Road to Nowhere

Part 1

All standard disclaimers apply. Just for kicks, pallies.

Set in Season 5 after 48 Hours but before Meridian. It will of course end up being AU.

Note: I guess with this fic I'm answering a couple of my own challenges. One was a Magnum/SG-1 crossover. I just can' t get that out of my head and since no one has taken me up on it I'll try to make a go of it. Thomas, TC, and Rick will show up in later chapters. The second was Sam and Jack on the run on Earth. Jack has to use his black ops skills and connections to get them new identities and keep them one step ahead of whoever's after them. Any of you keeping up with my story Mysterious Distance, I'm sorry, but I've got to take a break from all that angst. Never fear I will finish it. I'm going to try to write these two stories concurrently. This one should be a little more on the fun side, but also not without angst. Jack's going to have to deal with some of the demons from his past.

Jack O'Neill sat at the bar, sipping his Guinness and watching Minnesota lose horribly. After they missed yet another goal he was ready to leave in disgust. Just as he tossed a couple of bills on the bar, a man came and plunked down on the stool next to him. Jack sighed heavily and sat back down. "Buy you a beer, Harry?"

"No time, Jack," Harry Maybourne replied. "Your girl's in trouble again."

"My girl?" Jack asked looking confused. "I wasn't aware I had one."

"You know, that brainy, leggy blonde you'd…what was it? Oh , yeah 'you'd rather die yourself than lose her'. Don't play stupid, Jack."

"If you're referring to Carter, she's not my 'girl'," he replied more than a little angry at Maybourne's insinuation. "She's my 2IC."

"We both know that's a mere technicality."

"Get to the point, Harry," Jack grated out. "My patience is a little thin right now."

"Okay. Fine. The bottom line is some people in the NID have decided your Major Carter's worth more to them on the dissecting table than she is out fighting to Goa'uld."

Jack closed his eyes for a moment hoping when he opened them that the man beside him would prove to be just a figment of his imagination. Unfortunately Harry was all too real and that meant what he had just revealed was all too real as well. Carter was in trouble.

"Apparently, the Adrian Conrad incident gave them some ideas," Harry continued. "You've got to move quick, Jack. They're going to grab her around 0200 tonight."

Jack glanced at his watch and grimaced. It was 2206 now. "Thanks for the advance notice, Harry."

"You're lucky I found out about it at all. I accidentally stumbled across this while I was researching something else."

Jack pulled out his cell phone and began dialing the SGC. Harry pulled the phone out of his hand and closed it. "That won't do any good. They're expecting something like that. She'll never make it into the SGC. You know how treacherous mountain roads can be. They don't need her alive. You're going to have to make her disappear, Jack. Without the benefit of the Stargate. I know you know how."

Jack sat thinking for a minute as he studied Maybourne. It was true he had proven useful in the past but Jack didn't really trust him as far as he could throw him. He could very easily be trying to lead them into a trap. "Why do this, Harry? What's in it for you?"

Harry shrugged, "We've both done some rather despicable thing in our time, Jack. I know you like to pretend you haven't. But even my stomach turns at the thought of what they would want to do her. I guess I owe her in a way. I'd probably be dead or enslaved or have a snake in my head if it wasn't for her."

"Trying to buy back your soul, huh, Harry?" Jack decided Maybourne was more than likely being straight with him.

"Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?"

Jack ignored his needling and the urge to shoot him. "How are they planning to do this?"

"Make a grab for her while she's sleeping. Knock her out before she can put up a fight."



"Thanks, Harry."

"I'd suggest you leave Dr. Jackson and your other pals out of this. They'll be watching them, especially when they find she's gone."

Jack nodded and made his way out of the bar.