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Part I: The Dream

The battle started within our castle walls,

With walls of grey and turrets tall.

I heard you from your scarlet bed,

A yell of terror, a scream of dred.

I saw your scar, bleeding wide and deep,

And I knew what woke you from your sleep.

You had seen Him come from where he lay,

You said, "He will come at the fall of day!"

Jumping from warm bed to cold floor,

We made a dash to the hard wood door.

Then I remembered, and dared to mention,

That to our clothing, we should pay more attention.

Our uniforms on, now ready to go,

To tell our dear Headmaster, this news of woe.

Down lofty halls we ran, sun barely ready,

We reached the stone gargoyle, our breathing unsteady.

The living stone statue jumped readily aside,

Allowing us entrance to the rooms inside.

We saw Professor there, in apparent meditation,

But 'fore we took a step, his eyes opened in animation.

Only once had I been in here before,

Looking at the face of kindly Dumbledore.

"Oh, sir!" you said, emerald eyes wide,

"With you a terrible thing I must confide!"

"Please site down," he said, "And try recall,

Tell me it quick, I must know all!"

You took a deep breath and your tale you told,

And as you spoke, the very air turned cold.

You had seen a terrible, horrible apparition,

A dream of the worlds most feared magician.

"I saw slithering snakes, and streaming blood,

Terrible laughter, rising as a flood.

He was there, body and black soul,

Working to put all under his control."

At this you went quiet, for you knew no more,

And the warmth had returned, just as before.

Dumbledore's eyes had gone from bright to grave,

At hearing the news my best mate just gave.

Then he spoke, with serious face and solemn tounge,

"Dear boys," he said, "The day has come.

You two go, whilst I ring the bells,

Your friends must know, it's them we must tell."

Dimly as we walked quietly away,

I do recall turning to you to say;

"So Harry, mate, this is how it goes,

Little can change it, I do suppose.

But unlike Trelawny, the future I can not see,

But this I know, so very perfectly;

By your side I'll fight for all my worth,

For my life, my love, and this very Earth!

And one more thing, that I know well,

It's you who'll send evil Voldemort to Hell!"

You smiled at me and drew a deep breath,

Yet on the air itself: the scent of death.

Steadily we walked back to Gryffindor tower,

To tell the news of the ultimate evil power.

We reach the Fat Lady, said the password on cue,

The door swung open, and we entered as we always do.

There was Hermione, now ten and seven years old,

"Where have you been?" said she, "Oh, the things I was told!"

I stepped forward, let this job fall to me,

You've done enough, and now's no time for secrecy.

"Everyone listen now, to what I must say,

The time has come- we all must pray.

It's You-Know-Who, it's Him, the Evil One,

Today it starts and ends, it will be done!"

And over the room, the fell a hush,

Till all began to talk, everyone in a rush.

And yet you sat there, silent and passive,

While Hermione tried to calm down the masses.

This is something that you should have known,

There was no way I'd like you do this alone.

End Part I.

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