Chapter 10 – The End of The End

The remaining members of the group clung to each other knowing that their fate was to join Yugi and Mokuba in death because Kaiba wasn't going to allow any of them to live. Of this they were certain. They looked at the tray with the items on it as each one glowed and sucked up the blood that was in the little basin at the end of each one.

Each item rose up from the tray and began to move round the room in a large circle round Kaiba and each item glowed brilliant white before shooting a beam of light at him to power him up even more than he was already.

"This is bad." Yami said. "We are no longer able to stop him. My friends I believe this is the end for us."

"Yami! Don't give up. Yugi wouldn't have given up! He never gave up right up till the end." Said Tea and with that she charged at Kaiba who saw her and his eyes burned with a white light before he send another devastating energy blast that threw her against a nasty looking spike on the wall.

Everyone closed their eyes, unable to watch as Tea's body was impaled in the vicious spike and she screamed as her soul left her and her body hung limp and bleeding.

Serenity screamed and buried her face in her hands.

"You bastard Kaiba, she had a daughter who you have just rendered motherless!" growled Yami.

"Like I care." Growled Kaiba in his demonic voice. "Soon everyone will be wiped out and I will build my own world!"

"Not if I can help it!" Said Yami his voice barely audible but Kaiba heard it and laughed.

"You? What can you do? Nothing, that's what. Let's see how well you think you can beat me without that chair!" Kaiba stretched out his hand and a hand of white light appeared in front of him and moved towards Yami's chair.

"NO!" yelled Joey and jumped in front of Yami to try and stop the hand but it drew back and swiped at Joey who flew across the room and crashed into the wall breaking his neck and ending his life.

Yami had no time to be upset by this as the hand shot towards his chair and grabbed it. It had grown big enough to pick up the chair and hold it aloft. Tristen who had been holding his blood soaked coat to Yami's ruined leg, couldn't hold on and fell to the ground taking the coat with him and ripping open the wound fully again. Blood ran from his wound again and onto Tristen below him who scrambled out the way repulsed and horrified at having a fresh lot of blood pour down onto him.

Kaiba laughed at Yami's scared face. In his chair, he was vulnerable and he dreaded to think what Kaiba was going to do to him.

Quite suddenly the hand twisted and tipped him out of the chair. He fell to the ground some fifty feet below him screaming and thinking that this must be the end for him. He closed his eyes and waited for the crunch.

It never came.

Yami landed on something soft and strong arms were holding him tight. Puzzled, he opened his eyes and looked right into the piercing blue eyes of his Dark Magician.

"But how?" he hadn't drawn a card. The Dark Magician smiled at him.

"Your fear summoned me my pharaoh. I felt it and it was strong enough to draw me to you. However the evil one's power is too strong and I cannot stay." Even as he said this, he began to fade and just about managed to set Yami on the ground before fading.

"Wait! Dark Magician do you know a way to stop the evil one?"

"Your Puzzle and your name is the key to ending this." Came the voice of his most loyal and favourite monster from his deck just before he vanished completely.

"My Puzzle is the key? But how? What must I do?"

"You're still alive cripple?" Kaiba growled. "Well in that case another of your friends can die in your place!"

"NO! PLEASE STOP KAIBA!" screamed Yami but it was to no avail and bolts of white lightening shot from Kaiba's eyes and hit Serenity in the chest burning a hole right through her. She stood there stunned for a moment and whispered "you can beat him Yami. I have faith in you" before she fell forwards and lay still.

"SERENITY NO!" yelled Duke and fell to his knees sobbing for his lost love. Yami reached out to him from where he lay on the floor, his stump still bleeding. He was beginning to feel light headed from the massive blood loss and was hoping that he would be able to last out long enough to destroy Kaiba but with every passing minute he was growing weaker and Kaiba was growing stronger.

There was only himself, Tristen and Duke left to fight now and Yami's hopes were fading. Duke felt the touch of Yami's hand on his arm and looked at him through the wall of tears.

"I loved her so much." He said and Yami nodded.

"I know my friend. I think this time Kaiba has won."

"I have won!" said Kaiba and stared down at the three on the ground. The beans of light had stopped and Kaiba was now fully powered up with the Millennium items and they resumed simply circling him and glowing.

"You can be the first to witness my rise to power Pharaoh! I am more powerful than you ever were! Watch as I destroy the world and everyone in it!"

"You are not stronger than I" Yami said. "I have the power to stop you right now!" 'I just wish I could figure out how' he added to himself.

"That so? Well let's see how well you use these so called powers of yours when you are dead!"

He raised both of his hands and gathered energy inside of them before releasing it at the three figures on the ground. Yami smiled as he died. His Puzzle was the key and the power in the Puzzle lay inside it. He needed to get inside and in order for him to do that he had to die or be rendered unconscious. As he died, he silently begged forgiveness from Tristen and Duke for making them die too and he felt his head connect with the wall and begin to cave in as his body slammed into it. 'I'm coming my koi' he thought as he blacked out to the sounds of Kaiba's maniacal laughter.

Yami awoke in his dark room and stretched. Time was of the essence and his Dark Magician had given him just the clues he needed to beat Kaiba. He just hoped that He and Yugi would be strong enough. He sat up and swung his legs off the bed and stood up. It felt good to be able to walk again and he went to the door and opened it. His mouth fell open in shock as he caught sight of all his friends outside in the passage waiting for him. Tristen and Duke were there as well and were looking round bewildered and confused as Yugi tried to explain to them what had happened. Yami stepped through the door, which closed behind him and vanished. He looked round and saw it had gone and he nodded knowing full well what it meant.

"We have to try and beat Kaiba." Said Yugi his face set into a frown. Yami nodded.

"Yes the Dark Magician reminded me of what I need. The key to his defeat is this Puzzle and my name."

Yugi nodded remembering what had happened when Yami had used his name the last time – the power of the Millennium Puzzle had been released and he had been able to use it.

"This time the power is greater." Said Yami. "The Items are even more powerful due to my blood and I think it will require all of us to work together to beat him."

Everyone nodded.

"This could destroy us all my friends." He warned and Serenity spoke up a fire in her voice that no one had heard before.

"He has to be stopped Yami! I am with you all the way."

Yami nodded gratefully his face deadly serious knowing that his friends were probably giving up any hope they had of returning to their bodies after this was over. Even though the doors to them had vanished, there might have been another way.

Everyone nodded following Serenity's lead, their faces set and serious.

"For you Kaia." Whispered Joey knowing his little girl would be devastated when him and Tea didn't return to her.

Yami led everyone to a larger area of the maze and they stood in a circle.

"Now join hands." The former Pharaoh commanded and they did so. "Whatever happens, do not break this circle. It is a circle of true friendship and with it comes true power in a way that Kaiba cannot hope to ever understand!"

They stood in the circle and close their eyes concentrating fully on their friendship. Mokuba felt inside him a warm rush of love and closeness and added his own feelings to the pool that was forming in the middle of their feelings as they poured them out.

The feelings and emotions swirled around in the middle of the circle in a blaze of colour. Each person's feeling and emotion was a different hue and the group opened their eyes and gasped at its beauty.

"Coupled with the power that this puzzle grants me, this pool of friendship will be enough to destroy Kaiba. AND NOW" he shouted "I PHARAOH ATEMU DEMAND THE FULL POWER OF THE MILLENNIUM PUZZLE!"

Everyone watched as light shone round Yami and the Millennium Symbol glowed on his head. They looked round at each other and saw that they all had the Symbol glowing on their heads. They all felt the power of the Puzzle flow into them from Yami and they all began to glow as power filled them.

"Now it is time to finish this my friends." Yami said and they all concentrated hard, projecting themselves into the real world….

Kaiba was standing on his dais gloating over his enemy's demise. 'They were no match for me.' He thought 'Not even that pathetic useless Pharaoh. Powerful was he? I don't believe a word of it!'

He had been practising his aim with his energy bolts on various objects and points inside the cave and he was now satisfied with it. The Millennium Items were still encircling him and he reached up to put a stop to the circle and put the items safely into his case which he had had designed especially for this purpose. But before he could touch the Puzzle, which had been the first object he was going to take, it began to change colour and glowed red. He watched in surprise as a beam of red light came from either side of the Puzzle and connected with the Items on either side of it. Energy pulsed down the red beam as it made the first two items glow and each released another beam of red light that connected with the next Items and so on until all seven items were joined and glowed.

A yellow ball of energy came forth from the Puzzle's eye and moved round to the Millennium Ring. The ball took shape and began to form into a person. Serenity's spirit appeared with the Millennium Symbol glowing on her forehead and grasped the ring with both hands. Her eyes burned white hot and Kaiba gazed at her in surprise.

"What's this?" He growled, unnerved by the sight of someone he'd just killed coming back but he had no time to wonder fully as two more balls of yellow energy appeared and made their way round to the Scales and the Eye where they formed into Joey and Mokuba's spirits also with the Symbol glowing on them.

Kaiba watched open-mouthed as the spirits of Tea, Tristen and Duke also came out. Tea grabbed the Necklace, Tristen grabbed the Rod and Duke grabbed the Ankh. They looked down on Kaiba and then towards the puzzle awaiting the arrival of the last two spirits.

They emerged as one ball of energy and split into two halves. One moved to the puzzle and formed into Yugi and the other rose up above the circle and formed into Yami.

"Now it is time for you to feel real power Kaiba!" Yami lifted up his arms and drew out the pool of friendship that they had created inside the puzzle.

"What's that?" Kaiba asked beginning to look worried. This Pharaoh had more power than he had imagined – he had thought that it was a lie but now he knew it was not and he could see his plans dying before his very eyes.

"This is a pool of love and friendship created by myself and my friends, this coupled with the power I can command from my Millennium Puzzle will spell your destruction Kaiba!"

"NO!" Kaiba yelled and shot a bolt of energy at the pool but instead of damaging it, the pool absorbed the energy and became more powerful as a result.

Kaiba was looking more worried as the seven spirits holding onto the items began to move towards him slowly.

Yami began to lower his hands and the pool began to lower onto Kaiba's head burning him and making him scream in agony.

"Nooooooo! I was so close!" he cried out as the items were pushed towards him and the pool wrapped itself round him and he continued to scream as his body was burned up and finally exploded spraying him everywhere.

The eight spirits looked at each other and smiled as their eyes returned to normal but something was happening. With the body holding all the energy in it gone, there was nothing to contain it and bolts of wild uncontrollable energy began to fire off in all directions.

Yami held up his hands again and made a series of movements. A net of energy appeared and Yami sent it up to capture the energy and trap it. The Millennium Symbol was again glowing on everyone's foreheads and they were concentrating on the net, helping Yami to guide it.

Eventually all the energy was captured and Yami began to move the net into the middle of the ring of Items. He made more movements with his hands and a magical casket appeared and opened. He made the net go into the box and closed the lid on it locking it with a string of Egyptian words.

The mountain around them was breaking up and rocks were falling from the ceiling. One fell and cut the energy circle that the Millenium Items had made. Yami drew the seven spirits with him back into the puzzle just as the roof caved in and the entire mountain collapsed on top of the items.

Back inside the Puzzle, everyone was smiling and hugging each other. They had done it! Their friendship and the pharaoh's power had stopped Kaiba and they were all together inside the Puzzle. Then Tea looked at herself.

"I'm fading!" She gasped and sure enough her image was beginning to fade.

"Tea!" Yugi cried and Joey tried to grab her but his hands went right through her. It was then he realised that his own image was fading. Yami looked sad.

"The power of the puzzle sustained you all while you were needed to stop the evil threatening the world. Now the evil is gone, you must leave." He hung his head and tears pricked Yugi's eyes.

"Goodbye my friends, I will never forget you." He whispered as one by one, his friends vanished waving and in Serenity and Joey's case, crying.

Yugi sank to the ground sobbing and Yami knelt next to him.

"I'm sorry aribou, I suspected that this might happen but didn't want to upset you in case I was wrong." He held his Aribou closely and kissed his hair.

"We have an eternity of each other though." He said and Yugi looked at him smiling through his tears and nodded. No matter where he was or what happened he would always have Yami by his side, now and forever. He would never forget his friends but he knew as he snuggled into Yami's embrace, that he would never be lonely again.

Owari (end)

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