If anyone thinks this is rated R, I'm sorry. I couldn't tell.

The Hook

The chime echoed across the cliff. David stared at the necklace remembering the day he gave it to Suzy right before the accident. Her smile had warmed his heart with delight and pleasure, but then she was gone, like a comet crossing the night sky.

It wasn't his fault. He knew that. It was the car that wasn't working, he thought. But he still felt guilty about the whole thing.

He heard a noise in the back of him, so he turned around. Nothing. Then the fireworks burst into the sky. Today was July 4, he remembered the day well, it was the one year anniversary of his loved one's death. Today was the day of the parade as well, and the Croaker Queen Pageant.

Then came the noise again. He turned around and still no one was there. David looked down past where he was sitting. The distance was outrageous.

" It is far down isn't it David?" said a voice in back of him.

David turned around and saw Suzy's father, Ben, standing a few feet back." Yes it is." He replied.

Ben chuckled, "I bet it would hurt to fall that far. What a painful death."

David kept silent. He knew it must be hard for Suzy's father as well as himself. He only had new her for a year, but Ben had known her when Suzy was a baby.

Ben began to walk towards David. "You killed her you know."

David looked up, "It was an accident." He could feel the tension inside him. What if Suzy's father was right? What if he could have saved her?

Ben's voice turned cold, "Accidents don't exist. Accidents are just excuses a person makes to cover up their mistakes."

David turned silent. Ben was getting on his last nerve, but he could do nothing about it. His feet seemed to be stuck to the ground and his throat felt clogged. He couldn't get out a word in edgewise.

Ben held him by the collar. David gulped, "No please don't kill me. I didn't mean to, I swear." David could tell that was the wrong time for his throat to start working again.

Ben grinned, " Next time, try not to kill a crazy man's daughter." David gulped ready for the blow and it soon came to him in his chest, and as if in a complete second, falling freely off the mountain.

Ben watched him sink under the water, and wiped the remaining blood from the hook that he had stabbed inside of David. Then he carried on down the road.