Title – The Last Curse
Author – Artemis Potter-Snape
Rating – NC17 (posted to my LJ) R for – Group sex, incest, some others too that I can't decide on.
Summary – Voldey tries to get the last laugh.
AN – CONTEST – I will be making up some spells and stuff, it will be Latin, the first three correct answers by the posting of the next chapter, will earn your house 10 points, the leading house will be at the bottom of each chapter. Ravenclaw RULES.
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Chapter 1 – The Last Battle

All the students and several professorsinside the Great Hall heard the many shouts of "EXPECTO PATRONUM", the fight had began.

Outside were some of the professors and all of the DA members, (they were students from a group that was started two years ago when best friends Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley had had enough of a so called professor for DADA (Defence Against the Dark Arts) not teaching them anything that they needed to know). The group had grown over their sixth and most of their seventh year and contained no less than 80 students from three of the houses stretched over the older three years and there was surprisingly 16 students from Slytherin, covering over the older three years making nearly 100 hundred DA members outside helping 5 professors and numerous Order Of The Phoenix members and Auror's to fight the forces of Mouldy Voldemort.

The first wave against the defenders of Hogwarts were the dreaded dementors, Voldemort had come across the knowledge several years before that his nemesis Harry Potter was scared to the point of fainting when one came near him, armed with this knowledge he had gathered together as many of them as he could, in total there were three hundred dementors against the slightly more than three hundred defenders. The resulting Expecto patronum's decimated the ranks of dementors with such power that there was nothing left afterwards, normally they only served to drive them away. At the front of the side of light stood a grinning seventeen year old beside an equally grinning one hundred and fifty-seven year old, wands pointing to where the dementors once stood. The young man came to the conclusion a few months ago that if you approach a dementor smiling and filled with the feeling of loving and being loved the dementor lost power over you, he put it to the test one day by using a boggart, he knew that it wasn't a very good test but he could judge if it helped and surprisingly it did, so before the battle and the run up to it he embraced and shared the love that he had and felt to the others in his 'family' and taught the others in his group to do the same, and it worked better than they imagined.

The second wave were the magical creatures that Voldemort had persuaded to his side, what Voldemort did not know was that some of the giants, vampires and werewolves had changed sides and were in fact in the dark sides ranks to sabotage as much as possible.

In an old text Hermione had found several spells to help fight against the vampires, this spell resulted in one hundred of the light sides forces shouting out at the same time "Candidus Phoebus comburo" the vampires were either turned straight to dust or were slowly burning to death, the ones on the side of light slipped away back into the death eater ranks when the dementors were killed, they were slowly killing the most evil of the death eaters under direct orders to leave LeStrange, Malfoy, Snape and Pettigrew for the side of light to deal with.

The spell was the only one known to kill vampires, even the daywalkers, there was no known shield against it and the only known copy was written in a book by Godric Gryfindor and hidden in a secret place in his tower where the students of his house now lived, until Harry recovered it.

At the same time as the first hundred sent out their spell another hundred were sending out several strong stunning spells at the giants, they were not evil, neither were the vampires, but they needed to be killed as there was a pact that the good vampires could help anyone of the good on the brink of death that healing and potions could not help by turning them, but giants were nearly extinct and could not be replaced as easily, they had had too much evil done to them, they just needed to be shown that not all of the magic folk were after them to kill them.

The were wolves were evil to a point, there was a potion that they could take to prevent them from turning into a man eating beast, but those on Voldemort side took a potion that the potion master had made to keep them as the beast for several hours at each dosage, this latest dose was poisoned so that they would be in their beast state but it would make them vulnerable to the killing curse, those loyal to the light were given the original potion so that they were not, they pretended to die as the rest of the lights forces sent the killing curse their way.

The third and final wave was the remaining death eaters who were not killed by the vampires. Snape had estimated there to be five hundred, there looked to be more like eight hundred, the twenty vampires for the light had taken out about a hundred during their mealtime and sneaked away before the final wave started.

Harry and Dumbledore backed slowly into the midst of their fellow fighters, this was after all their fight, Harry and Dumbledore had another battle to attend to, the battle against Voldemort, so to the many screams and shouts of curses, hexes and charms they made their way behind and around the edge towards their goal. Harry had always known that the battle against Voldemort was for him alone so he was no longer scared of the thought, what scared him was the thought of losing, of dying a virgin, being who he was it made it awkward to date, let alone losing his virginity, he shrugged it off and walked towards his foe, intent on not dying. Dumbledore was going with him to protect him from any death eaters who may try to take him out before he could battle Voldemort.

"Stupefy" Harry yelled aiming his wand at Voldemort from the side he approached.

Voldemort stepped to the side,grinned and turned to look straight at Harry,

"My my aren't we the eager one to die"

"I'm not the one to die today Mouldy Tom"

"Don't call me that, Crucio"

Harry dodged, "Confundus" he waited until it hit and then sent "Avada Kedavra"

Voldemort broke the Confundus charm and dodged the Avada curse and sent another Crucio at Harry, which hit, causing Harry to scream after two minutes, another minute he stopped screamingwhen Voldemort lifted it and stood gazing at his Death eaters who were losing badly despite their numbers, this gave Harry his chance,

"Engorgio" Harry said as he pointed at Voldemorts feet causing them to swell too large for him to move.

Meanwhile Dumbledore was sending out hexes left, right and centre keeping the advancing death eaters from Harry.

"Avada Kedavra" yelled Harry

But at the started of Harry's wand waving Voldemort knew his time was coming to an end, he had time to cast one of his own spells, a dark spell that he thought would eventually drive Harry insane.

"Cupio Caleo Adepto Gravida Imperium Harry Potter" he said it quickly while pointing his wand at the dark mark on his own body, he would never know if it worked as the second the finished incantation left his lips, the killing curse struck home, and Harry wouldn't know if the killing curse worked because he passed out from exhaustion brought on by the power of the curse he sent.