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Harry Potter and His Family Chapter 1: Voldemort!

Harry Potter was sitting at his desk in the smallest bedroom in the Dursley's house. Now normally this wouldn't seem strange, a boy up late at

night working, even if it was the summer. No, it was for entirely different reasons that the Dursley's thought him to be abnormal. The most

predominate reason being the fact that Harry Potter was a wizard. This fact had made Harry very happy at first.

Being called a freak your whole life, and being punished if you did or said anything weird would make you crave for some semblance of a normal

life and Harry thought he had achieved it when he found out about being a wizard. However, he later learned that even in the wizarding world he

was not normal. The reason for this boiled down to one person; Voldemort. Before he was born the Divinations teacher, Sybil Trelawney made

her first ever prediction, she said that a boy born as the seventh month dies would have the power to defeat the Dark Lord. The prediction went

on to say that Voldemort would mark him as an equal and one of them would have to kill the other. Voldemort had heard the beginning of the

prophecy and decided to get rid of the child before he became a problem. Voldemort killed Harry's parents then decided to kill the one year old

infant. However, the killing curse Voldemort sent at Harry bounced off and returned to the caster leaving Voldemort without a body and thus

starting thirteen years of peace. Being the only person ever to survive the killing curse, Harry became an instant celebrity. He was then sent to live

with his Aunt and Uncle on his mother's side because of the blood protection they offered.

When he turned eleven he was accepted to Hogwarts a magical school where they taught young wizards spells and potions. Every year he

attended Hogwarts, the disembodied Voldemort would try to kill him. During his third year things began to look up. He found his godfather who

had been falsely accused of murdering thirteen people including the traitor who sold his parents to Voldemort.

Sirius, his godfather, was also accused of that crime while the real traitor was revered as a hero and receive the Order of Merlin third class. At the

end of his third year they caught the rat and were about to set Sirius free when the rat escaped. During his fourth year Voldemort kidnapped him

and used his blood to give himself a body, and at the end of his fifth year, only a short couple of weeks ago, he saw his godfather murdered. After

a bout of severe depression and the racking guilt, Harry decided to start actively opposing Voldemort.

It was several hours until his birthday and he was willing the time away by finishing his Potions homework that Professor Snape had assigned. In

fact, Harry had pretty much finished all of his homework for the upcoming school year, and even started reading the books for both his six and

seventh years. Earlier in the summer, he had asked Remus to get several books for him. Including all sixth and seventh year books, as well as

extra advanced Defense books, Occlumency books, and any other books Remus thought would help. He had made Remus promise on his honor

as a marauder, not to tell anyone, especially Dumbledore. While he had understood why Dumbledore had kept secrets from him last year, he was

still hurt and decided that if Dumbledore could keep secrets from him, then he could do the same. Unfortunately Harry didn't get a lot of time to

study. At the beginning of the summer, several Order members had threatened the Dursley's to treat Harry better. While the threat made them

give Harry more food (he now had about half as much as Dudley got as opposed to the fourth) they had given him more chores to make up for it.

He spent most the most of the day in the garden, doing laundry, and even cleaning Dudley's bedroom. So he could only study at night, which took

away from his sleep. Harry didn't mind missing out on sleep, because when he did go to sleep, he received nightmares from Voldemort, or had his

own nightmares of the night Sirius died. Sirius' death is one reason Harry had done so much studying. If he had studied last year Sirius would still

be alive, also studying took his mind away from the pain. Another reason was the prophecy. How anyone could think he would have a chance to

defeat Voldemort was beyond him. But people were counting on him so he had to be ready.

After finishing his potions essay he saw that he still had two hours til midnight. Harry decided to meditate and practice Occlumency until his

presents arrived. It was eleven o'clock when he was interrupted. He heard banging and screaming downstairs. All of a sudden, he felt a sharp

pain in his scar. He quickly ran to the desk to scribble a note to the order, when he heard footsteps on the stairs. Grabbing his and, he stood by

the door, hoping to surprise whoever came into his room. The door flew open and as soon as an arm poked into the room, Harry jumped out and

stunned the man.

He then shot out a stream of curses, stunning two more and petrifying another. Then his scar burst into flame and he heard a cold voice say

"Crucio". Pain flooded throughout his body. Every nerve ending felt like it was on fire and being torn to shreds. After a minute the curse was

removed and Harry laid on the floor struggling to breathe and occasionally twitching. "You boy, have been a thorn in my side for too long. Join me

and I'll spare your life." In his pain filled world, it took Harry a second to understand what Voldemort said. "I'll never join you, Tom" he spat.

"Foolish boy, there is no Dumbledore, or the Order to save you, join me!" "No!" Harry shouted, upon saying that word,

Harry stood up slowly and glared at Voldemort. "I would rather die then join you." Voldemort grinned, "Don't worry, you'll get your wish,

eventually." Voldemort then threw bone breaking curses and skin slicing curses at Harry before finally picking up the broken body and throwing

him out the window.

He then apparated to where the boy had fallen and continued to curse and kick him. Tiring of messing with the boy he lifted his wand. All of a

sudden, a dozen cracks were heard. Glancing up Harry saw Dumbledore, McGonagall, Remus, and several other memb

ers of the Order. Voldemort sneered at them, "You are too late to save him." and before anyone could move, Voldemort pointed his wand at

Harry and said "Avada Kadavra" Green light shot out of Voldemort's wand and flew toward the fallen boy. The Order watched helplessly as the

curse hit Harry in the chest and he laid still. Laughing in victory, Voldemort and the rest of the Death Eaters disapparated.

Remus ran over to Harry with tears streaming down his face. He gently picked up the broken body and sitting on the ground rocked the body

while crying and apologizing for failing him and his parents. The rest of the Order made their way towards Remus. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley held

each other, as did McGonagall, Madame Pompfrey, and Tonks all sobbing. Shackelbolt and Moody looked ill, and Mrs. Figg was collapsed on

the ground. Dumbledore was kneeled next to Remus,

with tears streamed down his face, weeping for the boy who was like a grandson, the boy he had hurt, betrayed, and failed. They all sat there

crying for several minutes when a bright light caught their attention. The light was coming from Harry. The light grew brighter and brighter covering

his entire body. Holding Harry, Remus felt him arch his back. Startled, Remus looked straight at the body. He saw Harry's eyes open and give a

gasping breath before he disappeared. The Order members looked dumbfounded at the spot where Harry had been.

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