Misao: Ok, this is the last story I start before I finish my other ones! Really it is. I will not let myself start another one! . Ok, well, technically I started this one last year. I forgot about it though. I was going through some disks and found this one on one of them. So, I edited it a bit, added a bunch of things, changed allot things, and decided to submit it, and if people like it I'll continue it. I can't really remember where I was going with this since I wrote it so long ago, but I guess I'll figure something out...

Disclaimer: As I have said so many other times before. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, the characters belong to some rich Asian dude. I'm not either, so that rules me out, but If I did own it, it would be filled with Yaoi goodness and tons of Anzu bashing. Actually, I wouldn't have even created Anzu! I don't even know why I'm talking about her right now, cause she's hardly in this story!

Summary: Dragged to the future by some odd twist of fate, Thief King Bakura and Pharaoh Atemu run into each other's future self.

Pairings: Theif King Bakura x Yami, Pharaoh Atemu x Bakura

Warnings: Yaoi (guy/guy relationships) Don't like, don't read, simple as that. And lots of cursing, the yami's have no control over their use of foul language. ;

Love That Transcends Time

Chapter 1

Bakura's P.O.V

I'm cold dammit! Stupid winter, stupid Pharaoh, stupid snow, stupid Pharaoh...Stupid Pharaoh...Yes, no matter what the situation, I can always manage to blame the Pharaoh for all my problems. It is his fault I'm here in this time, after all. So technically, not only are all of my problems his fault, all of his own problems are his fault also. And there is no flaw in that statement. Yes, it is a statement, not an opinion. So don't even think about questioning me, I know what I'm talking about. HE was the one who trapped me in Ring after all... I should really kill him for that. And I will, I'm just taking my time doing it. Yes that's it, I'm waiting for the right moment to strike.

But that's all besides the point. Back to the source of my rambling. Right now I'm walking home from the museum, in the cold, and in the snow. No, this is not the Pharaoh's fault, directly. I know I said that he was the cause of all my problems, and this is one of those problems, but since everything ends up circling right back to the point of him being the reason I'm trapped here in this time, it automatically becomes his fault. So this particular situation is indirectly his fault.

My stupid hikari went over to the pharaoh's house to visit Yami's stupid light, leaving me bored. A Tomb Robber plus boredom usually equals Doom and Demise, Chaos and Destruction, Soul-less bodies found on the side of the street somewhere, but my naive little light didn't take the time to think of the consequences of leaving me, his yami, alone in the house, with nothing to do. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make myself un-bored and go to the museum, yes the museum, and not to educate myself on an ancient country that used to be my home. Why the museum you ask? Why don't I go out and steal a few mortal's souls and/or shoplift, something exciting like that? Because it's the closest place I have that holds anything from my past life and I do enjoy being surrounded by familiar things, I even found a few things I had stolen from the Pharaoh in there. So technically it does still belong to me. Hm, I'll have to take the time to reclaim what is mine in the near future.

Unfortunately though, the pharaoh was there, looking at the Pharaoh's Tablet or whatever, I wasn't all that interested in it. To him it was the key to regaining his memories, to me it was a large, broken piece of shit with hieroglyphics and some pictures on it. But being bored as I was, I decided to taunt him, that always seemed to cure my boredom. Unfortunately for me though, he ignored me. I hate being ignored. You know he used to do that back in Egypt, and it pissed me off so bad, he would pass off my threats as nothing and walk away from me! NO ONE walks away from me! Ok, so he did but that is totally besides the point, lets not get technical here.

Great, I'm getting off-topic again. Right, there was a point when I started saying all this...really there was. Ah! Yes, I remember now. So anyways, he ignored me and kept staring at the Ra-damned piece of shit gold. What could be so interesting about this thing? I had seen it before, of course, but I never really studied it in such a way as he was at the moment, and since he wasn't acknowledging me in any way, I decided now was as good a time as any.

Well, my day sounds pretty boring and uneventful, right? Wrong. After about 10 minutes of looking at the large piece of gold, I came to the same conclusion as before, it was crap. Nothing really special about it at all. Picture of Yami, Picture of Kaiba, The Egyptian Gods, Black Magician, Blue Eyes, and some Hieroglyphics, nothing worth holding my attention any longer. So why was the Pharaoh still starring at it so contently?

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, the Millennium Ring started to glow, and after glancing over at Yami, I saw his puzzle glowing as well. Of course Yami automatically accused me and told me to knock it off. But it wasn't me, I have no clue what happened, still don't. Anyways, as I was saying, the items started to glow, and then the tablet thing did too. Ok, now I was interested in it, it definitely had my attention now. Though before we had much time to react, there was a blinding light that seemingly came out of no were. It didn't come from our items, and it didn't come from the great rectangle of golden crap, and when it faded, everything was normal. Heh, that was too much like those crappy sci-fi shows on the T.V for my liking. There was a weird light! Oh my Ra! The aliens are coming! Note the sarcasm...

Yes, anyways, afterwards I got an earful from the pharaoh, but I did end up convincing him that I didn't do it by saying that if I did do it, I wouldn't be denying it because that was just too cool and I would love to take credit for it. Seriously, I love making big scenes. I don't think he completely believed me, but I don't particularly give a damn. He let it go so I didn't have to hear anymore bitching from him, so all was good. He left, I left. Not really in that order but oh well. And now I am walking home, and it's fucking COLD!

The snow is up to my friggin' knee's! I do not like this, I do not like this at all. It was not snowing right now, actually the sky was really clear and you could see all of the stars, not that I was actually looking up at them because in my opinion they're rather boring. There I go getting off topic again, ok, the point to this particular rant, is that in a few hours we're suppose to be hit with one hell of a snow storm, and call me crazy but I don't want to get caught in the middle of it.

And hopefully Ryou is home by now, because I don't want to be snowed in the house alone. I'm not scared, not at all, so don't even think for one moment that that's my reason for wanting Ryou home. There are many reasons, such as the fact that I don't know how to cook, and if we get snowed in I'll starve to death without Ryou there to cook for me. And also my last remaining shred of sanity I have managed to keep will snap and I'll spiral down into a complete lapse of madness from boredom. And besides that I don't want my hikari around the Pharaoh and his midget hikari for long period's of time, they will rub off on him and all of my hard work to try and get Ryou to be tougher will be in vein.

As I pass the park, I decide to take a short cut and pass through it. Sure the snow isn't shoveled out of the way and I'll have to probably drag myself through the snow, but since I never did bother to try thinking before I take action, the thought never occurred to me until I was halfway through the park and could no longer feel my legs. I glance around to see if maybe someone had cleared a path through here. No such luck, but I do end up spotting something ahead of me, or rather, someone. Someone with multi-colored hair that's sticking up.

Wait, is that the pharaoh I see in front of me? How's that possible? For one thing, the Game Shop is the other way, and besides that, how would he ahead of me? I saw him go the other way and the ring would have detected him if he tried to follow me. Besides that he never even passed me, and I wouldn't have missed his tri-colored, lighting-struck hair if he had. I don't think anyone could miss that.

But what in the hell is he doing? He's sitting in the freaking snow, his back towards me, in a shivering ball! Ra, that's pathetic. And what in the hell is he wearing? Wear's the leather? He was wearing it a few minutes ago. From what I can see, he's wearing a cape, dark blue, or maybe dark purple? I don't know. I can't tell because it's getting rather dark out now. But I'll risk getting caught in the snow-storm just to take this moment in time to taunt to former pharaoh reduced to a shivering piece of crap sitting in the snow like a dumb-ass.

"Oi! Pharaoh, what the hell are you doing?" I call to him, slowly making my way through the snow with more effort then I would have liked to put into walking. He jumps a bit, then looks over his shoulder at me, and I hear myself gasp, and for a good reason. His skin, it's tanned! I didn't notice that before since he wasn't facing me and it is getting dark.

"Tomb Robber?" He yells and jumps up and turns to face me, but he looks really pathetic standing there on shaky legs, arms wrapped around himself as he shivers uncontrollably. He studies me for a moment, as I do him, then he blinks in confusion, "Wait...your not the Tomb Robber..." He says.

"Yami?" I ask, my brows furrowing slightly. What in the hell was going on here? I don't know what is going on but whatever it is, I already know I don't like it and it's only going to serve to create many, many future problems, and for some reason the current thought of a chaotic future isn't very appealing to me right now.

"Yami? Who's...Yami?" He asks, tilting his head slightly to the side, his amethyst eyes holding deep confusion. I silently examine him from where I am standing a few feet away. I notice his hair mildly wilder then usual, and as I noticed before, his skin was very tanned. Glancing at his clothes, I recognize them to be exactly what he wore when he was the pharaoh, and he was also covered in gold jewelry, but he was missing a very important, very valuable item; The Millennium Puzzle.

Well, all I can say right now is: Oh. Shit. I am really hoping that this situation isn't the kind of situation that I am thinking it is right now. And if it is, then I ask; WHY? Why me? Why the hell do I always get bombarded with things like this? I sigh and bring a hand up to rub my aching temples. Unfortunately all the proof I need to confirm exactly what type of situation this is, is standing right in front of me. "Atemu?" Yami may know absolutely nothing of his past, including his name, but I remember him all too well. It would be very nice of me to at least tell him his name, wouldn't it? Hmm, perhaps that's the reason I have refrained from telling him...

"H-How do you know my name? And why do you look so much like the Tomb Robber?" He asks, trying to look fierce, but when he's shivering like that it's not working, he looks more like a drowned kitten, but I know he must be more then painfully cold right now, because I'm freezing my ass off and I wasn't sitting in the snow in a skirt-type thing.

"That's because I am the tomb robber." I tell him, smirking when I see his expression of disbelief. This might actually be fun, but then again, It could be complete hell. It all depends on how I make this turn out. And I'm all for the fun part. I could easily make this difficult though, and while it would be somewhat enjoyable, I would get to caught up in it and get myself into a whole mess and would later regret it.

"B-But, your so pale, and you don't have a scar, and your allot scrawnier then the last time I saw you." Oh please! I'm not that bad in this body! It's Ryou's fault I'm so scrawny anyways dammit! But if you take the time to compare me to my lighter half, you will notice just how un-scrawny I am. He's like a freaking stick I swear! If he doesn't start eating more I'll have to shove the food down his throat. Right, anyways, back to the Pharaoh.

"Yes, Yes I know. Now, what is the last thing you remember?" I have decided to cut straight to the chase. No need for small talk, better if we get to the matter at hand rather then stand here like idiots going 'hey you look like yami!' 'hey you look like Bakura!' 'That's because I am Bakura!' 'Oh really? wow! that is so cool!' 'I know! Can you believe it?' 'No I cant even though your standing right in front of me' Bleh! I can't believe this is happening. It's so unfair on so many different levels. I bet when me and Yami were standing in front of the Pharaoh's tablet, our Millennium Items did something that brought our past selves to the future. Just peachy. Ew, 'peachy'... not a word I want to associate myself with again. Anyways, I have a feeling this isn't going to end well, wait, scratch that, I know this isn't going to end well! Wait, does this mean Yami's encountered my past self? Ohhh...that's got 'fun' written all over it! Heh heh... he's got allot more to deal with then I do. Too bad I wont be there to see myself try and kill Yami...

"We were in another fight when the Puzzle and the Ring started to glow, then there was a bright light and I woke up here... were is... here?" He asked, his amethyst eyes scanning the park suspiciously.

"Well Pharaoh, welcome to 3000 years in the future." I almost want to burst out laughing at his expression of pure horror. Maybe I shouldn't have been so blunt. I gotta admit when I woke up 3000 years in the future I was a little freaked-out.

"W-What? I don't know what kind of a game your playing, thief, but you better knock it off and take me back to the palace this instant!" He yells almost frantically. Wow, I almost feel bad...almost.

"Well you see that would be a problem. Since your palace is now a pile of rubble and has been for about 3 millennia." I cross my arms over my chest and await his reaction.

"I don't believe you..." He snaps. Hmm, wasn't the reaction I was expecting. I was expecting him to yell at me some more, maybe try to sick his little pet monsters on me.

"I'm not lying to you pharaoh. Your not even in Egypt anymore. Your in Domino City, Japan, 3000 years since you ruled Egypt." I explain. From his expression I can tell he still doesn't believe me. Oh well, he will soon enough. "I'll explain everything later, just come on." I sigh and roll my eyes at him before I grab him by the arm. It's cold, I no longer wish to be standing out here in it any longer, and I can't really leave him here because he;d freeze to death. Not that I really care about him in any way, shape or form, but if he is from the past, if anything happens to him here it could screw up the future.

"Don't you touch me you filthy tomb robber! I am going no where with you!" He then pulls his arm away from me, rubbing his wrist with his other hand as if by touching it I had infected it with some sort of disease. I roll my eyes again and turn around to face him. I have to admit though, he looks so much better with tan skin, and with all that gold he looks really hott. The leather never really bothered me, it looked fine on Yami, but I can't picture Atemu in all that leather. Yami's pale so it goes fine, but Atemu with his darker skin just wouldn't go right with the leather-buckle attire. Crap! Focus dammit! Focus at the matter at hand, I can worry about his fashion sense later.

"Listen, Atemu, you can either follow me or freeze to death out here. It's suppose to start snowing like a bitch in a few hours and I don't think you'll last even that long." I tell him, knowing very well that he has no clue what snow is. I did say I was going to make this a fun experience didn't I?


"See this white stuff?" I point to the ground and he nods. Ra, I feel like I'm talking to a 5 year old. I wonder If my past self will be this stupid. I hope not, "This is snow. It's cold, really cold. And if you stay out in it too long, and fall asleep and/or pass out, which will most likely happen in your case, it can kill you."

He looks at the snow intensely for a few moments, then he lifts his gaze back to me. He studies my face, most likely contemplating whether or not he should trust me. He sighs loudly, obviously not too happy about his decision." Fine. But if you try anything-" Oh boy, here we go. better cut him off before he begins to bore me with a list of things he'll do to me if I dare to try anything.

"I'm not going to 'try anything' Pharaoh, stop being paranoid." With that said, I grab his arm again and drag him towards my house. Ok, well it's Ryou's house but whatever belongs to him technically belongs to me. So there. I can't feel most of my limbs anymore and I think my insides are starting to freeze as well, or maybe that's just me over exaggerating.

15 minutes later we reach the house, and I start cursing loudly when I see that the lights are off, which means Ryou's not home. Which mean's he probably won't be home for a while. So basically, I am going to starve to death. The part about me loosing my last remaining shred of sanity, spiral down into a complete lapse of madness from boredom, that's ruled out because now I'm stuck with the pharaoh. Wait, the pharaoh, I forgot about him. Glancing behind me, I see him giving me a genuinely confused look most likely due to my outburst, it's then that I realize I haven't let go of his arm, so I quickly drop the said arm and grab the keys out of my pocket.

"Is there something wrong?" He asks.

"Stupid hikari's not home and now he'll be stuck with the pharaoh and his midget hikari and they'll taint him!" I growl, momentarily forgetting whom I was talking to, and quickly unlocking the door and kicking it open.

"What are you going on about? I am right here and there are no midgets in sight, unless the midgets of this time are so small you can't see them." Oh how cute, he made a funny. Or maybe he was being serious, if so, that's sad. Really sad.

"I'll explain it all later. Now get in here dammit!" I'm getting very impatient. I'm inside right now were it is very warm, but that warmth is quickly being drained from the house because the baka pharaoh is standing on the freaking porch like the idiot he is.

He narrows his eyes at me, probably pissed that I was ordering him around, but he cautiously follows the order anyways and steps into the house, "It's so warm in here. How does it do that? It's cold out there but warm in here." He then pokes his hand out the door, amazed at the temperature difference. I roll my eyes at the childish act and pull his arm back in, shutting the door as soon as he's out of the way.

"It's called a heater." I mumble, wondering if I was seemed this stupid to Ryou when I first awoke from the ring, "Look, just go into the living room, sit down and shut up. I'll explain everything later but right now I'm fucking cold and hungry, Ryou's not here to cook for me so I'm going to have to make something myself. I'm don't have the patience to deal with stupidity right now." I start to walk towards the kitchen, but I abruptly stop when another stupid question passes the pharaoh's lips.

"What's a...living room?" Oh, my, Ra. I'm going to kill something, or someone, and the pharaoh is the nearest person to me, oh he better fucking be able to run fast. No, wait, I can't kill him. Right, if I kill him it could screw up the future and I'm not in the mood to deal with the end of the world right now.

I sigh heavily before turning on my heels and heading in the opposite direction, walking past Atemu, "Follow me." I lead him into the living room, and lesson number 2 begins, "This, pharaoh, is a living room. A.K.A, a pointless room used to take up space. You sit in here, you sleep in here, you eat in here you do basically whatever you want. People spend most of their home time in this particular room. Hence the name; Living room."

He looks around the room, his eyes shining with wonder as he looks around the room, taking in every detail of it. The couches, the T.V, the radio, the books, carpet, lamps, plants, fireplace, Ryou's laptop, and all the other crap that was piled into this room. Ra, he looks like a child that just found the cookie jar. Though I can't blame him, it is allot to take in. After living in this time for so long, I don't think I could go back to my life in Ancient Egypt, I'd miss all this hi-tech stuff, and the food, they have great food here.

"What is all of this stuff?" He asks, his voice full of the same amazement that is shown in his eyes.

"I thought I said I'd explain that later. Now sit down; don't touch anything. I don't want Ryou blaming me if something blows up, I already got bitched at for blowing up the microwave by putting silverware in it..." I then make my way to the kitchen, my stomach is demanding food and I am not one to object.

"Let's see..." I open the fridge and glance inside, "Nothing..." I sigh and close it. Ryou was suppose to get groceries on the way back from the pharaoh's house. Perhaps that is why he is taking so long. I search the cabinets and find enough food to last us through the snow storm, depending on how bad it is. And that includes the food Ryou hid from me because he didn't want me to eat all of it and have us left with nothing when we got snowed-in. Smart little bastard. But not smart enough, for I found the food with almost no effort at all. I just never looked for it before until now.

My head snaps over to the far wall when the phone starts ringing. Oh Joy. Seconds later Atemu runs in, looking panicked, "What was that?" He asks frantically.

"It's just the phone, stop freaking out." I tell him before snatching the phone off the hook and putting it to my ear, "What?" I ask rudely. I scowl as I hear the pharaoh's voice on the other end, "Pharaoh? What the hell do you want?"

"What are you talking about? You brought me here!" Atemu snaps at me.

"I wasn't talking to you, you idiot! I'm talking to the other you. I said I'll explain it later so just don't talk until then. At all." I Say before turning my attention back to the, so far, two sentenced conversation between me and Yami, "Now what do you want?"

"Bakura," Yami says calmly from the other end, "On your way home, did anything strange happen?" Hmm, seems I was right. He must have encountered my past self and is now curious and wants to know if I am in a similar situation.

"If you mean finding you half frozen in the park , sitting stupidly in the snow wearing this skimpy little skirt and your usual pharaoh attire then yes, I would call that pretty strange." I glance over at Atemu who is glaring at me for either calling him stupid or because I said something about his clothes, maybe both.

"So you mean, you found me, as in, my past self, right?" He asks. I sigh and feel like banging my head against the wall. What else would I mean?

"Well since you yourself aren't standing in the kitchen glaring at me and freaking out over the phone ringing, I guess I would mean that, yes." I tell him, glaring back at Atemu evenly.

"There's no need to be an asshole right now Bakura, this is serious." Wow, it's only taken me about 4 minutes to get him annoyed at me, he is too easy to tick off, he might want to look into anger management.

"Who says I wasn't being serious? He really is standing there glaring at me, and I'm glaring back, and now he's walking away. Oh, shit, wait! You get back here! Arg! Fine, just don't touch anything!" I jump up and sit on the kitchen table, still glaring in the direction Atemu stomped off. The damn pharaoh needs to learn discipline. And he needs to learn it fast if he wants to survive living here with me, I'll be damned if he gives me that high and mighty pharaoh-y attitude for the whole damn week I'm forced to be around him.

"Seems your having as much fun as I am." From the tone of his voice, I know he's smirking.

"I'm surprised your still alive right now." I tell him, chuckling darkly before continuing, "So tell me, how stupid am I?" What? The question has been bugging me since I found Atemu out in the snow.

"Well I have recently found out that you and microwaves don't mix." Heh, I could have told you that, "And the lamp is a fire demon that you tried to kill, and the T.V. is box that traps peoples souls." Now I regret asking, geez, all Atemu did was question everything and freak out a bit when the phone rang. I tried to murder the lamp and probably Yami earlier.

"By the way, were the hell is Ryou?"

"Oh, him and Yuugi went to the mountains, remember?" WHAT? I certainly do not remember this! Wait...ok, so maybe I do, I just...forgot. Ryou should have reminded me!

"With a snow storm coming?"

"The mountains are hours away from here, they won't get hit by it." That still doesn't make my situation any better.

"So your telling me, that I am going to be stuck with your pampered pharaoh-y ass self until the freaking snow melts or someone digs us out? That could take days! Weeks even! And I can't cook so I'm going to starve!"

He sighs loudly, "Well, I'm stuck with your past self. At least you don't have to worry about your throat being slit in the middle of the night!"


"Anyways, seems you have just discovered the wonders of showers and there ability to create scolding hot water. When the snow storm clears up, we'll meet at your house to discuss this further." I can't help but smirk at my own stupidity. I mean, just picture it! Walking into the bathroom, turn the shower on, step in and get attacked by scolding water, jump back, fall on my ass, grab the shower curtain, riiiiiiiip. Water goes everywhere and your ass hurts like hell. Ok, I really shouldn't be laughing at myself.

"Fine." I sigh for the 50th time that day, slamming the phone back down on the ringer. I turn to see Atemu standing in the kitchen doorway and I notice that his clothes are soaked. Come to think of it, mine are damp as well. Great, now I get to hunt for clothes for him to wear. Ok, here's the plan, get changed, fix some food, eat the food, throw the dishes in the sink were they will begin to form a pile of disgusting plates, cups and other things until the hikari returns to clean them up. Then, I will sit down with the pharaoh, and explain everything I said I would to him and I will have fun doing it. Trust me, when I said I would make this experience a fun one I meant it, I will make him feel very, very small, and very stupid. Here in this time, I have the advantage, he's more like a lost puppy that wondered into the wolves den. Were I will slowly rip him apart, piece by piece...

No! Wait, I cannot kill him. Right, I must remember that very important detail. Killing Atemu would lead to more problems, and then those problems would lead to more and it would be a never ending circle of problems.

"Ok Atemu, first of all, you have got to change out of those clothes, or you will die a very slow, very painful and cold death."

"It's Pharaoh Atemu to you, thief." Ohh, someone's being a bitch today. Oh, wait, he's a bitch everyday, never mind then.

"Your not the pharaoh here, I have been trying to get that through Yami's head for a while now. Now come on and don't argue with me." It took a while, but I managed to get him to wear normal clothes. he was very picky about it, but after going through 20 some outfits he chose one. I, on the other hand, could care less and changed into my regular outfit; Jeans and a Blue and white stripped T-shirt.

After that, I made us some food. Ok, I attempted to make us some food. Hot chocolate was easy, but fixing a meal was a whole nother story. At least I didn't completely burn it all. The Pharaoh refused to eat at first, thinking I poisoned it or something like that, but Atemu seemed to think my crap-cooking was the best thing he'd ever tasted once I convinced him to shut the hell up and eat. He didn't say anything about it, but from the way he shoved the food down I'd say he liked it. Of course, my burnt meals compared to the stuff we ate in Egypt, made my food taste like something fit for the gods.

I then put my 'pile the stuff in the sink' plan into action. By the time Ryou got back the food would be nice and stuck to the dishes, creating disgusting mold-type things that would soon devour the entire sink. Ryou will have so much fun with that. Then we head back into the living room, me sitting on the couch while he stands in the middle of the room, "Sit down, this is going to take a while." I tell him. He hesitantly walks over to the chair across from the couch and sits down, waiting to hear my explanation to all of this.

"Ok..." I lean back against the couch and wrack my brain, trying to figure out were the hell to start, "I have no clue were to start." I mumble.

"Why don't you tell me why you resemble the tomb robber, and how you know me if you claim I'm 3000 years in the future." He suggests. Well, that narrows it down.

"Fine. I resemble 'the tomb robber' because I am 'the tomb robber', and I've known you for 3000 years, not something I'm proud of either, by the way." He narrows his eyes at me, but stays silent. Good, silence is a very good thing, it means he knows I have the advantage, "Now, your probably not going to believe me, but I don't really give a damn if you do or not. 3000 years ago, you sealed my soul, and your soul into 2 of the Millennium Items to seal the dark powers. So basically, I'm dead, so are you in fact. But a few years ago, our souls were released by our hikari's, they are the other halves of our souls, the light halves, they're basically our reincarnations. Your future self is currently at his hikari's house dealing with my past self."

Silence. Ok, this time the silence is not a good thing. It means he's completely lost and has absolutely no clue what-so-ever as to what's going on. This is a bad thing, "You said the last thing you remember is fighting with me, right?" I ask. He nods, "Well, earlier today me and Yami, Yami is your future self, he has no memory of his past, doesn't even know his name is Atemu, we were looking at the Pharaoh's tablet, which is the key to regaining his memories. But for some odd reason, the Millennium Items started to glow, so did the Pharaoh's tablet, and then like you said, there was a bright light. Only we didn't wake up in another time. I'm guessing our items did something that brought you and my past self to the future." Ok, I'm hoping some of that sunk in.

2 Hours later into the conversation, the snow storm hits, Atemu starts freaking out, and I'm dead tired. I explained more thoroughly to him the situation, he seemed to understand. He was asking far too many questions, but that was to be expected. I was surprised by how well he took in all the information I was throwing at him, and I was once again finding myself wondering how Yami was holding up.

I was ready to hit the bed, but I would first have to explain how the things of the modern world worked. Another hour passed by before I finished with that. I didn't want anything to be blown up or ruined. Even though I myself hardly knew how to work things in this time, I told him what I knew, and made a point to tell him that the T.V. was not a box that trapped peoples souls. He was being a stubborn bastard about everything though, and he was glaring at me the whole damn time. But, at least the hard part was over, he knew why he was here, who I was, I told him almost everything about Yami I knew, figuring he would want to know something about his future self, but he didn't like the fact that in his future, he would remember nothing of his past life. He ranted about that for a while there before I shut him up. Now I was ready for bed.

"Ok Atemu." I said, walking towards the stairs. I knew it pissed him off when I called him by his name, he considered it disrespectful. Heh, he'd get over it, "Your sleeping in the guest room. Don't even think about going near my room, or Ryou's room." I tell him, "The guest room isn't the greatest place in the world, but your not a god here in this time so you will get over it. But I can assure you the dinky little bed is so much more comfortable then what you slept on in Egypt." And I knew it was. Sure, he was the pharaoh, and everything he owned was top of the line, but the material we had back then is nothing compared to what beds are made out of now!

He silently followed me up the stairs. I was torn between pissed and grateful for his silence. While I would really love to argue with him and make him feel stupid and all, when he did talk he started ranting. Out of the whole 5 or 6 hours he's been here, he only talked for 2 of those hours, usually to question me, insult me, or complain about this situation. Heh, like I was any happier.

"Your sleeping in here, don't leave this room until morning." I tell him and open the door to his 'new room'. I turn the light on as he walks in, which caused him to jump in surprise and glance up at the ceiling light. He then examines the room, but once again says nothing.

He turns around nods at me, "Thank you." He says. I snort at that, the pharaoh thanking the tomb robber, isn't that putting himself a bit low? Heh, whatever, I'm only doing this because I don't want the whole freaking future to get all fucked up and whacked out.

"Whatever..." I mumble and turn to leave, shutting the door behind me. I showed him how to work all the electrical things, so he can turn the light off himself. I make it to my own room and throw myself down onto the bed, closing my tired eyes and trying to loose all coherent thought. What a day, though. And it was only going to get worse, I could see it coming. When we met up with Yami and...er...me, things were going to get more complicated. For instance, Yami was going to bombard Atemu with questions of his past, my past self is going to start bitching at me for having failed to kill the pharaoh yet, and what about when the hikari's got back? Oh that's going to be just wonderful. I almost feel sorry for the lights, now they have two yami's to keep track of. Well, actually, Ryou has it worse. But most likely, when we meet up, Atemu will go back with Yami and my past self will stay here with me. Good, I won't have the stupid pharaoh here to bug me after that. We'd just have to wait and see how things turned out...

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