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The next morning found several people getting ready for the trip to Diagon Alley. Harry was looking forward to it as he hadn't actually had a real date with Tonks yet. However he was concerned with how it would go with Seras there. On the one had he wanted to be alone with Tonks. On the other he wanted to be with both of them. The fact that Tonks seemed to be attracted to Seras as well seemed
encourage his feelings as well.

Ron was ecstatic that he was able to help come up with an idea that would not only allow him Hermione to spend some time together, but
also allow Harry and Tonks to spend some time together. He was glad that his friend had found someone that looked at him for more that just his celebrity status, but as an actual person. Plus he would get a chance to spend some time with Bill and Fleur as well. He rarely got to spend time with Bill as it was, and Fleur was just a cool person to talk to.

Hermione was looking forward to going out with Ron, as well as there was a new book about Runes that was supposed to be coming out. She was also looking forward to getting there books for the new school year so she could begin to read through them. After all, even
though it was the summer, didn't mean she couldn't get a head start in her subjects.

Alucard was looking forward to the chaos. He was helping set up his childe with two people who were at least somewhat attracted to her
was well. That alone should bring some amusement', he thought. In addition, he was also hoping to run into Snape again. It would be fun to strike a bit more fear into him.

Tonks was looking forward to spending time with Harry. True it had to be in the presence of Seras, but it was still time with Harry. It could be worse,' she thought to herself. And at least Seras is good looking. Being male, I don't think it would take too much to convince Harry to let her join in the fun, just a matter of convincing her to join us.'

Seras was anxious to see what would happen. She knew that both Harry and Tonks were attracted to her since she could smell the
arousal, but that didn't mean that Tonks would be open about it. She wanted the both of them, and she hoped that whatever her Master had planned wouldn't backfire on her. After all, if things went bad here, she probably wouldn't get a second shot at them.

Mrs. Weasley was worried about having Harry in the company of Seras, but hoped the Tonks would be able to handle her if anything went wrong. After all, she is an Auror, and is supposed to be a good one as well. Surely she should be able to protect Harry,' she thought.

Snape, who had to go into Diagon alley to get some potion supplies, was worried about running into Alucard. I can't believe Albus
hired that monster for the DADA position rather than me. That job should be mine. After all, who taught it when that mongrel werewolf was going though his transformations? He'll probably endanger my students, and favor that blasted Golden boy Potter, just like everyone else in the school. At least Umbridge tried to put the boy in his place.'

Albus was currently thinking, Maybe I should go visit Integra. It has been a while since I've seen her. Plus she always did have a fondness for lemon drops. She's probably the only one who would ever take one from me. Ah, lemon drops the best candy in the world. I wonder if it would be possible for me to get a never-ending supply of them. Or possibly a dish that was always full of them. That would be great.'

Fawkes looked over at his bonded and thought, There he goes thinking about lemon drops again. Does he not see that he is the only wizard that actually likes those things? I swear he acts as if the whole world's problems could be solved with lemon drops. No
wonder the world is convinced he's insane. He's probably thinking about trying to create a never-ending dish of them again. I wish he
would give up on that.'

"So you lot ready to go then," asked Mrs. Weasley?

"Yes ma'am," the group answered.

"Good. Now Bill is going to meet you at the Leaky Cauldron where you will go you separate ways. Now remember, that's also where you are going to meet for lunch, as well as meet at the end of the day. Now everyone grab a bit of Floo powder, and remember Harry to speak clearly. We don't want a repeat of last time, do we, asked Mrs. Weasley?"

"No Mrs. Weasley," answered Harry.

With that everyone grabbed a handful of Floo powder and Flooed to Diagon Alley.

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