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End Of Arthours Notes:

Artemis avoided looking at his Father, "Fa-

"Artemis you made a mistake."He replied stiffly a sthey walked down the hallway.

"What?"Artemis demanded as he looked up at his Father.

"In making a there life in danger."He replied as they walked.

Artemis stiftened as he looked up at his Father, "Most...people don't ha ve murderes as Fathers."He hissed as he was pushed into the room.

When Artemis opened his eyes, 'what happened?'he thought as he laid on his bed. His memories of the past few weeks were gone. His eyes hardened a she stood up and walked over towords the desk. Something dropped from his hand...' A broach?'he htought as he looked down at the broach his hand reaching out towards it.

"What is this?"He mummbled as he picked up the broach and walked out of the room, he walked out of his room and down the oak floors. Pausing he opened the door to the out side world.

Artemis walked threw the path and over towords the very place Julius had died. Bending down he began to dig with his fingers. When he was done digging he gently put the seed of the oak into the ground. slowly he covered the seed. ' why do i fell like this.' he thuoght as he got up and looked at the oak.

A single tear dripped down his face. He shook his head before walking back to the house. You see by wiping the mind of both him and his Father had changed them both. When his memory had been whiped, along with Artemis's kindness. Artemis's fathers kindness had been restroded, by the order of the conceil. They couldn't have a human that much of his or her rocker. They might become a threat.

Holly smiled as she looked down at Artemis, who stood out side right before the oak tree that had grown. A smile spread on Artemis's face as he looked up. His hands trailed hte soft bark of the oak tree.

"Artemis?" Holly called, he jumped when he heard his name. " Hello caption."He replied.

"I see you're memories have returned."She replied softly.

Artemis frowned, " Your not going to take htem away again are you?"He sounded a bit worried, " Because if you are-

"No...we've brought some one to see you Artemis."She smiled, as she nudged her head besides him. Artemis turned his head, hsi eyes widened as he turned arorund to see. Julius II?

"You survied."He whispered softly, as he stared at his friend.

He smiled saddly, " Yes I did...but unfortantly...I ended up in a wheel chair not to long after...I was forbidden to-

"No need to exsplain old friend."Artemis replied as he walked over towords his friend, he seemed rather stunned at the moment.

"Yes...but I'm afraid that we must leave before your father gets here." he replied, " Oh and another thing Artemis Happy birthday."He replied.

Artemis smiled. "But what do you mean we?"He questioned as he looked at him coursiously.

"Why didn't Butler tell you? Were taking you to haven for hte day." He smiled, Artemis smiled a real smile.

Holly smiled, " Its good to have you back."She replied.

"It is good to see you all again my friends...but wheres-

"Hey Art! Save me from them! Take me with you! You have way better food then they do!" Winned Mulch as he rushed over towards Artemis. Artemis laughed.

"But there food is good for you isn't it?"He replied.

"Yes and thats the horrible part!"He winned as Butler came from behind Artemis, " Happy Surprise Birthday Artemis." Smiled Butler as he put a hand on Artemis's shoulders. He looked up at his friend, " Yes...this is the best birthday I ever had,"He smiled.