Caught in the Crossfire
By Kevin Larry Ivy
I don't own the Powerpuff girls or any related characters. I do own Leviathan, Sezu, Kisu, Delu, Glyja, Beelzebub, and the six dark puffs.

Darkness is all that can be seen. A patch of light appears in the darkness and a figure enters the chamber. The patch of light disappears, replaced by the sound of soft footsteps. The figure stops and soon three more patches of light appear, washing the darkness away with the morning light. Glyja scratches his head and yawns, staring at the bed before him. The three lumps are his missions, and he must not fail or the consequences would be dire. He kneels down and takes a running start at the bed. He leaps into the air and lands on the bed, specifically on the middle lump. Three voices shriek and soon the air is permeated by the sound of cursing and shouting. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup sit up angrily in bed and glare at Glyja, who is grinning and laughing. He crosses his legs and stares at them, grinning still.

"Morning my dear bundles of sunshine, how's it going?" Blossom shoves him backward off the bed and rubs her stomach.

"I'd be a lot better if you hadn't jumped on me you nerd." Glyja stands up rubbing his head and laughing.

"Well I'm just living up to my gods given duties as your big brother." Bubbles giggles and Blossom rolls her eyes.

"Yeah you're big alright, you need to cut back on the donuts, honestly you nearly crushed me." Glyja coughs into his fist and glares at her.

"You callin' me fat li'l Zu-Zu?" Buttercup snickers and Bubbles continues to giggle as Blossom gives Glyja an overly sweet smile.

"Of course not Glyja, I'm calling you really fat, chunky butt." Glyja blushes and crosses his top arms, putting the bottom two on his hips.

"After all my work, you dare insult my body. I could make Adonis jealous Zu-Zu," He is silenced quickly in his rant by a pillow smacking him in the face. Blossom yawns and walks by him toward the bathroom.

"Only because you found the buffet before he did." Bubbles and Buttercup are both laughing by this point. Glyja's new expression draws more laughter from the two. He picks the pillow up and growls as he leaves to follow Blossom to return the favor.

"Geez those two are always going at it," says Buttercup in between her snickers. Bubbles giggles and nods.

"Yeah I know, poor Glyja can never win." The two continue giggling as they quickly leave to watch the rest of Blossom and Glyja's morning routine, which usually ends with Glyja in an uncomfortable position ala Blossom, muttering about "damned stronger than me little sisters".

This morning turns out to be a little different. As Bubbles and Buttercup are heading to the bathroom, they hear Blossom scream and begin laughing hysterically. This catches their attention, causing them to book it to see the show. They arrive and begin laughing again at the sight before them. Glyja has Blossom lifted into the air with his top two arms and is tickling her defenseless upper body with his remaining two hands. Blossom is kicking her legs and jerking back and forth, laughing hysterically trying to get away from her older brother's lethal assault.

"Bubbles! Buttercup! Help MEEEE!" she manages to yell out between her uncontrollable giggles and screams of laughter. Bubbles and Buttercup stare and watch for a moment. As if on cue, the two turn to each other and say at the same time.

"I got her feet!" Blossom shrieks and soon finds herself laughing harder as her sisters assault her helpless feet. The professor walks by the bathroom and laughs to himself, seeing his daughters and his recently adopted son messing around like usual. He shakes his head and walks away with a laugh, deciding not to interrupt anything.

The camera zooms away from the scene in the bathroom, zooming out the window and heading into Townsville. It zooms by a building, and zooms up to the window. Inside are the three Malebolgia sisters, talking with an older female psychiatrist. The three are all crying and screaming at each other while the doctor takes notes. Bomb and Battle are sitting on one side of the sofa while Belial sits on the other. Bomb is holding Battle, who has broken down and begun crying uncontrollably against her sister. Belial has her knees pulled up to her chest, with her arms wrapped around them. The camera zooms over to the doctor's desk, then back out the window. The Darkpuffs continue yelling and crying while their session of family therapy slowly trudges by.

The camera zooms down into the ground and appears in Him's Lair. It moves into the living room, where Him and Blaze are lying on the floor playing a board game together.

"So um…what time are they gonna be home?" asks Blaze. Him scratches his chin and moves his piece on the Monopoly board.

"Oh I think another hour or so my dear. By the way, I've been meaning to thank you for defeating Leviathan," Blaze looks up at him in confusion, kicking her legs carelessly.

"What do you mean Uncle Malebolgia?" Him laughs and looks through his properties.

"There's no need to hide it dear. I could feel you in my heart when I received that last burst of power to disable Leviathan. It was you desire to end his reign, to stand up for what you believe in, that defeated Leviathan," Blaze blushes and moves her dog piece on the board.

"Well…I just…I love Belial…and Battle and Bomb seem real nice, and you…I just…I want a family that loves me…" Him nods and smiles moving his piece again.

" Thank you again dear, I promise I won't be like my brother. He lived in fear of everything, terrified to be killed, so he oppressed everyone around him." They hear a rush of wind, followed by screaming and cursing. Him sighs and sits up, "Well it appears the rest of the family has returned home. I'll check on Battle and Bomb, would you mind calming Belial down before lunch?" Blaze nods and puts away the board game before running off to Belial's room, while Him heads off to figure out which room Battle and Bomb are in.

The camera moves downward once more, appearing in the Black Palace of Hell. It zooms around, showing the few remaining Sigma and Omega class demons who survived the war of the two demon gods nearly two weeks ago. It passes through the door leading to the throne room, where the throne remains untouched, with the red energies that would proclaim the leader of Hell resonating around it. The camera looks around the room at all of the destruction, then suddenly everything in the throne room changes.

It is now in the dark cathedral where Blitz and Blood lost their lives in the horrifying showdown with Beelzebub. Everything is untouched, still lying in ruin. The camera passes by Blitz and Blood's perfectly preserved corpses, then focuses on a pile of rocks lying in the corner. The rocks shift and suddenly fall apart, revealing a wooden jester mask lying amongst the destruction. There is a long crack running across the mask, scarring the perfect design. A large fly climbs out of the left eye of the mask and looks around. It moves down to the lips of the mask and flies off. Suddenly the eye holes of the mask begin to burn…with a bright unholy blue light…

The End…