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"And pray tell me why I am doing this again, my master?" Alucard sarcastically sneered.

Integra sighed, then said, " Because Albus Dumbledore was a good friend of my grandfather, and he has asked for my help." With all of the rumors of vampires joining this wizard terrorist Tom Riddle, I think that it is in our best interest to send our strongest asset to handle it. If that is okay with you." Integra asked sarcastically.

"That part I understand, my master, but it is the part of me teaching that I do not understand. Why on earth would you subject me to such a thing as teaching a bunch of brats."

"Several reasons actually," Integra, sighed. "First and foremost is the fact that Uncle Albus needs a Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. You are suited for the job after all. You were a wizard in life; you have a vast amount of knowledge of the supernatural, you have trained people in magic before, and finally because I said so. This is very important to Albus, and Her majesty, the queen. If we don't stop this now we could face serious problems down the road."

"Yes, but what of the Potter boy that I'm so supposed to help keep safe." Asked Alucard? "Surely someone else can be found to baby-sit him?"

"Possibly, but on that account, I want you to be more of a private instructor than an actual baby-sitter." Integra sighed. " As much as I respect Albus, he can be blind at times, and based on what I have been told about him, I think that young Mr. Potter is going to do whatever he feels he needs to do. Therefore, I would rather have him prepared than coddled."

"Indeed, but what of the Police girl?" Alucard asked. "Will she be joining me on this assignment?"

"Yes, and no. Seras will be going with you, but not as a teacher. I've put her under Albus' authority for the time being. With her background as a police officer, she will be more useful that way than she would be with you."

"Indeed, and how will we be getting there? I do not know where Hogwarts is, and even I cannot travel to a location that I do not know the whereabouts of."

"Albus will be sending a couple of his men over to escort you to their headquarters, and from there they will have you traveling aboard the Hogwarts express."

"And why would I subject myself to a boring train ride, when I can simply fly there once I am told where Hogwarts is, my master?"

"Because one, you are not being told where the location of Hogwarts is, and two, they want you to provide extra security for the train."

"I see, and I trust that I will be properly fed while I am there. After all if I am weak I will hardly be any use."

"Oh don't go with the poor pitiful me act. You and I both know that a few missed meals won't harm you. Plus Walter is making sure that you will have plenty of blood while you are away."

Knock Knock "Pardon me, Sir Integra," Walter interrupted, but a Mistress Minerva McGonagall, and a Master Kingsley Shacklebolt is here to pick up Master Alucard."

"Good," Integra said. "In that case if there are no further questions, then you best get going. And you better behave yourself Alucard, or I will have you submerged in Holy water for a week."

As Alucard phased out, he said, "Of course, my master."

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