Dear Hermione

How are things there? How's France? And how is Isabella? I haven't heard of you two in ages! Are you going to come someday? Please do, and soon.

Lavander is pregnant and she needs some advice.

And I really wish I could get to know Isabella, I mean her personality, because I already know her physically. Maybe she is a little bit like Daniella. I mean, Dani is always happy, I can hardly recall Daniella being sad at all.

Has she received her letter from Hogwarts? I know you want her to go to Beauxbatons, but still she must have received her letter already. Mione, there is something you have to know. Harry went to live to the USA, some team called the Washington Warriors.

I feel very lonely without my two best friends. Harry says he needs a change because London reminds him too much of you. Can you please come back? I bet Isa would love to know and study at the same school her mother did. Think about it.



Hermione closed the letter and sighted. Had Harry really gone to USA to live? Why had he? She knew he was in the National team, and Harry would never admit how much he missed her. Why would he go away of the place he had grown and lived for 31 years? Something didn't quite clicked, yet she decided that Ron was telling the truth, after all, they were best friends, right?

And yes, Isabella, in one hand, wanted to go to Hogwarts and in the other hand wanted to go to beauxbatons. It was a bid dilemma for her, because she wanted to go to the same school as her mother, and meet Dumbledore and see if Snape really had greasy hair. Also she wanted to go to beauxbatons because all her friends were going there as well.

And Hermione really did miss all her friends, and her old school, and Diagon Alley, and London, and everything. She would love to go back to London.

Dear Ron,

Everything is fine around here. I really miss you guys, and I miss Albus, and I miss Neville and Everyone. I am thinking of going back to London if Harry really left. I will let you now my decision during this week, ok?

Isabella will be very pleased to meet you finally after receiving so much letters of her Godfather.

I am very happy about Lav being pregnant. I hope it is a baby boy. I would really love to help her.



Hermione sighted again and walked to Cinny's cage. A beautiful cinnamon colored owl, with black and white stripes and big yellow ayes, stood there looking expectanly at Hermione.

"Cinny, please take this to Ron" she said and tied the note to the owl. She step aside and opened the window to let Cinny fly out.

Isa had baptized the owl as Cinny, because of her color.

"Isabella! Come down here please!" Called Hermione from the living room

"Coming" shouted Isabella, and soon, footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs.

Isabella entered the living room wearing a skirt and a pink sleevles shirt. Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail.

She sat down next to Hermione and looked at her expectantly.

Hermione looked at her daughter. She was so pretty. And she was such a nice girl, soo caring and loving, and fun to be with. She had a lot of frinds at her school. Of course it was a pimary school.

"Oui?" asked Isabella when after a long time her mother didn't say a word.

"Oh yes, I am sorry" she said. "Lsiten,I was thinking….would you…..uhm…what do you think if we…wouldn't it be nice if….oh gosh!"

"Just say it mom"

"Right, it's hard though." She took a depth breath "I was thinking maybe we should move to London, what do you say?" she asked.

"Move back to London? Mom, I don't know… I mean, I would love to live in the city I was born in, but I have all of my friends here" said Isabella.

"I know that Isa, that's why I am asking you what do you think" explained Hermione.

"Ok, let me think about it" said Isabella.

Hermione nodded and Isabella went back up the stairs to her room

Hermione sighted. She didn't know what decision Isabella would take, but it was going to be har for them both. Leaving the country where they had lived for 11 years, and where they had friends and family was going to be really Hard.

She decided to let her think about it for a day or two and then she would remind her again. Though she would never accept it in front of Isabella, she really missed London and really wanted to move back, she was secretly hoping Isabella would want to move back to London. She really wanted to hug Ron, and Lav and Molly and Ginny and all of her friends.

Two days passed by faster than you would imagine. It was Tuesday morning when Isabella came down the stairs to eat breakfast.

"Morning Mom"

"Hi, honey. Please hurry up, I have to go to work" she said, as she served Isabella her orange juice.

She was wearing black trouses and a white shirt. Her hair was pulled back in a tihg pony tail. Hermione sat down next to Isabella, and told her,

"So, did you think about going back to England?" asked Hermione.

"Oui" answered Isabella.


"I think its ok. I know you want to go back; you don't have to ask me, you know I will always be ther for you. I know you really miss your friends and I would really like to meet Uncle Ron, so, when are we leaving?" asked Isabella.

"Are you sure you want to go?" asked Hermione almost laughing.

"Yeah, besides, all of my friends here are going to different schools, and I don't want to be alone in beauxbatons, I know I will be alone in Hogwarts too, but anyway, it is always nice to meet new people, so, fine with me"

"Next week, what do you think?"

"Great!" said Isabella. "Well, hurry up, you'll be late!"

"Thanks!" Hermione said, and then kissed Isabella on the forhead. "Grandma will be here to pick you up at 10"


Hermionr left the house almost laughing, and she quickly got into her car and went to her office.

It was a big building in the centre of London. It seemed to be unused, but it was actually the French ministry of Magic. Hermione parked her car behind the building and before entering she looked to both sides of the streets to see if anyone was coming. When she saw none, she entered.

"Bonjour Madame Granger" said the receptionist

"Bonjour Eloisa" said Hermione

Hermione went to her office humming some song she had her on her way to work. She sat down on her chair and started laughing slightly. She was so happy she was going home, she couldn't help it.

After a while, when she calmed down, she stood up and headed to her Boss's office.

"Bonjour Hermione!" he said. "I see you happy today" he added with a smile.

"Bonjour Monsieur Lefebvre" answered Hermione smiling. "Yes I am." She said. "I am moving back to London a week from today" she explained. "So I'll just have to quit Monsieur"

"Well, I am happy for, you." You can come to get your money after lunch"

Hermione did as she was told and at 2pm she was heading to her mother's house to pick up Isabella.

A week later, four people were standing in the airport crying and hugging each other.

"I will miss you guys!" exclaimed Hermione as she hugged her parents.

"We will too!" said her mother

"It was nice having you two here." Said her father.

"I love you grand-mere et grand-pere!" Said Isabella.

"Passengers of the flight A0-344 to London may precede to their boarding door number 3." called a voice above them.

Hermione and Isabllea hugged Hermione's parents before heading off to their airplane. Soon they would be arriving to London, and soon Isabella would meet Ron. They were both nervouse, but neither of them were ready to what was expecting them in London.

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