Title – The Last Curse

Author – Artemis Potter-Snape

Rating –R for (NC17 (posted to my LJ))

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter that is left to JK Rowling, the only thing we have in common is that our youngest children have the same name, mine is a boy (20mths old) and hers is a baby girl, aww, so cute. Anyway the only thing that is mine is the curses, etc that I make up.

Warnings – MPREG, Group sex implied on implied incest on some others too that I couldn't decide on yet. Anything with detailed will be cut to my LJ.

Summary – Voldey tries to get the last laugh.

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Dedicated to – My Baby boy who is 2 years old today, 4th June 2005. Happy Birthday to my Mackenzie.

!Dream sequence!



Flashback in bold.

Chapter 6 – Flashbacks


Trying to work out what it meant he turned them over to see if there was anything written on them and there was to his shock, 'This is your daughter born 25th May 1996 weighing six pounds and 5 ounces, her name is Merissa Joanna Potter.'

There was only one word in his mind at that point, 'Shite'.


It was the second day since the visit to the infirmary, Harry hadn't heard anything from Professor Snape regarding the photos which had upset him for two hours straight the day before and for a while this evening too, now he was in the middle of getting himself and Merissa ready for the award ceremony and the coming out of his baby daughter, he had prepared a speech which he decided was making him the most nervous at that time.

The day after the questioning in the infirmary Harry had spent with his daughter Merissa, he had even invited Claratine Snape along to get to know her better, he thought back to the time near the lake when they were having a picnic,


"Hm?" she mumbled as she tried to not spill the juice as she was pouring it.

"How would you feel if I became your uncle?" Harry asked quietly while feeding Merissa.

"I wouldn't mind, I like you and Merissa, I need family, but how, I mean you can't adopt me," She answered just as quietly as Harry asked.

"I have to marry Severus, it is hard to explain…you remember you told me that he hurt someone that he loved…"

"No, I said he hurt someone that looked like the person he loved"

"Oh right, anyway it was me, he told us yesterday, now we have to be bonded and I wanted to know how you felt about it and to ask if you would hold the rings for me."

"Sure, when?"

"Tomorrow, before the press conference I think."

Harry smiled at the remembrance, she had grinned and sang a little song she made up for an hour afterwards proclaiming to the world that she had a new uncle and cousin, luckily there was no one but him and Merissa to hear.

Remembering that brought him to the other reason he was nervous, but was trying his hardest to ignore, the wedding, cross bonding of him and Snape, he didn't know what to think about that, he knew that he loved Severus in a way, he had had a crush on the man for four years, but to marry him was still rather daunting.

Dumbledore had decided that the best way to enhance the soul-bond, (which was proven by the aid of a spell) Harry and Snape should be married alone with another bonding connecting the two Malfoy's to them later on when all the guests have gone home, once more Harry was drawn into his memories.

It was evening; Harry had put Merissa down for the evening and was settling down for a goodnights sleep when there was a knock on the portrait guarding his door.

"Come in" Harry called.

"Hello Harry, I thought we should talk before tomorrow." Dumbledore said as he sat down and offered Harry a lemon sherbet.

"Sure." Harry accepted the sweet and popped it into his mouth.

"I have just gotten back from the council,"

"What happened?" Harry asked shakily

"The vote was tightly drawn but we have gotten what we wished, in lieu of a sentence in Azkaban you are granted bonding rights to both the Malfoy's and them to each other"

"Who made up the council Albus?"

"There were ten Ministry officials and ten members of the Wizengamot. The presiding judge was Mr Malfoy's Great-Uncle Gedwin Malfoy, unfortunately his grand-daughter Melanie Malfoy-Klein was killed by Deatheaters, but because he was the highest ranking Ministry Official we could not leave him out of the proceedings, it did not matter anyway as the result was unanimous. Gedwin Malfoy did place some stipulations into the arrangement though…"

Harry moaned and put his head in his hands and mumbled, "Why am I not surprised?"

"Don't fret Gedwin is a good man and the other members all agreed. The stipulations are as follows, number one they are to be yours to punish in whatever means you so chose, as long as it does not involve dark magicks you can use the Imperious though this is because both Malfoy's fall under the category as slaves this comes from the old laws that govern the spell that Voldemort used. Severus will be your husband because he is your soul mate; as such he can also punish the Malfoy's with your permission. Further more they are to be stripped of their wands and have their power bound until you release it or they die so that no harm may come to you or your children because of their status as slaves it was put in the laws so that slaves could not rebel. Number two is personal for you and Gedwin, if there is a child born from either of the Malfoy's he wishes that one be named after his grand-daughter as she was the last of his line and would like to offer himself as a surrogate grand-parent if you so wish. The last stipulation is that you have at least one child with each last name to carry on the bloodlines; all three names are the last and no-one wishes to see them end. Stipulations one and three are to be carried out, number two is only a request you can turn it down if you wish to."

"I understand, I may not like either of the Malfoy's but hopefully any children will be raised without their prejudices."

Harry drew himself out of his memories just in time to leave for the Great Hall where the coming out of his baby girl and the award ceremony was taking place, he was not looking forward to this at all, he had not even told Hermione about Merissa. He picked the little girl up out of her cot and smoothed her robes down and walked briskly towards the Hall, he knew that Severus would also be there, Madam Pomfrey let him know that Severus was no longer screaming at the loss of not being in the same room as Harry and was confidant that there would be no problems during the ceremony.

Outside the Great Hall Harry took a deep breath in and opened the doors holding Merissa close to him and strode to the front of the room where his seat was next to Hermione and Mrs Weasley, he felt Severus watching him and Merissa. He ignored all the comments and sat down and quietly spoke to Hermione and Molly.

"Harry what are you doing with that baby here, this is no place for a child."

"Are you babysitting dear, getting in practice for Hermione's baby?"

"Mione, Molly I need to apologise for not telling you, I'm sure that you understand…Merissa is my baby, I will explain everything later, but no one could know in case you were captured and unwilling let the information out, but now that Voldemort has gone I can announce her to the world…. Wish me luck." Harry finished as his name was called to receive his award.

"Thank you Minister…"

"Get that child away from here immediately she could be the child of a Deatheater." The Minister shrieked.

Harry bowed his head slightly and tucked Merissa closer to him with her face in his neck, "Your right minister she is the daughter of a Deatheater…"

Yells of outrage echoed around the room, Harry watched out of the corner of his eye as Severus paled while trying to see the face of his daughter, his hands clenching and unclenching,

"Quiet." Dumbledore yelled out, "This is a ceremony to give awards to those deserving them not a free for all."

"Thank you Headmaster. As I was saying her father was a Deatheater, but he too is getting an award today for spying against Voldemort for twenty years, for being placed under the cruciatus curse numerous times on the whim of a maniac all to gather information to save countless lives…" Harry continued turning to look at Severus while he spoke, but the man never noticed he just kept staring at Merissa trying to get a proper look, "…for being placed under mind-controlling potions and spells and forced to rape his soul-mate all for the sake of saving this world from a man bent on destroying it, for not knowing that he had a daughter, for being forced to live behind a façade for twenty years so no-one knew who he really was, for being gentle and loving while he was forced to rape me, to destroy me when all he did and the rapes did was strengthen me and give me a beautiful daughter who I have had to deny having to all but those that brought her into the world…No longer will I deny my daughter and no longer will I keep her from her other father. May I introduce to you all my daughter Merissa Joanna Potter-Snape…" He ignored the outcry and the crying Molly and Hermione and headed straight to his soul mate and knelt in front of him and softly brought his hand up to Severus's face and turned it to focus on his eyes.

"I never ever blamed you I felt how detached your mind was from your actions, yet I felt how you fought to control your actions enough to be gentle. I knew who you were; I felt it in my heart and understood. I prayed every night after I found out that I was pregnant that you were the father…she has your hair and a mix of our eyes. Don't feel sorry, don't punish yourself love, you did what you had to and look what we have…" he turned Merissa around and placed her in Severus's arms, "we have a beautiful daughter."

Severus broke down into sobs while holding Merissa to his chest, "Merlin I'm so sorry, I tried I couldn't stop, I wanted to I couldn't…"

"I know love I know." Harry pulled Severus up and manovered him towards the door and nodded to Albus before Hermione came up and took the baby out of Severus's shaking arms.

"I'll look after her, I'll bring her to your room in a couple of hours alright."

"Thanks Mione, you and Molly take her and meet her properly, she needs to meet her aunt and grandma. I just wish she could have met her uncle." He heard Molly sob as Hermione handed Merissa over while Harry led Severus to his rooms.

"Here sit down I'll get you a drink." Harry pushed until Severus sat down.

"Why not sooner?"

"Excuse me?" Harry asked when he heard a faint muttering.

"Why not tell me sooner, why not do the test sooner, why not everything sooner?" Severus's voice rose with each word.

Harry took out his wand and locked and warded the rooms before sitting down in front of Severus and looking him in the eyes.

"No one knew about the rapes and I refused to tell them the fathers name, I couldn't because I didn't know it at the time I hoped but that is not conclusive proof and I didn't want them worrying about who the other father was, looking at her like those people did in the hall when I said her father was a Deatheater, I wanted her to have a few months of normality, she is one special girl. As for telling you sooner, we did the test the day I left the photos for you, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you to your face, I was scared of how you would react, when I saw the way you were trying to see her face today I could see the hope and love in your eyes, I knew then that you would not resent her that you would love her."

"Why didn't you tell me your feelings for me?"

"Again I was scared, you always belittled me in front of everyone and was neutral when we were alone, I wanted you so much it hurt and I know you want me."

He got out of his seat and climbed onto Severus's lap leant over and whispered in his ear, "Lets start again shall we love," he nipped at Severus's ear and lick a path from there to Severus's mouth, 'umm mint' was the only thought in his mind as he slipped his tongue into Sev's mouth battling with the opposing tongue for dominance in which he won, he faintly heard a low moan come from his soon to be husband. He climbed off and pulled on Sev's hand and led him to his bedroom where he soon reattached his mouth to Sev's and started the battle once more as his hands strayed to the buttons of Sev's robes deciding it was taking too long he whispered the spell to get rid of their clothes and pushed Sev to the bed where as soon as his legs hit they fell with Harry on top.

"Harry, I've never…"

"Good, I get to be first." Harry whispered as his eyes followed his hands while mapping his lover's body, which proved to be strong and well muscled. He lowered his mouth to place kisses from the neck all the way down to a large pulsing cock, which he kissed the length of before licking back from base to tip. He looked up briefly and saw a look of pure desire on his love's face before tonguing the slit in the top of his prize, 'umm so nice'

"Harry…more…" Sev moaned out as he grabbed at Harry's head.

Being one who doesn't like to tease he wrapped his mouth around the shaft and rubbed his tongue up and down while sucking gently and silently and wandlessly lubing his hand and cock. He hummed around his prize and slid a finger around Sev's entrance teasing and exciting the man who continuously moaned and groaned and pushing back to impale himself onto Harry's finger he let out a yelp but Harry sucked harder and pushed his finger in and out as Sev relaxed and then added another and began the task of stretching and preparing his lover thoroughly before he could enter.

Feeling his lover close to exploding he began to hum again and sucked harder while stroking his love's prostate which caused Sev to lose control and shout Harry's name as he filled said persons mouth with his seed.

Harry swallowed some and crawled up in-between his loves legs and positioned the head of his cock at his loves entrance and pushed bringing a gasp from his lover which gave him an opening to kiss him and give him a bit of himself back.

Severus almost gagged as Harry kissed him and gave him his seed, he swallowed as Harry pushed himself in to the hilt and caused him to moan and kiss Harry back hard with the arousing taste of himself on his and Harry's tongue, he never thought that this was such a turn on.

Harry felt his love relax with the kiss and began to move hard and fast knowing that he wouldn't last long even if he was to go slow, he chanted over and over, "I love you I love you," just as he shot his seed into his lover.


AN – If you know a pregnancy length then you will notice that the dates don't fit, but as this is a magical pregnancy I decided that they needed another month gestation for magical development.

The story behind Merissa will be in the prequel that I am writing (trying to anyway) at the moment. It isn't coming together too well at the moment though, there are many issues that I have to deal with in my life and my muse is being awkward, which isn't helping any.

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