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In which Warrick makes some Observations

Warrick was relieved. Things finally seemed to be settling back into their proper order at the lab. Well at least as much of a proper order as he'd come to expect since Ecklie had split their shift.

I like being awake during the day again, working in sunlight. The weirdos seem to come less frequently during the day. But I miss all of us being together. I didn't really think I would, after all the two people I was closest to moved with me. But Nick's been quieter and it's difficult to adjust to working beneath Catherine, ooh nice turn of phrase there buddy, after all these years of working with her. I never expected to miss watching Grissom and Sara try to out quote each other or Sara and Cat ganging up on Greg after one of his lame jokes.

We haven't done such a great job of supporting each other recently and I know we've all questioned it. But despite that, Grissom has finally taken a risk for Sara. Greg moved past his crush to being an actual friend. Sara may never find out about it but Nick's worked over time on every case involving women or children. Catherine came to me after her conversation with Grissom and asked for advice. We've all messed up, messed each other up, but time and again we find a way to straighten each other back out in the end.

We're an incredibly dysfunctional group, but our own little family none the less. Maybe this time we'll actually all get to be happy for a while.

With that Warrick left the locker room and almost collided with a flustered Greg.

"Welcome back to the night shift Greggo. Try not to cause any more trouble soon, eh?"

Little did the two CSIs know that what would come next would be Unbearable.


A/N: So the astute reader may notice that I've changed this story's title. That's because I've decided try to do a little series of these between episode pieces. My goal will be to create a short 5 chapter work every few weeks to fill in what TPTB leave out/don't address between episodes. We'll see how long this lasts given the fact that not only am I taking classes I'm doing research as well. As with most of us writers the more reviews I get the more likely I'll be to continue writing.