybody. In fact, she didn't need anybody. Having feelings made one weak. Loving someone made one weak. And she didn't need that. No, not while she was fighting.

But right now, she just wanted to get rid of her thoughts, of any feelings. She wasn't weak, after all.

She sighed softly, and began her meditation.


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