Operation: Nuclear Russia

Part 1

This takes place 15 years after current Mercenary events.

Martha: Welcome to ExOps new recruit. As you probly know I'm the owner of ExOps after the tragic assassination of the last owner and the 3 employees Chris Jacobs, Jennifer Mui and Mattias Nelson. So exactly what's your name again?

Zack: Zack. Zack Roberts.

Martha: Hello Zack.

Zack: Who was the one who assassinated them?

Martha: He's your next assignment. He has gotten hold of nuclear weaponry and is hiding in Russia.

Zack: Why would he kill them?

Martha: We aren't quite sure. We just found 3 dead body's.

Zack: Only 3? I thought you said there were 4 people.

Martha: We never found Chris's body. We think he was vaporized

Zack makes a disgusted face.

Martha: You should head out today. Go to the plane dock and tell one of the pilots your ready.

Zack leaves the room and walks down the hall then takes a left into the plane dock and went into the nearest plane.

Zack: Let's go.

Pilot: Yes sir.

The plane flies out into the run way and lifts off.


Zack: How long till were over Russia?

Pilot: Were here now just not in a safe territory.

Zack: Who's is it?

Pilot: That murderers followers.

Zack: What am I supposed to do for weaponry besides this knife?

Pilot: There's a MK47 in the back.

As Zack started walking over to get the gun there was a huge explosion and the plane starts to rock and goes into a nose dive.

Zack: What's going on?

Pilot: We're gonna crash!

To Be Continued…..