Artemis Fowl: The Mistake

When Artemis woke up he felt strange, he felt as if something was following him. So he looked out the window to see a heat haze. Artemis blinked, and rubbed his eyes…After the lenses that he butler and Juliet found in there eyes, he realized something…

Some one was stalking him, of course it made him very jumpy, everyone at Fowl manner could see that. And when his parents would question him, he would make up some sort of excuse, to leave the table.

What was happening to him? Was he going crazy? No if he was going crazy, he'd be in a mental institute.

Artemis rubbed his temples, and got up; maybe he'd take a walk out side, since no one was up, and so he went alone.

A While Later Haven under Ground

Foaly smiled, time to show everyone Fowls memories he couldn't wait. Thought he didn't know what a mistake it was.

"Everyone come to the presentation room!" Chanted Foaly smiling, and slapping his hands together.

"Foaly this is wrong; I don't think you should do this." Snapped Holly coming into the opps both.

"Orders are Orders Holly." Whispered Foaly silently.

"And who gave those orders?" Snapped Holly even thought she already knew.

"Julius Root." Muttered Foaly, who else? Thought Holly.

"Oww come on Holly its not like he had a bad child hood the kid is rich for godsakes."Snorted Foaly, Holly glared at Foaly.

"Still it's wrong." Muttered Holly walking out of the opps booth, and she knew that Foaly wanted to watch it just as bad as Root did…And everyone else.

"So Holly you going to the presentation?" Questioned Trouble giggly.

"No." Snapped Holly.

"Too bad we all have to go, Roots orders, and he's being so generous in giving us all a raise!" Cheered Trouble.

Holly grunted.

A bride huh? While she will not be going, thought she was wrong, as a huge crowd of LEPrecons came, and carried her into the room… (Dragged into the room by the crowd.