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Part Six: Epilogue

It's been so long since that day,

And still I think, "Let come what may."

Though I may continue to lament,

I think that now I'm quite content.

I still wake up, startled from my dreams,

Where I hear your agonized screams.

But then sun shines, and it's your laughter I hear,

And all is well, for you must be near.

"Let come what may, what's done is done."

I'll tell you, Harry, I now have a son.

He's happy and well, and quite mischievous too,

With frizzy red hair, and emerald green eyes…like you.

My dear Hermione, my own dear wife,

Calls it a sign of your memory and life.

And on a day fair, with bright shining sun,

I'll take young James to your grave; you'll see your Godson.

And I'll tell him in truth all of your tale,

How over Evil you did bravely prevail.

He'll always know of all the great deeds you did,

Harry Potter, my best mate, The Boy Who Lived.

And died.

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