Enveloping Love- Chapter Twelve

Vanilla and Roses

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Warning: Femmslashyness. Hehe.

"Well are you just gonna sit there Odango-Atama! Or are you gonna tell me!" Patience isn't virtue.

Usagi's smile seems to widen, "Hehe. That anxious huh? Not so easy Rei-chan."

"Either you tell me right now Usagi-chan. Or I'll skin you alive!" I threaten.

It's not working. "I don't think you will. If I tell you where she is you have to… be my personal slave for a week!"

'Oh god. Why cant this just be easy?' "Fine." I begrudgingly agree.

"That means you'll have to clean my gym socks. And carry me to school. And cook me lunch everyday. And do my homework. And…." She trails off, naming off all the things I have to do for her as her slave.

I just nod waiting for her rant to end. It eventually stops though in mid sentence somewhat abruptly.

"You'd really do all that just to find her huh?"

I answer warily. This entire running around in circles thing is getting to me. "That's not all I'd do. Being your slave is at the bottom of my list. I'd kill for her. And right now, you'd be on the top of that list."

The blonde pouts but then looks thoughtful, "I'll tell you. But first you have to… buy me another ice cream."

I do as the blonde says and wait patiently. Soon enough she's inhaled the gigantic bowl and is licking off the melted ice cream. A little too enthusiastically. Oh my god… she isn't. She is. The blonde moves to take a bite out of the plate.

"Uh… Usagi-chan. that's a bowl." I warn. 'She cant be that thick…'

Too late. She takes a big chomp out of the thing. Effectively there's a loud crunch and I'm not sure if it's from the bowl or her teeth. "Owie!"

'She can be.' I laugh at my inside joke. "I told you it was a plate."

After a few minutes of me laughing and Usagi silently pouting she speaks, "She's at the shrine."

I scream at the top of my voice, "What! You mean she was right there the whole time!"

'So it wasn't just my mind playing tricks on my when I heard giggling while I was in the shower… Oh I'll get her for this…'

As soon as the raven-haired woman entered the room, her room, the scent of vanilla and roses hit her. Very hard. The lovely fragrance the mixture made lulled her. It was inviting. Delicious. And somehow expectant.

"Mina-chan. I know you around here somewhere. Usagi-chan ratted you out." She called out into the seemingly empty room.

No answer came.

As soon as the lavender-eyed priestess closed the door the lulling fragrance became stronger and the amount of light dimmed. She noted the few red and beige candles around the darkened room.

"Come on Mina. This is getting tiring." Her voice was not as strong or authorative as it was when she first walked in. She felt a bit tired. The day was wearing her out and at that moment her bed looked especially nice. She soon found herself sprawled across the comforting fluffiness of her futon. Her cheek rested on her folded arms, as she lay front forward.

She sighed exasperatedly. She would lie down. That's all. She wouldn't fall asleep. No. She would just rest her eyes a bit. Yes, that was it. Eyelids consumed amethyst eyes.

There was a soft giggle. Rei looked up groggily, lavender eyes meeting childish azure pools. She yawned. That damned fragrance was just to soothing. She could see Mina through half lidded eyes. "Mina-chan? You were here the whole time?"

The blonde nodded slowly. Her pretty face set in an admiring smile. "Do you have any idea how incredibly cute you look right now."

Rei, in her sleepy state, could not build up the usual protest against the blonde's comment. Instead she smiled, "Not as cute as you."

The dark haired woman then proceeded to prop herself up before Mina's hands gently stopped her movements, easing her back down into her former position. "You should relax Rei. I'm sure you're exhausted from running around in circles all day. Besides, I have a surprise for you."

"Well that was mostly your fault." She retorted, obliging and laying back down to await her surprise.

Soon soft hands were lifting her shirt over her head. The exotic woman closed her eyes without protest. Then the same hands moved to her back, undoing the clasp on her red bra. At this point, thoughts none too decent for the ears of children clouded in her mind.

Was this what she wanted?

A finger trailed lazily along her now bare back. Down once, then up and then down again. Rei shivered. The finger stopped and soon began to trace circles along the small of her back. It set the dark haired woman's skin on fire. Skin touching skin. She briefly wondered how that small of a touch could make her feel so alive.

Mina stopped the sloppy tracing of circles and Rei groaned in protest. She wanted to fell the blonde's caress again. She groaned again when she felt Mina's hands on her shoulders, kneading the tense muscles. The lavender-eyed woman sighed when she felt Mina's hands move to massage her lower back.

"Does this," Mina breathed sliding her palms slowly up Rei's back. Her hot breath on Rei's ear making the raven-haired woman moan, "feel good?"

Her flesh seemed to be heating up at an alarming speed. Hotter than the warm temperature of the sweet smelling room. The feather light touch of the other woman's breath still against her ear felt like a million prickling needles. The blonde woman's hands on her back felt like a jolt of electricity with each smooth ministration they made.

Soft lips pressed lightly to her check sending tingles up and down her spine. Did she want this? Very much so. The lips moved to her ear and pulled away. Warm breath cascaded against the exotic woman's ear yet again. And when she hears Mina's voice again it seems further away than the obvious closeness of the blonde. The hands on her back seem to vanish. The lulling scent still there but not as strong. The tired ache in her body retuning.

"I'm such a coward Rei. I'm not as strong as you. I don't know if I'd ever be able to tell you this face to face when you're awake. I don't think I even have enough courage to tell you now."

A hand began to caress her cheek gently. It stopped. Mina sighed. "What am I so afraid of? You can't even hear me right now."

"It doesn't make what I'm about to say any less frightening." The blonde's voice was becoming clearer.

Mina's voice was barely a whisper and Rei's brain seemed to start working. It was all a dream. The whole running in damned circles thing was a dream. And she was in her bed next to Mina and Mina was trying to tell her something.

"Do I? Why does Usagi's voice keep replaying in my mind? She knows the answer already. But I'm still confused… and scared. Would it make me a coward for not having the courage to tell you when you can hear me?"

Rei want to say no. That Mina could never be a coward. Everyone had the right to be scared.

The hand was back on Rei's cheek. Knuckles lightly stroked her cheek and she willed herself not to shiver. Not to give away that she was fully awake now. That she'd been dreaming about the other girl. That she was content waking up to the blonde's gentle caress. Having the chance to wake up to the blonde next to her instead of an empty bed. But the biggest reason she didn't want to give away her wakefulness was because she wanted to hear what Mina was going to say. She wanted to know if Mina would say what she wanted the blonde to say.

"Beautiful…" A thumb traced full ruby lips in wonder.

"What am I doing?" the hand was gone, "I love you Rei, but-"

In an instant amethyst eyes were wide open and in the next Mina was pinned beneath an aggravated Rei, "Rei I-"

"But what Mina?" Rei struggled to keep her temper in check. It was too late. "Why? You love me but what? I'm not pretty enough? Am I not smart enough? Not your type? Is it because I'm a woman? Just please Mina. Tell me where the hell we stand. Tell me… tell me if I mean anything to you."

Mina stared up at the raven-haired beauty in shock which soon turning into anger. If Rei's grip wasn't so tight around her wrist she'd turn the tables in an instant and show her where they stood. Show her how much the dark angel meant to her. But right now, she'd have to settle for telling the woman.

"Rei… You're beautiful. Gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous. And you may not be as academically smart as Ami but you're intuition kills all of the other senshi's combined. It doesn't matter to me that you're a woman Rei. Love is love. It has no limits, no boundaries. As for where we stand that's up to whether you let me go or not. Though, I don't mind if you prefer being on top…"

Rei blushed not failing to notice the seductive glint in the other woman's azure eyes. In slight surprised she moved to get off of Mina but soon thought better of it. She didn't bother to hide the feral curl to her ruby lips, taking the girl beneath her by surprise.

"As a matter of fact Minako. I do happen to like being on top." She leaned in closer to the blonde stealing a quick teasing kiss.

Before she took the blonde's lips to hers again she whispered softly.



Author's Note:

Hehe. Probably not the ultra sappy ending everyone wanted. I know it's not really what I wanted. Oh well. Its still good… right? Haha. Rei was dreaming about the whole running in circles thing. And the massage thing. Tricked you didn't I? Hehe.

I wasn't sure if I should end it with both of them confessing their love or just one. But it's all good. Okay. Ima go work on a different story now. And I do hope you don't find this last chappy a let down. C ya!