Caught in the Crossfire
By Kevin Larry Ivy
I don't own the Powerpuff girls or any related characters. I do own Leviathan and the Darkpuffs.

Since the beginning of time, the kingdom of the high Heavens has been at war with the chaotic armies of the burning Hells. Hell; however, has been in the grip of a colossal civil war that has torn the demonic legions apart. The rulers of each side of Hell are the twin brothers, whose demonic powers cannot be measured or comprehended by any mortal. One of the brothers, Malebolgia, believes that manipulation of the humans is the only way to overpower the armies of Heaven. The other, Leviathan, believes that the only way to win is to destroy everything in their path. Their ideas and sibling rivalry have become more and more intense throughout the years. One day; however, everything changed. Leviathan used all of his power to banish Malebolgia from the pits of Hell. Drained of nearly all of his power, locked in his weakest embodiment, and cast onto Earth, Malebolgia took up residence in a city in America. That city…was Townsville, USA. Fearing that should any of Heaven's soldiers discover his location and situation, Malebolgia remained only in his weakest form, and took on a new name, one that became feared by all of Townsville. That day, he became the demon known only as Him. That was 100 years ago. Malebolgia made sure that the small city he took residence in grew and succeeded. He also spread his influence throughout the city, infusing the city with his own evil. Creatures and villains of all shapes and sizes were born in Townsville. It became a hotbed for crime and corruption. Once again…all of his plans were changed. Professor Utonium accidentally used Chemical X to create three super powered little girls. They became known as the Powerpuff Girls, and used their near unstoppable powers to fight back against the evil that had become a part of Townsville. The Powerpuff Girls are now 10 years old, and today they will catch a glimpse of a civil war that has burned longer than any of the stars in space…

Blossom walks down the street as the sun begins setting in the horizon. She wears a pink tank top, white shorts and white backless shoes, and her long orange hair is let down and blowing lazily at her knees. She carries the books she checked out of the library in front of her chest, and walks with her eyes on the sky. Her brain is swimming with several questions. Lately Townsville had been quiet, almost like all of the villains were on a vacation. Not even Mojo or Him had tried anything. It worried her.

"It's like the calm before the storm," she thinks to herself as she continues down the sidewalk. She stops by the park and notices something strange. Standing in the middle of the park is a girl with long spiky pink hair tied back in a ponytail. She wears a black and navy skintight tank top, gray pants, and black sneakers. "That's weird…it looks like she's waiting for something…or someone. And why in the world did she dye her hair pink? It definitely clashes with her wardrobe…" she mutters to herself. She begins to continue her trip home. Suddenly, the girl turns around and smirks at Blossom. The girl's eyes are very light blue, practically gray. A lump forms in Blossom's throat due to the girl's penetrating leer. She swallows it and unconsciously takes a step backward when she takes another look at the weird girl's outfit. Hanging from the girl's neck is an upside-down cross, connected to a black chain. Blossom's reaction makes the condescending smirk on the girl's face seem to become bigger and deadlier. She slowly makes her way towards Blossom. "Who is she?" the pink puff thinks to herself. When the girl finally reaches her, Blossom does her best to smile, despite the girl's leer. "Um…Hi there, can I help you?"

"You're…Blossom Utonium of the Powerpuff Girls aren't you?" asks the girl. Blossom nods, her eyes staying on the necklace longer than she intended. The girl smiles innocently and holds out her hand. "It's nice to finally meet you Blossom, I never thought I'd be able to meet another puff, especially you!" Blossom calms down a little, and then widens her eyes when she finally comprehends what the girl had just said.

"Wait…what do you mean, another puff?" The girl lowers her hand and frowns sadly. "Well you see…I'm a puff too. I was created by this science dude that wanted to use me as some sort of super weapon to take over the world. But I escaped from him, and I've been trying to find another puff to talk to since then," she smiles again, "I never thought the first puff I'd meet would be the famous Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls!" Blossom blushes a little and smiles at the girl.

"Well, I wouldn't say famous…not many people outside of Townsville really know that much about us. It's nice to meet you…?" the girl holds out her hand and grins.

"Belial, my name is Belial," Blossom smiles back and shifts her books into one arm. She shakes Belial's hand, noticing the puff hold on a little longer than necessary. " Well it's nice to meet you Belial, but I really need to be getting home, maybe I'll see you again sometime," Blossom turns to walk away. She gets only a few feet before Belial's voice stops her.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you something Blossom," Blossom turns around and drops her books gasping for air as Belial's fist crashes into her stomach. Belial grins at Blossom and shoves her backward, knocking her to the ground. "I'm a very good liar," Blossom coughs trying to catch her breath. Belial continues to grin evilly at her, waiting for Blossom to get up and fight back. Blossom stands up, still coughing, and glares at Belial.

"Then who are you? Why do you want to fight me?" Belial shrugs and continues grinning at Blossom. "I'm a bad girl, and I was sent here to rough you up a bit. Hope you'll be so kind as to sit back and enjoy the ass kicking you're about to receive," Blossom glares at Belial and throws a roundhouse kick at her. Belial leans backward, easily avoiding the kick. "Come on, if you're going to be that way, at least give me SOME kind of a challenge!" Blossom throws a punch at Belial, who again dodges with next to no effort. Blossom begins launching an all-out assault against Belial, who simply floats backward, avoiding all of Blossom's attacks. Belial swings her leg around and sweeps Blossom's feet out from under her, knocking her to the ground. Blossom pushes herself up and growls at Belial, before lunging at her. Belial steps out of the way and kicks Blossom in the stomach. Blossom rolls across the ground, and fires her eyebeams at Belial as she stands up. Belial bends backward at a ninety-degree angle avoiding the beams, then comes back up and grins at Blossom.

"What's the matter baby, can't touch me? Maybe we should try something simpler for you, like a pillow fight or something," Blossom blushes and blows her ice breath at Belial. Belial flies into the air and fires her eyebeams at Blossom. Blossom rolls out of the beams way and fires her own at Belial. Belial lands and flies at Blossom with incredible speed. By the time Blossom has turned to look at her, Belial is next to Blossom. Blossom gasps and takes a step backward, nearly tripping. Belial's hand shoots out and grabs Blossom's arm, holding her up. Blossom tries to jerk her hand away from the evil puff, but Belial's grip is like a vice. Belial pushes Blossom to the ground and holds both her arms above her head with one hand. Blossom breathes heavily, staring into Belial's ice-cold eyes. Belial grins at Blossom mockingly. Blossom feels fear begin building up in her chest. Belial was so much stronger than she was; there wasn't anything Blossom could do to stop Belial from doing whatever she wanted to her. Belial smiles condescendingly and runs a single fingernail up Blossom's thigh.

"What's the matter? Scared already? I promise when I leave you'll have a great big smile on your face," says Belial mockingly. Blossom gulps and tries to ignore the tickly feeling shooting up her leg. Belial continues to slowly run her fingernail up and down Blossom's thigh. Blossom clenches her eyes shut. Although Belial had only hit her a few times, those had been enough to do plenty of damage. Blossom was weakened from the short fight, and the tickling wasn't helping her catch her second wind any easier. Belial seems to know what was going through Blossom's mind, and begins using two fingernails on Blossom's thigh. Blossom can feel the giggles building in her throat, but is determined to not let Belial win. "What are you struggling for? That doesn't tickle does it?" Asks Belial, knowing full well what kind of effect her little "attack" was having on Blossom. She adds another finger and this time Blossom can't hold the giggles back anymore. She giggles and shakes her head helplessly, trying to fight off the sensations Belial's fingers are causing. Belial's grin widens, "It does tickle doesn't it? Well, I think this little trip is going to be more enjoyable than I thought," she moves her hand up to Blossom's underarm and begins slowly running all five of her fingers along the sensitive skin. Blossom squeals and begins laughing. She shakes her head and bucks trying to get away, but Belial is too strong. Belial begins tickling Blossom faster, making her laugh harder. Belial quickly changes targets and begins squeezing Blossom's side. Blossom laughs and squirms harder, slowly beginning to realize that she isn't getting away until Belial wants her to. Belial's hand shoots up Blossom's shirt and her fingers dance along Blossom's flat belly, and swirl in her bellybutton. Blossom bucks harder and tears begin streaming down her face. Belial switches targets again, now spider walking her fingers up and down Blossom's ribs. Blossom screams and laughs harder, struggling with every last ounce of her strength to get away from Belial. Her tormentor grins and continues tickling away at Blossom's ribs. Blossom's laughs quickly become silent laughter as Belial's merciless tickling continues. After what feels like days to Blossom, Belial finally stops. Blossom curls up into a ball and continues giggling and crying as the tickly feelings die down. Belial stands up and smirks at Blossom.

"Well it's been a load of laughs, but I'm afraid it's time for me to go. Don't worry though, next time I'll be sure to give those neglected feet of yours a good tickling too," Belial giggles to herself and walks off. Blossom lies curled up in the middle of the park for several more minutes, before taking a deep breath and getting shakily to her feet. She brushes her hair out of her face and looks around. Belial is nowhere to be found. She slowly and carefully makes her way over to her books and picks them up.

"That was so embarrassing…there's no way I can tell Bubbles and Buttercup about this…" Blossom walks home slowly, looking over her shoulder about every ten seconds, praying that her merciless assailant doesn't return for more.