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Kagome's POV Through the whole story


Love Pentagon

Chapter One

Enter Kagome


"I'm totally bummed that school is happening again this year," I said to my little brother, Souta, as we walked out the door to catch the bus."

"SO GOOD!" he yelled. He was quite peppy for the agonizing day ahead of us. I had to admit though, I was sort of excited. My whole summer I spent locked up in my house. I went to the pool once, but was afraid to go again because I saw my stalker, Kouga, there.

Kouga has liked me since last year. He is this humongously tall guy and he has a scary, deep voice. He wears his hair in a pony-tail and that, to me, is a huge turnoff. He himself is a turn-off because he's a youkai.

I'm sorry to be racist, but I don't like dating youkai. I don't think I'd ever date anyone aside from a ningen. I've never really liked anyone that was a youkai, either. And I don't think I ever will.

I'm Kagome Higurashi. You're modern schoolgirl with an everyday boring life. But not this year.

First let me tell you about my life so far. I live at home with my single mom, who can't really support me and my younger (and annoying) brother, Souta. Souta's 11 years old and is attending elementary school. He was born premature and doesn't get along with kids his age, but has tons of fun playing Pokemon with the kids in 3rd grade.

My mom is a stressed out person, like myself. She's always finding ways to embarrass me and she changes jobs more than she does underwear. Currently, she is working 3 jobs, all to try and help raise us.

I usually stereo-type people into a few basic groups: preps, ghetto, and nerd. I am none of the three. I guess you could say I'm more punk rebel... I don't know. I can't stereo-type myself.

I'm the type of girl who's afraid to speak up when something's wrong. The type of girl who is too shy to show her emotions, but loud enough to show personality. I get good grades and I don't like to disobey. Although I often backtalk my mother.

I have a large group of friend, who I couldn't wait to see. I haven't seen them over the summer. Only Sango, because she invited me to Okinawa, where her aunt lives, for the weekend.

I have some enemies I wasn't looking forward to seeing. One of them being Kikyo.

Kikyo was my best friend, until she started dating Inuyasha, a player hanyou type guy. I never knew who he was until Kikyo introduced us. I had to say, he was extremely handsome.

I was shy around him because I've never had a boyfriend of my own and I was beginning to like him after hanging out at our local dance club, Shikon.

But Kikyo had changed, and I didn't like it. We'd fought before about petty things, but this time, our fights lasted for days, and I couldn't take it anymore. Our most recent one had been on AIM, and I blocked her. I was not looking forward to seeing her and her boyfriend.

Did I mention I had also blocked him? Well, I did. He was putting moves on me, and I told him that I had feelings for him. But he was practically cheating on Kikyo with me, and it wasn't right. So I blocked him. They were still together. They'd been together for 6 months. 6 months of torture.

Before I realized, I had reached the bus stop to find the bus loading people on. I ran towards it, my long black hair going in my face from the wind. I made it, barely.

There was one seat on the bus: next to Inuyasha. Just great. I sat down next to him, trying not to hold a conversation. I hold grudges for a long time.

"Hi, Kagome," he said kindly. He sounded cheerful and his great teeth formed into a smile was too hard to resist.

"Hi, Inuyasha. Shabaraku desu ne," I said, trying to be as cheerful as I could.

"Yeah. I got bored and called the school yesterday to see who was in my homeroom. I found out Kikyo is in a totally separate part of the building, and you and I are in the same homeroom. Lucky, huh? I know how much you hate Kikyo, so I'm sure you're glad you won't be seeing her."

'Great. We're in the same homeroom. Like I wanna be friends with this baka.' I smiled.

"Kagome, you don't have to act nice. I know you don't like me. But I never hated you, and I never will. I guess this means you don't want me to talk to you this year," he said, looking down at his lap.

I hated when he did this. Inuyasha had ways of making people feel bad. "Iie! No, Inuyasha. I want to be friends at you. Forgive and forget, right?"

"Hai!" he said, looking cheerful again. "Well, we're here!" he said, standing up before the bus stopped. The bus driver got pissed and yelled while we laughed at his stupid ways.

We got off the bus and I greeted Sango, who was waiting for me by the curb. She wore a red and black horizontal stripe tank top and some black low riders. Her boots were hidden under the flares.

I, myself, was wearing a happy bunny shirt that read "Since you're dumb, shouldn't you be smart?" It was a little tight, but I wanted guys to notice my bigger boobs. I'd developed over the summer.

"So, Kagome, I thought you and Inuyasha were sworn enemies?" she asked, looking at him as he ran to greet his beloved Kikyo.

"No, we made up on the bus. And, I might as well be friends with him, since we're in the same homeroom, we're probably going to be in a lot of the same classes."

A hand covered each Sango and my eyes and I screamed. "Guess who?" the playful male voice said.

"Miroku!" Sango and I said in unison. Miroku was Sango's boyfriend. He grabbed her ass at the mall while she was getting a Cinnabon, and she slapped him. Then he stalked her. And for some reason, she liked it. I didn't understand and I never will.

Once I could see again, I greeted Miroku who was followed by a few girls. He wore gothic clothes and didn't really make himself that popular, yet girls were crawling all over him. He liked the attention.

That guy wasn't the only person girls were crawling all over. Much to my surprise, I saw a crowd forming around Inuyasha. Kikyo looked really annoyed and she grabbed his arm and scurried off.

We reached the double doors and I was greeted by a few of my friends: Mika, Aiko, and Sachi.

Mika had been my friend since fourth grade, but we'd grown apart since then. We used to be huge moonies. We'd watch Sailor Moon everyday together and play Sailor Scouts with our dolls. It embarrassed me to this day. Mika had blonde hair and glasses and she really needed braces. She was quiet and tall and pretty smart. She loved to come over to my house so we could prank call people.

Aiko was a tall, crazy girl. She cut her hair short this year and got a perm. I didn't like it. She got more mature over the years, but was still her same random self.

And Sachi was a short girl, and just as crazy as Aiko. She and Aiko had been best friends since 2nd grade. Sachi turned really gothic this year and got her hair cut short and spiked it in the back, while added a touch of gothic makeup to finish the look. It suited her.

The six of us, Sango, Miroku, Aiko, Sachi, Mika, and I, walked down the hall telling each other what we did over the vacation. We all went into our homerooms and said our "Sayonara"s.

School was just beginning, and I was dreading it by the time I took my seat. I was sitting next to Jason, an American idiot (god I love that song), that got arrested last year for being caught with crack. On my right was Inuyasha. He was everywhere!!

I had him with me in first period health, with Sango and Miroku, too. We got to choose our seats and Inuyasha sat next to me. Joy.

I didn't have him second period science, but I did have my friend Rini. Rini was new to this school and she had guys all over her. I was envious. She had wavy blone hair and was not very tall. She was a bit on the chubby side. Poor Sango was stuck with Inuyasha in English for this period.

I had English third, with Aiko and my other friend, Yumi. Yumi was a smart girl who was like me. Never disobeying. Always striving to be the best. She was awesome. We were "bubble buddies". Yumi had short brown hair and was a short girl. She always carried a red backpack for some reason.

Fourth was music with none other than Inuyasha. He sat down next to me in that class, too. I could tell he wanted to be friends.

Fifth I had lunch. 'Nough said.

Sixth was gym which I had with Inuyasha also. And unlucky for me, we were doing CoEd this year. In this class, I had my overweight and hentai (but still cool) friend, Mai. Mai had brown hair and acne, but she was one of my best friends. I also had Rini, Yumi, and Yumi's best friend Riku. Riku was somewhat of a slut. But she was cool. She was perverted like me. She had short blonde hair and she wore a lot of make up. She was about my height and she liked to dance.

Seventh was EspaƱol with Inuyasha, again. But I also had Yumi, Rini, and Riku.

Eighth was Civics, without Inuyasha!! YAY! I had Riku, Mai, and Sango in this class.

Ninth was Math, and, once again, no Inuyasha! I had Sango again. And also Aiko.

Tenth was a study hall which I had both Inuyasha and Sango. I was glad Sango was in some of my classes, but it seemed Inuyasha was everywhere.

I was so far unhappy with the results of the classes. I left school somewhat angry about Inuyasha being everywhere around me.

But, I was happy that Kikyo was in absolutely NONE of my classes. Heh. But neither was Mika. And that made me sad.

(A/N: I am extremely sorry if I'm boring you with this chapter, I just needed a chapter to tell you all the settings and who was going to be around me. And about my friends)

I sat on the bus again, with Inuyasha. "So are we friends?" he asked.

"Yeah. Might as well be." I said, and he took out a pen and then took my hand. The red ink tickled my palm. He was writing something on there.

"That's my new screen name," he said. "IM me sometime!" I read it, and it said XGoAwayYourAnAnnoyanceX. Stupid hanyou couldn't even use proper grammar...

"Sure, I'll be on tonight!" I said and stood up. This was my stop.

I ran inside and flopped down on my bed, grabbing my diary.

Dear Diary,

Today was a fairly good day. I think I made a new friend. It's some one I've hated for a very long time now, but I think we can start over. His name is Inuyasha.


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Shabaraku desu ne - It's been a long time.