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"Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun" Sakura yelled because she saw sasuke walking.

Sasuke waited for her because they usally walked together to there work. Sakura was a medical nin and Sasuke was a anbu member soon he would become anbu captain.

"Did you heard it sasuke-kun?" Sakura.

"Huh?" Sasuke.

"Ino and Shikameru are getting married" Sakura told excited.

"That is about time they loved each other since they were childs" Sasuke

"Shall we go and look how naruto is?" Sasuke. "Fine" Sakura

"Its strange he still didnt woke up and its almost already 4 years ago when he got attacked" Sakura

"Yeah, even Tsunade-sama cant do anything about it." Sasuke.

They arrived at the hospital and they walked to the room behind glass. Sakura,Sasuke,Kakashi,the nurses and Tsunade were the only one who were allowed to go in.One of the anbu guards letted them in.

"Sasuke-kun what is that?" Sakura asked when she looked at a seal on Naruto's body.

"I don't know..." Sasuke suprised said. "You have to leave" an anbu guard said because he saw the kyuubi seal and he knew that only the oldest villagers knew Naruto had the demon inside.

"Why do we have to go?" Sakura said a bit angry. "Sorry but you have to leave naruto is in a bad condition today" The anbu said.

"Lets go Sakura" Sasuke said angry "We are going to Tsunade-sama".

They walked to Tsunade-sama's office. Knocked on the door and waited. They heard "Come in" and they went inside.

"Ahh Sakura and Sasuke what do you want" Tsunade asked friendly.

"We are not allowed to see Naruto." Sakura said with a sad voice. "Because of a seal" Sasuke said because he wanted to know what the seal was.

'Ohhh damn the seal is on his body again' Tsunade

"That's right Naruto is in a bad condition when the seal is showing" Tsunade

"What is that seal Tsunade-sama?" Sakura asked.

"I can't tell you Sakura" Tsunade said with a worried face.

'We cant she tell us?' Sakura. 'What is so special about that seal' Sasuke.

"Ok Tsunade-same we are going now. come Sasuke let Tsunade-sama do her work." Sakura said.

So they walked back to there work.

'Why cant Tsunade-sama tell us' Sakura 'She knows that I care about Naruto'.

'And still this is so impartant she cant tell' Sakura 'Is Naruto dying?'

"Hey Sakura" Ino. "Hey Ino I heard you are getting married" Sakura.

"Yeah im getting married with Shikameru" Ino anwserd happy.

"You are coming to the party?" Ino. "Sure i will come" Sakura

"I have to go home for dinner" Sakura. "Yeah me too bye." Ino. "Bye" Sakura.

'Hmm great food' Inner Sakura.

"Mom, Dad im going to bed goodnight" Sakura "Goodnight" Sakura's parents said.

Sakura woke up when the sun came trough her window.
Bonk! Bonk! someone knocked hard at the door.

"Sakura! Sasuke at the door" Sakura's Mother "Im coming" Sakura.

"Hey Sasuke-kun what is it?" Sakura she saw Sasuke-kun eyes they looked he was almost crying.

"Sakura... hmm how do i have to say this, well Naruto is in surgery we have to go to the hospital" Sasuke said sad.

'Naruto in surgey? What?' Sakura thought in shock.

"Yeah lets go to the hospital" Sakura still in shock

They ran to the hospital in the hospital they saw Kakashi sitting in a chair. He standed up when he saw Sakura and Sasuke.

"How is Naruto?" Sakura asked "Is he alright?." "I dont know Sakura i really dont know" Kakashi said.

"I will call a nurse to ask why he is in surgery" Kakashi.

The nurse came and told them.

"Well Naruto got a high fever last night and he talked about something then he ran to outside still with his eyes closed. An Anbu gatched him and called me"Nurse "We have been up the whole night to get the fever down. When the fever started to got down we were getting some rest" The nurse told them "When I looked this morning he was all under bruises and there came blood out his mouth he looked if he had a fight. Now he is surgery he almost died tonight so he is very weak" Nurse.

"We have to wait for Tsunade-sama to report his situation" Kakashi.

'Naruto don't die plz!' Sakura

"Sakura don't worry he will be fine he is still alive after 4 years isn't he?"Kakashi.

One hour later...

"There is Tsunade-sama i hope she has good news" Sasuke. "Hey there, well i came to say that Naruto is just fine again he is still weak but he is alive" Tsunade "You can visit him in his room"

"Thank you Hokage" Kakashi. 'Yes! Naruto is still alive' Sakura.

So they went to Naruto's room. They were all shocked when they saw how Naruto looked.
He looked if he was beaten by someone very big. He was all under the bruises and looked not so peacefull when he did before the surgery.
Sakura gone to sit next to his bed and watch very shocked. 'Ohh Naruto what happend with you?'Sakura thought when she ran carefull with her fingers through his hair.

"I can't stay long I have go to work I will inform that you don't come to work is that ok Sakura?" Kakashi said when he saw how shocked she was.

"Yes, its ok" Sakura said with a low voice.

"Sasuke lets let Sakura alone for a sec shall we?" Kakashi.

'Naruto please wake up.' Sakura. 'I can't miss you any longer'

She felt asleep in the afternoon Sakura woke up when she felt something moving in her hand. When she woke up she saw that Naruto's hand was moving and that there was blood coming out of his mouth.
She was shocked and called immediately a nurse. When the nurse came and she saw the blood she react fast and looked if he was still alive.
When she discovered he was alive and she him moving she immediately called Tsunade.
Sakura still looked shocked but almost died of happiness because she saw his eyes moving and I a sec they were open.

"Hey Sakura-chan" Naruto said with a low and weak voice. "Naruto you are awake" Sakura almost yelled.

Then Tsunade ran in and when she saw Naruto awake she could cry.

"Hi, Tsunade-baba" Naruto said.

Tsunade reacted when she saw Naruto coughing and that there came blood out of his mouth she ran to take medicin.

Was she came back Naruto was sleeping again.

"He felt asleep Tsunade-sama" Sakura said. "I see but I'm glad he woke up" Tsunade said.

"I'm going to tell Sasuke and the others tomorrow" Sakura said happy "You want to stay with Naruto tonight?" Tsunade.

"Yeah" Sakura. "Well I will get some blanket's so you can sleep on the bed next to him"Tsunade

"Thank you" Sakura.

Tsunade left to get some blanket's. Sakura still looked at Naruto she was so happy.

'You finally woke up' Sakura 'I knew you could do it'.

Then she felt alseep. She woke up late in the morning and she saw a man standing next to Naruto's bed.

"What are you going to do with Naruto?" Asked Sakura a bit worried.

"I'm going to take him with me" The man said. "Why?" Sakura almost yelled it.

"Well he need to wake up and because he doesn't we are going to try it somewhere else" The man said.

"Say goodbye to Naruto because he is leaving now" The man. "Naruto I shall miss you" Sakura almost began to cry. "I'm going to Tsunade-sama to ask if it is true".

"Well go then" The man.

Sakura ran to Hokage office. Knocked on the door and waited. "Come in" she stepped inside.

"Is it true that Naruto is leaving Konoha?" Sakura. "Yes it is true" Tsunade. "Don't worry he will come back"

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