Enveloping Love- Chapter One

Mirrors Lie

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I dreaded it, yet I longed for it. Why do I shun the outside world? Hiding. Am I hiding?

But…. What am I hiding from? The insignificant people that walk the streets? The many different people that brush against you while walking on that very street? Or the fact that one of those people might be him? The one man that broke my heart. The only man that will ever break it again.


"I just don't love you anymore…" he spat at the shocked girl in front of him.

She looked unbelievably at the figure before her unwanted tears starting, "That's it! You just don't love me anymore? When did you realize this? When you found a new fresh heart to break? You just got tired of me and-"

"No, that's not true. Please, I'm sorry… I just..." the man pleaded.

She interrupted the man's attempt at an explanation. "You what? What, Hiroshi? What! Am I that hard to love!"


All, but the girl's sobs.


The girl ran out of the unbearable silent apartment, Hiroshi called after her, "… Minako!" He stood there letting her go.

End Flashback

He just threw me away. Just like that. Just like all the others, but he wasn't like all the others. He said he loved me and I loved him. No more. Some Senshi of Love I am. I can't even find love for myself.

I look in the mirror. The girl in the mirror had a beautiful golden mane that glimmered like a piece of the sun. Innocent sky blue eyes and sweet pink lips, corners of her mouth upturned in a smile. 'Looks can be deceiving.'

"Minako-chan are you ready? Minako-chan?" a voice interrupted thoughts.

I looked away from the deceiving mirror to the closest of my senshi friends, "I'm ready Rei-chan."

The raven-haired girl gave me a quizzical look, "Are you okay Mina-chan?" her voice was full of concern, "You've been distant lately."

"Oh, don't worry so much Rei-chan. I'm fine. Now lets go before we miss the movie." I said in my usual cheery voice. 'Please buy it.'

The miko was hesitant, "…Okay, but we'll talk about this later."

I took her arm and pulled her out the door towards the theater. We ran down the street until we met the rest of the inner senshi waiting and not so patiently.

We could here Usagi's voice from across the street, "There they are!" she waved us down as we came closer.

When we got there Rei didn't tease Usagi as usual. She just nodded to the circle of friends, clearly debating over something. I was to wrapped up in my own thoughts to really notice. Usagi, Ami and Makoto took note of their friend's behavior.

I blankly stared at the screen now showing two lovers passionately kissing. Typical happy ending. We made our way to the crown afterwards to grab a bite.

'Why do they always end up leaving me?' I thought. A fake smile plastered onto my face, I looked at Makoto then to Ami, I could sense the feelings.

'Feelings I will never have again.' I could feel love, not the love of two friends or sisters. 'I feel pure love. Romantic love.'

It was then I decided to do a little meddling. 'If I can't find love. I'll help others to find it.' And that meant my two friends. They deserve to be happy. 'Unlike me.'


Rei's POV


I leaned in the doorway of the room, my presence unnoticed. Smiling slightly I watched the breathtakingly beautiful blonde in front of me look into a mirror. She wore a hot pink sleeveless top with a pair of faded hip hugger jeans.

'Always dressed to kill.' I thought my eyes now on the girls features and the sadden expression they made.

'She looks so…. heart-broken.' The glint in her clear blue eyes was gone and her nicely curved body seemed to droop a bit. Like she couldn't hold herself up, but all the while managed to do so. She just stared into the mirror pondering.

I decided to interrupt her gloomy mood, "Minako-chan are you ready? Minako-chan?" I wanted to break her distant gaze into the mirror.

She looked away from the mirror dull blue eyes meeting my own, "I'm ready Rei-chan."

I looked at her questioningly, "Are you okay Mina-chan?" The goddess of love looked away avoiding the intent look I shot at her.

'She seems so spacey lately.' I voiced my thoughts concerned for my fellow senshi, "You've been distant lately."

"Oh, don't worry so much Rei-chan. I'm fine. Now lets go before we miss the movie." She said with a smile.

'What are you hiding Mina?' I knew her bubbly voice was just an illusion meant to put off the conversation.

I gave her skeptical glance before I tentatively said, "…Okay, but we'll talk about this later."

Before I knew it she was latched onto my arm and pulled me out of the door. I didn't say a thing.

'Her hands are so soft, delicate and graceful.' A shiver crept up my spine from the warmth her hand was providing. In a matter of no time we spotted three familiar figures waiting for our arrival.

I was looking straight at them, yet I wasn't really looking. I saw them, but they weren't actually there.

'Why is she hiding things from me? She knows she can tell me anything.'

Usagi yelled out something and I didn't ridicule her as usual. I was too busy mulling over Mina. 'Did something happen between her and Hiroshi? If he broke her heart… I'll kill him if he did that.'

I could feel three pairs of eyes on me after I made no response to whatever the blonde odango's comment was. Nodding to them I just continued to reflect upon my thoughts. 'She really seems to be happy with Hiroshi.'

I sat through the whole movie thinking of what plagued Mina's thoughts. 'What was it that made her appear so sad so…. hurt?'

She can't hide her feelings like this. 'Maybe I should confront her? Find out what's wrong.'

Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. I've made my decision. Looking at Mina I can see the faint look of depression in her eyes. Though physically she's smiling, I can tell she's being eaten up inside. But... by what?

'It pains me to see you so depressed Mina-chan.'


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