How to give birth to an egg

For some reason I had uploaded and entirely different story where under this title and as such I have to repost the real story.

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"ARG!" Hermione screamed as loud as she could and a nearby window cracked.

"ARG!" Severus joined in, for Hermione was holding his hand and he was quite sure his bones had been pulverised.

"PUSH!" The Healer yelled, excited when it was time for Hermione to give birth.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I'VE BEEN DOING!" Hermione yelled at the Healer, who took no notice of Hermione's flaming. She was quite used to hearing the angry hissing from women giving birth.

"Hermione, you can do it, love," Severus managed to encourage between intakes of air, as he tried to ignore the pain she was causing on him.

"I don't have any other choice, do I!" She replied with a fierce tongue. He had come to love that tongue of hers, except doing her pregnancy.

"It's almost out!" The Healer held a towel ready for when it came out.

"Hermione! It's a... it's an egg!" Severus yelled ecstatically. Woohoo, they were getting to be bird parents! They had really always wanted that. It was like the new trend to give birth to an egg. Now Severus would take over and sit on the egg until it became a healthy flower. How nice it was to become a parent!

Right, so this was just one of my many one-shots I just need to get off my chest...