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Chapter 17

In Between the Dreams

"I knew from the beginning. Guess I just thought when you said yes that …" Pete trailed off, his voice laden with regret. "You were worth the risk. Don't say I deserve better. Can't get much better than you."

"That's not true." Sam said, unconvincingly. Truth was, she knew that she was brilliant, had an amazing job, money and looks among other things. Until recently, especially when she was on the dating scene, she'd always got a lot of attention.

Sam looked back at Pete.

"I wish I could believe this had something to do with your father – you needed some time to just work things out. I guess all I can say is: I hope you get what you want."

His words weren't expected. She'd been waiting on anger, or harsh words. But maybe Pete knew her better than she'd thought…Maybe he'd figured out that she loved Jack?

"That's it?" Sam said all-too harshly in response to misreading the situation.

"What do you want? You want me to get down on my knees and beg?"

Oh no…She'd misread him…He'd misread her. Her heart constricted as she realized that she'd now lose any chance of friendship with him now too.

" God, no! Of course not! I just ... I thought you would react differently."

I hop you understand…

Pete's eyes began to threaten tears. She'd hurt him so badly. How would she ever forgive herself?

"Goodbye, Sam." Pete said, a tinge of upset in his voice, as he upped and left her there, sitting outside his dream home.

"Pete …" She called half-heartedly, knowing that she'd lost him altogether.

She looked down to her now naked fingers, feeling her gut twist in protest to the emotional ups and downs she'd subjected it to.

But despite her regrets, her heart felt much lighter. Pete was no longer and issue, and she knew her dad would have been relieved at that.

But he wouldn't be happy knowing that his little girl was alone in the world.

She reached into her jeans, pulling out her cell phone. She dialled the SGC's number and waited for an answer.

"Hi Walter…it's Colonel Carter…could you put me through to General O'Neill please? Okay…thanks."


"Hi sir."

"Carter? You okay?"

"Ehm…not really sir…I know you finish soon…would you mind coming by my place…if not…I can go to yours."

"It's fine…I finish up here in a little while…I'll be at yours at 1900 okay?"

"Yes sir."

There was a pause.

"Is there anything in particular or are you just needing the company? I can try and get T round here too…There's nothing more we can do about Dakara now anyway."

"No sir…It's something in particular…something I need to get off my chest."