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Okay to the story…..


Chapter one – Discoveries

A young man in his mid twenties sat at a desk sorting through papers and photographs of artefacts that were spread out before him. There was no room for anything else on the desk there were so many papers but the man seemed to be getting impatient.

"I'm so close, I know it." He mumbled to himself.

The young man's appearance was unusual to look at. His hair was stuck out at points on his head and there were golden bangs round his face. The rest of his hair was black and edged in a deep red colour. He ran a frustrated hand through it and thumped the table. A photograph, which had been hidden under all the papers fell and clattered to the floor noisily. With a loud exclamation the young man hurriedly got out of his chair and rushed round to retrieve the fallen picture. The glass in the frame had broken and he cursed under his breath.


He removed the picture from the frame and pressed it close to his chest a pained look crossing his face to be followed by one of extreme loss and sadness. He closed his eyes and allowed his memories to surface taking him back to a night ten years ago…

Across a chasm two duellists faced off. They looked almost exactly the same apart from one had extra golden streaks in his hair. One was the spirit of a pharaoh who had lived 5000 years before and who had been resurrected when the duellist facing him had solved an ancient puzzle and awakened his spirit. The two had worked their way through many adventures and defeated many powerful enemies together and had found the true meaning of friendship as well as each other. Now they faced each other in a duel the outcome of which could mean life or death for either of them. The pharaoh's memories had been awakened when all seven millennium items had been placed together alongside three special 'God' cards from the ancient game Duel Monsters. These items all together had reminded the pharaoh of his rise to power and he wanted to rule again! However in order to do so he had to have a body and two souls could not remain in one body. This was a duel to decide who would live and who would die. The pharaoh's name was Yami and the one facing him was called Yugi.

Yugi looked across at Yami facing him but this was not the Yami whom he had come to love and trust, this was a different person facing him. Yugi was not sure if he could get through to him in his state of mind but on the other hand if he won and Yami went away he didn't know how he would cope with the loss of his 'aribou' (partner) He didn't know what to do.

Yami across the gap from him looked at the young and seemingly frail boy. Yami struggled to think. This boy was important to him but how? Gaining the world was important wasn't it? Or was it? Something didn't feel right. He was battling for the right to a body and to be able to stay here but something wasn't fitting into place and he knew that the one who looked like him had something to do with it. What was it? He wondered why he was stalling like this. He had two powerful monsters on the field and the other had none. He could take his life points down right now but something was holding him back. The other was standing on his platform head bowed in defeat waiting for the final strike but for reasons unbeknown to himself, Yami did not want to hurt him. Why was this? He was pharaoh wasn't he? Yami frowned trying to think. Maybe he should give the other a chance to fight for a little longer? His presence here, it felt wrong somehow. Yami argued with himself and a sudden memory – a recent one came to the fore of himself talking to the one opposite and a feeling of friendship. What was this? Could they have been friends? They did look remarkably alike and Yami's eyebrows knitted together as he tried to remember more. Another flashback of the two of them duelling together came to him and then another of Yami holding the other in his arms as he lay his life briefly departed while in the Shadow Realm.


The one across looked up in surprise. Hadn't Yami forgotten everything?

"Yami, do you remember me?"

Yami nodded as more memories came to him including one from the night before Yami had got his memories back. It was of himself and Yugi and they were in each other's arms telling each other they would be there for each other no matter what.

"Yes Yugi I remember, I remember everything."

Yugi smiled but the smile was wiped from his face when he remembered where they were.

"Yami the duel! One of us has to go and I don't want to lose you."

"Nor I you. But there is no other way." Yami lowered his eyes. What could he do? He didn't want to leave Yugi not now he'd remembered his feelings for him and he didn't want Yugi to go either. But Yugi deserved a chance at life. His had been 5000 years ago as the pharaoh. Yugi's life was here, now his own life was long gone. Yami set his face and looked up.

"I set one card face down and end my turn!" he declared and the set card appeared in front of him.

Yugi looked on in shock. He had expected to be hit and all his life points to be gone. Yami had said he remembered, could it be he remembered their true feelings for each other? Yugi could think of no other explanation for it and hoped he was right.

He drew a card and played it.

"I play swords of revealing light!" which prevented Yami from attacking for three turns. Across the chasm Yami smiled and nodded mentally urging him to not give up. He knew Yugi could do it he just hoped he would get the right cards. He wanted Yugi to win but he wanted Yugi to win by reducing his life points to zero rather than Yami surrendering.

Yugi looked at the cards in his hand and frowned looking very much like Yami for a moment and he concentrated on his next move. He had 500 life points and Yami had 750, it would take only one good monster but what if the card Yami set face down was a trap card? He suspected it was and wondered what to do.

"I play Return of the Doomed." He declared and discarded one of his monster cards with a low attack level so he could bring back the Dark Magician from his graveyard. He set a card face down and ended his turn.

Yami was pleased with Yugi's move and as there was little he could do he drew a card and ended his turn.

Yugi drew and ordered Dark magician to attack one of Yami's monsters but Yami activated his trap card Mirror Force, which would reflect Dark Magician's attack back at him. Yugi was waiting for it though and activated his own trap card Trap Jammer which negated the effect of Mirror Force and Yami's monster was hit destroying him and reducing his life points to zero.

Yugi won but he felt empty. His win meant Yami had to go and he didn't want him to. He wanted Yami to stay and hold him in his arms and tell him everything was going to be okay, just as he had a few nights previously. Yami had kissed him tenderly and told him that no matter what happened he would always love him.

Yugi stood the victor and choked back a sob. The platforms descended to the ground and Yugi rushed over to Yami who held out his arms to him. Yugi ran into them and Yami wrapped his arms round him.

"I don't have much time left Yugi."

A sob came in reply.

"I don't want you to go Yami, I..I love you."

"I know but I have to. Maybe one day you will discover a way for me to return who knows? But now I must leave. I lost the duel and we cannot both exist at this time."

Yugi sighed heavily. "I know. I swear to you Yami that one day I will find a way to bring you back. I must, life isn't worth anything without you."

"Yugi will you hold me? I am fading and I want your face to be the last thing I see."

The tears were falling freely now from Yugi's eyes as they shifted position and Yugi was holding Yami in his arms. Silence descended on them both as they waited for the inevitable to happen. Words were not needed to express themselves their eyes were enough. Yugi's tears ran down his face and wet his shirt but he didn't care.

With a last sigh, Yami's eyes closed and he lay still in Yugi's arms. Yugi held him close as his body faded and finally vanished completely.

Yugi was left with nothing in his arms and he threw his head back and howled in pain and despair before curling into a ball on the floor.

It was to be a long time before his tears subsided and he emerged from his ball to dry his eyes and resolve to set his path. Even if it took him the rest of his life, he was going to bring his love back. He swore it with all his heart. There had to be a way! And he was going to find it. He uncurled from his ball and looked at the floor. He frowned.

"What the…?" On the floor he spotted two gold bands. He picked them up and examined them. Yami's bracelets! But how? How had they been left behind?

Yugi did not understand it but one thing was for sure he was never letting them go! He slipped them onto his wrists where they stayed a perfect fit for him. Maybe until he found a way to bring Yami back, these bracelets would help him to see Yami in his dreams. This thought gave him a little comfort and with a new purpose, he left the battle place and had returned home.

Present day Yugi put the photograph down and wiped at his eyes. The Yami in the photograph stared up at him, his frown ever present and Yugi whispered,

"Soon we will be together, I believe I have found a way."

The Yami in the photo stared back seemingly unchanging but then Yugi noticed that the corners of his mouth seemed to turn upwards in a slight smile. Yugi blinked in surprise but when he looked again the photo had gone back to the way it always had been. Was it his imagination? Or had the photo really changed? He would never know but it gave him new hope that somewhere Yami was watching over him.

He hoped that this plan would work or ten years of research would be down the drain.

He went over to his desk and unlocked it. He took out and ornately carved box and unlocked that. Inside was the pieces of his millennium puzzle and his Duel Monsters deck. He hadn't played Duel Monsters since that night ten years ago, he just couldn't face duelling without Yami by his side. He didn't need Yami to win of course but after he had gone it just didn't feel right.

He stroked the cards for a moment promising them that they would duel again with him and moved his hands over to the pieces of his puzzle.

He had broken the puzzle up the night Yami had left him, unable to have it as a constant reminder and yet unable to do anything else with it other than keep it locked up. The puzzle, his deck and the two bracelets he still wore were the only things he had linking him to Yami and he treasured them.

He removed the pieces from the box and began to assemble them once more. The time had come for the puzzle to be whole again as it was this and the other six millennium items he needed in order to bring his beloved back to him. There were other requirements but for now the puzzle needed to be made whole again.

The pieces fell into place easily for him and he wondered why on earth it had taken him 8 years the first time round. But then it had only taken him a couple of minutes while a fire raged.

He held up the completed puzzle a tiny part of him hoping to feel Yami returning to him but nothing happened and sighing, he hung the puzzle round his neck and gathering the scattered paperwork into a reasonable pile, he stuffed them into his briefcase and left the apartment. Ishizu was going to be surprised to see him…