Author's Notes: I'm replacing "AI" with this; I think it's a worthy substitute. I'm sorry for disappointing you, but I see no future for that "short and quick" fic any longer.

Ah, a naruhina I decided to write inspired by a Korean film I saw quite a long time ago. The film was translated from Korean to Vietnamese, so the title in Vietnamese is "A Wanting Dream of One Person." Of course, that title is just a little odd, so I decided on "Just a Dream." Now, I'm going to switch everything around and reverse a few roles, so I guess you can say it's another alternate universe.

I will always have sasusaku present just because I love them a lot, and I will also have nejiten because I love them as well. No other pairings yet, and I don't really plan on placing any other couples in. Perhaps there will be a few hints here and there, but nothing too apparent.

Characters: I will enlist a few OC's in this story, as well as a few that are familiar in the series. I can tell you now that Hyuuga Hanabi will be an antagonist, or more of a brat really. I don't know her well, and so I can't truly say I feel guilty for making her one.

I would like to introduce you to Hanna. Hyuuga Hiashi's wife. If you can imagine a rich lady with very dark, dyed black hair, thin eyebrows, and a large hat carrying around a 2000 dollar Prada bag, then I think you've got her.

Next is Hoshi. He is Hiashi's son. He's somewhat of a player, but he's an idiot. He has dark hair combed smoothly back with large eyes and a dopey grin plastered on his face all the time unless he's running in fear, and then he's just pathetic.

Any other characters will simply be introduced before the chapters in the author's notes or just randomly in the chapter. In this one there is Sister Jun, who you will meet briefly. Explanation for the sister part, she's a nun, and she runs an orphanage.

Basic Story: In the original, girl is orphaned, girl is adopted, life is made hell by certain people, girl meets two strange men one night, girl meets one man again, girl falls in love, happily ever after. Some what, the man she falls in love with happens to be an aspiring singer. I have no intention of writing my main man as an aspiring singer. He'll be an aspiring something else, other than that, I think you'll get it rather quickly.

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"Just a Dream." Chapter 1: Melancholy Days

The midday sun glared at the tiny brown chapel with intensity as the wind breezed through the tiny courtyard. A young girl with violet hair and pearl eyes blinked tearfully as she looked back at the building, which had been her home for most of her life. She then looked at the group of small children gathered before her to bid farewell and allowed her eyes to linger on a slightly taller individual in black before she glanced at the ground, unable to hold her emotions in any longer.

A delicate hand was placed on her shoulder. She looked up to see the gentle eyes of Sister Jun, who had been her caretaker for as long as she can remember. The Sister had light wrinkles on her pale face, intense azure eyes, and carried herself in an extremely proper manner as an example for all the children to follow. "It's alright, Hinata. You'll be fine." The Sister whispered tearfully. "You knew this day would come eventually; I just hadn't realized," she choked, "that is would come so soon." She wiped at her eyes and embraced the violet-haired girl.

Hinata let out a small sob and clutched onto Jun's black garment, unable to speak, she merely held her old caretaker with all the strength she can manage. "I won't forget you Sister Jun. I owe you so much."

Sister Jun held Hinata at arms length and produced a weak smile. "Now child, you know you don't owe my anything. Just having you in my orphanage was enough." She wiped her own and Hinata's tears away. "It is the children and I who truly owe you anything." Jun motioned over to the little ones bundled together with their lips pouting and their eyes wide full of unshed tears. She let out a quick laugh of amusement at their cuteness. Hinata felt her heart melt at the sight and shook her head.

"I-I…" She turned around to the tall, dark-haired man standing near a sleek black sports car patiently waiting for her to finish with her good-byes. "Sister I-…"

"You'll be fine child," Jun said gently and ushered her over to the black car. "From now on you'll lead a better life. You don't have to do anymore chores…" She added a hint of amusement in her voice at Hinata's reaction.

"B-but I don't mind doing chores." Hinata protested and shook her head vigorously.

"No more baby-sitting." Jun raised an eyebrow.

"I-I love the children." Hinata insisted and glanced over at the little group.

"You'll have a family." Jun said with a sigh.

"B-but I-I've considered you all to be my family…" Hinata mumbled the last part.

"You'll have a new family, one that can buy you clothes, give you larger portions of food so you don't have to eat one meal a day in order to feed the children, allow you to have so many other luxuries than this dainty old place." Sister Jun gave her a tap on the nose and a wink. "It'll be fine; I promise."

Hinata fumbled with her luggage and nodded bravely. She gave a final bow and turned to walk away. "Hinata-sama!" a voice called. Chubby hands wrapped themselves around her legs. Hinata looked with wide eyes behind her back and noticed a little girl clutching onto her pants very tightly. "Don't go!" The little girl rubbed her tear stained face into the fabric. "You can't go."

Hinata sniffed and turned around again. "You know I have to Ayane." She untangled the little girl's arms from around herself. "You know I have to," she repeated. Ayane's lower lip quivered. She glanced at the ground crying uncontrollably. "I'll come back to visit." Hinata promised her. She looked down at Ayane with sad eyes. The little girl's face lit up. She screeched and wrapped her arms around Hinata again.

"You promise?" She led out her pinky, expectant green eyes made way to Hinata's pearl ones.

"Yes. I promise," she pinky swore the little one. Ayane nodded and gave Hinata one last hug before returning to Sister Jun. Hinata took a glance back at the group waving enthusiastic good-byes and wishing her good luck. She swallowed hard and turned to the tall man. "Here goes."

As she approached the man, she noticed his eyes were the same pearl color as her own, but she held in her surprise. She then noticed the man's hardened features softened upon her approach. "Hello, sir, I am Hinata." She bowed and introduced herself.

The man simply nodded. "I know." He sounded gruff. "I am Hiashi, your new caretaker." 'Your father,' He added silently. Hinata bowed again.

"Thank you sir," she responded quietly.

"Get in," he ushered her into the car. She nodded and proceeded. 'I'm going... home…'


"Five minutes!" A voice called.

"Arg, hurry up!" Another shrieked.

"Ouch! You stepped on my foot!"

"Well get out of my way you tramp!"

"How dare you!"

"Girls," a commanding voice stopped the impending brawl. The two girls immediately stopped and turned their attention to their mistress and boss, Hyuuga Hanna. "What do you two think you're doing!" She questioned them. They remained silent. "This is inappropriate behavior; you two should know better!" She scolded them. Her brown eyes narrowed in a deadly glare. The girls looked down at their feet. "Well!" Hanna questioned. "What do you have to say for yourselves!"

"Nothing Mrs. Hyuuga," They answered in unison. "We will never do it again."

"Damn right. Next time it happens both of your saggy asses are out of here, do you understand! This is a respectable business I have here; I can easily replace two wenches like you any day. Get your damn garments on and get the hell out of my face!" Hanna shoved the two girls to their respected places.

"Sakura!" Hanna screeched through the noise of the crowd. "Sakura, get over here now!"

"Yes Mrs. Hyuuga," Sakura answered her. She shoved through the crowded room, tipping over the fabrics scattered all across the room. Her heel clad feet tangled in articles of clothing had her walking with her knees bucked. Her knee length skirt made it especially uncomfortable to sprint over to her very loud boss.

"Saku-." Mrs. Hyuuga stopped abruptly when she saw her assistant fumble before her, dropping papers and clothing in the process. "Why you, oh never mind!" Hanna picked up the fallen materials. "I don't know what I pay you for Sakura!" She dumped it all into the pink-haired girl's hands.

"Sorry Mrs. Hyuuga." Sakura muttered and detangled herself from the fabric. "Is there anything you needed?"

"Where is my husband!" She questioned sharply. "He knows about the importance of this day. If we don't make some sort of an impression on Uchiha's company, everything will go down the drain!" Hanna growled.

"Madam, he said he had some important business to attend to, and that he will make it on time for the event following the show. Please do not stress, your blood pressure is already high enough." Sakura said calmly, with a plastered smile on her face.
"Shut the hell up, I pay you to assist me, not to dictate me." Hanna commanded and glared at Sakura. "Have the models ready and lined up to go out in two minutes. Make sure they're in the right dresses," Hanna fired at Sakura, who merely nodded and yelled a few commands to the people rushing around before returning her attention to the older woman.

"Anything else?" Sakura asked through clenched teeth.

"Yes, as soon as my husband gets here, notify me, and," Hanna paused momentarily when she heard the sound of applause, "make sure not a damn thing is screwed up tonight, understand! A while ago I had to stop a fight from happening. I swear Sakura, you miss a thing like that and your ass is out of my company." She prodded her finger at Sakura's shoulder and stalked off.

Sakura huffed and shuffled the papers in her hands. She glared at Hanna's retreating back. (Inner Sakura: Bitch!) "Jeez," She muttered darkly before proceeding to organize the chaos.


"So…" Hiashi drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, his eyes glancing back and fourth between Hinata and the road.

"S-so…" she muttered and stared at her hands. "I- I want to t-thank you sir."

Hiashi shook his head. "It's alright." He said simply. Silence enveloped the both of them for a long time. That had been the fourth time she thanked him since they got into the car. He quickly analyzed that she was very polite, and she was also very shy. A light quirk found its way onto his mouth as he pondered the new situation he had created for himself.

"S-sir." Hinata's timid voice got his attention.

"H-huh-." He muttered uncharacteristically, breaking away from his concentration. "W-what?" She pointed at his ringing cell phone. "Oh." His face darkened when he saw the caller. He sighed and picked it up. "Hello?"

Hinata waited quietly while he talked on the phone. She picked up a few "uh huhs," and, "reallys," but nothing too interesting. He snapped his cell phone and gripped it tightly. His brows were knitted. 'Something must've angered him…' Hinata observed with wide eyes. She blinked and before she knew what was happening, the car took a full turn and skidded in the opposite direction.

She glanced at him with question. "I am needed," Hiashi began, "at one of the premiers my company is putting on right now, more specifically, a premier my wife is putting on." He suddenly sensed Hinata's nerves rise. "Don't worry," he assured, "it won't be bad. You learn to tune her out after one or two days." He let a low, short chuckle escape.

Hinata nodded and smiled, grateful for his support.



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