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Last time

They all hugged him and tucked him into bed like they did the first night. Rowena and Helga were openly crying while Salazar and Godric were tearing up. Finally Harry fell asleep only to have disappeared by morning.

Mrs. Weasley was the first one to wake up in the morning. She carefully got out of bed trying not to wake her husband next to her. With the

ministry finally accepting Voldemort was back, Arthur was busier than ever and had not come home until long after she had gone to bed. She

quietly padded throughout the long halls pausing to make sure the children had not stayed up all night talking like she had found them three nights

ago after they had all found out how horrible those muggles had been to poor, sweet Harry. She heard the twins and her youngest two talking to

Hermione all of them crying and wondering how they did not notice what Harry had gone through.

Hearing no sounds except for Ron's snoring she continued on down to the kitchen to begin making breakfast for the entire household. As she was
making her way through the den, she saw a pile of clothes on the floor. Grumbling to herself about the mess her children left everywhere, she bent

down to pick them up when they moved. Mrs. Weasley jumped back startled and drawing her wand at the same time. She inched forward when

the pile moved and she saw a familiar face. Forgetting about the sleeping household, she screamed waking up the boy as she pulled him into her

arms giving him one of her famous hugs.

Throughout the house you could hear sounds of surprise and thuds of people falling off their beds as the scream had suddenly woke them up.

Fearing the worst the entire Weasley family as well as Remus, Tonks and Shackelbolt, who had also been staying at the mansion, all ran

downstairs with their wands drawn pointed at Mrs. Weasley and the bundle she held.

Arthur was the first to respond, "Molly, what's wrong? Why did you scream?" Molly looked up smiling at them, "Because, one of my babies is

home." As she said this Harry looked up from his place in her arms. Everyone just stared at her in shock. Remus was the first to react. He ran

over to where they were sitting and scooped Harry out of Mrs. Weasley's arms crying and hugging him, telling him to never scare him like that

again. This seemed to shake everyone else out of their stupor and the all crowded around Remus in a giant group hug.

Meanwhile, Harry was surprised. First he was awoken by someone screaming, then he was almost hugged to death by first Mrs. Weasley which

he had expected, but then again by Remus which had come as a surprise to him. He had never seen the man show much emotion to anyone

except Sirius when they had been goofing off or thinking about the old days, and when they had confronted Wormtail, it had shocked Harry how

much hatred the usually reserved man had shown. Now everyone in the entire room was hugging him and while it was overwhelming, it also made

him feel good. He had thought that leaving the founders would make him miserable. He had finally learned what a family was like and then he had

to leave them. But then he realized that ever since he had started Hogwarts, he had created a new family that was just as good.

Finally Harry spoke up, "Um guys? Its great to see you all too, but could I get some air/" Everyone laughed as they reluctantly released him. "So

Harry where have you been? What happened to you? Are you alright? What about. . ." Hermione started in before Ron clamped his hand over

her mouth. "Geez Hermione maybe if you took a breath he could begin to answer your questions," Ron said. Hermione pulled his hand from her

mouth and glared at him. Everyone looked at him expectantly. Harry bit his lip and said, "Um maybe I should talk to the Headmaster first." Mrs.

Weasley gave a start, "Oh my, we were so excited that we forgot to inform him you were back. Could someone go floo him while I make

breakfast for everyone.

Remus went to call Dumbledore while Arthur, Tonks and Shackelbolt got ready to go to work at the ministry. They had just finished eating when

Dumbledore walked into the room. He beckoned for Harry to follow him and they made their way into the study. They both sat there in silence

for a few minutes before Dumbledore reached over and pulled him into a hug. "I am so sorry I put you in that situation and then failed to protect

you." he said. Harry pulled away in surprise, "It wasn't your fault sir you didn't know, besides I'm fine now" Dumbledore looked at him, "Are

you really Harry?" Harry nodded and Dumbledore continued "Where have you been?" Harry looked at him wondering where to start, "Um

maybe you should get Professor McGonagall her first" Dumbledore looked at Harry in surprise before going to the fire to call her.

A few minutes later McGonagall emerged from the fire looking confused. She looked very relieved to see Harry and now knew he was alright.

"So Harry would you care to enlighten us to where you have been?" Harry nodded and began to speak, "Sir first of all I was wondering are you

two really married?" Both Professors looked at him in shock "how on earth did you find out?" McGonagall asked. "The place I went to, there

were people who told me. They also told me that you had a child, a daughter and. . ." Harry started but was interrupted by McGonagall. "They

told you about my baby? Is she still alive?" Dumbledore reached over and put his arms around his wife cutting off her questioning as well as

comforting her. Harry bit his lip before replying, "Well the nurse who kidnapped her left her in a muggle hospital where she was taken by a muggle
family." Dumbledore and McGonagall gave him watery smiles before she asked, "Is she still alive?" Harry sighed and shook his head, "No, but

she did get married and had a son." McGonagall started crying hearing the fate of her child, but Dumbledore looked at Harry and asked, "And do
you know where her child is Harry?" Harry took a deep breathed nodded, "Yes sir, he is right here." McGonagall gasped and stared at Harry

before grabbing him and pulling him into a hug that put Mrs. Weasley to shame. "My boy, my poor boy" Dumbledore for the first time in his life

embraced his wife and grandson. For the rest of the morning Harry told his grandparents about the history of his family and what surprised him

was not only the fact that he shocked Dumbledore but by the fact that Dumbledore was more shocked about James' history than him being the

heir of Slytherin. On seeing Harry's face he explained, "well when I first went to Hogwarts the Sorting Hat tried to put me into Slytherin, saying I

belonged there just like it did with you so it makes sense." By the time Harry had finished the story it was lunch time and they headed toward the

kitchen for lunch. Right outside the door Harry stopped them, "What are we going to tell everybody?" Dumbledore replied, 'Well I guess we

should tell the truth, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun" McGonagall rolled her eyes and sighed at them but you could see her trying

to suppress a grin.

As soon as the trio walked in conversation ceased Dumbledore told the adults that there would be an order meeting that night. The adults nodded

and everyone continued eating. Towards the end of lunch Dumbledore caught Harry's gaze and nodded slightly then he said, "Harry could you

please pass the salt?" He replied, "sure, here you go grandfather" Conversation went on for about ten seconds longer before everyone registered

what Harry said. They stared at him in shock before Dumbledore gave them a brief version of what happened to Harry's mother. Mrs. Weasley

beamed at Harry and everyone congratulated Harry and Dumbledore.

After lunch Harry pulled Dumbledore aside and asked, "Grandfather, I was wondering if I could invite Neville and Luna here this afternoon? They
risked their life for me last year and I want them to know why." Dumbledore opened his mouth to say something when Harry quickly interjected,

"I'm not going to tell them the contents of the prophecy but just that there is one." Dumbledore nodded, "Harry if you want you may tell them the

first part of the prophecy. I'll go and fetch Miss. Lovegood and Mr. Longbottom" Harry nodded and went to find his friends.

Ron, Hermione and Ginny were in Ron's room when he walked in. "Are the twins still here?" he asked. Ron nodded. "can you go get them for

me?" Ron nodded and left to get them. "I'm so glad you are back Harry." Hermione said giving him a hug. A few minutes later Ron came back

with the twins right as Dumbledore came in with Neville and Luna trailing. "well," said Dumbledore, "I guess I'll leave you to it"

Harry looked around the room nervously, "I wanted all of you here because, well you went with me to the ministry and I think you should know

why." The twins started to speak up but Harry stopped them, "I know you two did go with us but you helped us the entire year and who knows if
you were still in Hogwarts at the time you might have. Anyway, what some of you don't know is that I have a connection to Voldemort," Harry

was surprised to see that no one shuddered so he continued, "and sometimes I can see what he is doing. During my History of Magic OWL I fell

asleep and had a vision that Voldemort was torturing Sirius at the ministry. The only problem was that it was a trap. Several Death Eaters were

there. All because of a prophecy. A prophecy that Can only be taken by the people that it is about which means Voldemort and me. Voldemort

couldn't have taken it because he is supposed to be dead, but I could. When the prophecy was being made Voldemort heard part of it. The one

with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies The prophecy

could have been about two boys me and," Harry looked up straight at Neville, "And you." Neville gulped, "C-could it still be me?" Harry shook

his head, "No the prophecy goes into more detail, besides Voldemort chose me." Nobody spoke for a minute trying to absorb everything he had

said. Hermione spoke up first, "I with you Harry no matter what." Ron, Ginny, and the twins nodded and Ron said, "Us too" Neville looked at

Harry, "That could have been me just as easily, I'll help as well" Luna looked up from the wall she had been gazing at, "I'll follow you Harry"

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about their OWLs. Mrs. Weasley came up to announce dinner, "Neville, Luna both of you are staying

for dinner then you will take a portkey back home. Now get washed up and come down" Dinner was a quiet affair. When everyone was done the
children were shooed out. Neville and Luna were given a portkey and the adults closed the door for the Order meeting. Ginny tried to listen at the
door before it glowed signifying that Mrs. Weasley put up the usual charms. The kids headed upstairs to Ron and Harry's room where they

started a game of exploding snap. Harry got up to go to the bathroom. Twenty minutes later he had not come back, so Ron got up to look for

him. The others heard him shout and ran into the hall. There they found Ron bent over a collapsed Harry.

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