Hey there! This story is about the missing moments we never saw in season eight's Threads. I never completed this story, but I'm in the process of finishing as many of my fanfictions as I can, and I want to finish this one, as I loved writing it!

In between the Threads

Chapter one - In between the lines

Sam was worried. Very worried…In fact, she had long since moved beyond worried.

Downright terrified was a more apt description.

Daniel was missing, and she was worried sick.

Sam was walking to the briefing room, and arrived, still lost in her thoughts.

A sharp giggle jolted Sam back to the present, and she looked up to see Jack…and some brunette.

The brunette in question was young…late twenties at most. She was vivacious and vibrant. Dark ringlets tumbling down the side of her face. She wore a smart trouser suit and shocking pink top that surprisingly worked with the suit.

Her eyes then turned to Jack…grinning like a loony and definitely not in his 'command mode'.

Sam exhaled sharply, a deep numb feeling of helplessness and hopelessness rising in her chest.

She shuffled her feet on the floor, waiting for Jack to let her in. He was now showing the brunette out, but something told Sam that she was more than a colleague.

Finally, Jack raised a hand, beckoning Sam in to the office. Dutifully she filed in, her thoughts turning to the mystery brunette as he greeted her in his familiar way…i.e. giving nothing away.

Sam watched as Jack turned fully towards her, heading for his recliner.

"Sorry sir. I saw you were with someone. I didn't want to interrupt." she began.

"What's up?" Jack was too easy-going.

Deciding to grab the bull by the proverbial horns, she asked "Who was that?"

Jack's eyes left her, eyeing the small bundle of reports adorning his desk. "Um…Kerry Johnson. CIA."

Sam breathed in an inward sigh of relief. "I've heard the name. Oh, she was heading up the investigation into the Goa'uld at large still, after the incident with the Trust."


Jack sat down heavily at his desk, and his scowl returned. Sam found that after this shift in his attitude that her mind came immediately back to the subject and hand.

"Sir. I wanted to talk to you about - "she didn't get the chance to finish.


"We haven't heard from him in a week."

"Doesn't mean anything."

Sam felt a familiar jolt from within herself. She quickly identified it as exasperation…something this man regularly made her feel…among other things.

"Sir. We know he was captured by Replicators. Chances are he was onboard a Replicator ship when it disintegrated."

Jack tried to be the voice of reason. "All we know for sure is that he's missing."

"Sooner or later -"

"Forget it!" Jack shouted "I'm not falling for it this time."

As well as exasperation, Jack O'Neill regularly bamboozled Sam.

This was one of those times.

"Falling for it?"

"Yeah…How many times have you thought he was gone and then he shows up…in one form or another. I'm sorry…but we're not having a memorial service for someone who is not dead."

Then, Jack looked up at the ceiling and yelled "You hear that? I'm not buying it?"

Sam now went from bamboozlement to bewilderment to being bemused. It was funny he could always maker her smile at the most worrying times while Pete…

"What? He's just waiting for us to say a bunch of nice things about him. Next thing you know, he'll come waltzing through the door like…right now."

As stupid as it was…Sam stared at the door…How could he always get her to act like a kid?

Once again, he brought her back to focus…sort of.


Sam found herself shaking her head at him, a small smile playing on her features.

"I'm sure he'll be waltzing sir…but we should prepare for the -"

"I know Carter…I know."

There was an awkward moment of silence between the two, for as well as exasperation, bamboozlement, bewilderment and bemusement. He could take her breath away with the simplest of words.

She sucked in her breath, this time focussing herself.

"I'd better go sir…I've got lunch with my dad…and Pete."

Jack smiled warmly at her, carefully disguising the sadness that Sam knew was there.

"I hope it goes well."

"Thank you sir."

Another pause.

"Bye sir."

"Carter." He acknowledged her, before she simply nodded and left the room, a knot painfully kneading her stomach.

She had a bad feeling about this…and about everything...