Dragon Of The Ring

The Beginning.

Three rings for the Namek kings under the sky.

Seven for the Midget-lords in their halls of stone.

Nine for mortal sayian doomed to die.

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne.

In the lands of Mordor where the shadows lay.

One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them.

One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

In the lands of Mordor where the shadows lay.

Buu had created the One Ring and was trying to take over the free world. But a last minute alliance of namekians and sayians arrived to push back his army of ice-jins. And in Mordor the final battle took place.

Buu (kid form) stands on a cliff looking down at his army, charging his enemies.

Ice-jins of the first and second forms are in the army. Several are slaughtered, before they get close enough to attack, by namekian archers. (the archers are shooting Special Beam Cannons)

The sayians create ki swords and charge forward to protect the namekian archers.

Seething Buu notices a white haired sayian with a red symbol on his hat. Buu flies down and punches the sayian knocking the sword, enhanced with ki, from his hand.

"No!" Buu turns around only to be punched a few away by another sayian who has black hair and a red ribbon on his shirt.

The sayian bends down to his fallen comrade. "Father you okay?"

"L Look out Seventeen." the white haired sayian manages out. Seventeen turns around then dodges to the side in time to have Buu miss stomping on him.

Seventeen grabs his father's sword and raises it, but Buu turns and back hands him, breaking the sword in the process. Seventeen skids back and stops, Buu charges him but he raises the sword and chops off Buu's fingers, one of which had a ring on it.

A loud rumbling is heard as steam spills out his head. Buu begins shaking right before he explodes knocking down everyone on the battle field.

Seventeen picks the ring up as a namekian runs over. "Seventeen! thank goodness your alive. Is that the Ring?"

"yes it is Kami."

"then this way we must end this battle now. And I'm sorry about Gero."

"Dad fought bravely until the end so don't be. But I don't think I want to destroy the Ring."

"what, why?"

"well we need some spoils of war don't we hehheh… So long Kami, we hopefully won't have to team up again. Sayians time to go!" Seventeen walks away from a staring Namek and the sayians follow him.

Bearer of the Ring, Beware of the Ring.

A minstrel leans on a post sticking out of the ground. His appearance is that of a human except for green skin, green hair, and red eyes. A brown tail is wrapped around his armor, despite not being a warrior.

"why hello, I'm Renegade. In another story I am Tom's demi-sayian, demi-orc son. The orcs I know look nothing like the orcs in the LOTR but that is a different story. I'm not even in this story besides minstrel. Well anyway to start off, a little history and foreshadowing needs to be done to give hint to who well be who?"

Renegade starts playing,

Gohan of the nine fingers,

And the ring of doom.

It all started when Goku was recruited by some Midgets to help defeat the water-jin Vapor who had taken over one of their mountains. On the way there he fell into a dank dark cave.

When Goku found that shiny ring in S. Tom's cave of gloom. (Goku: Oooo it's so shiny)

He never thought that it would turn into a ring of doom.

The Foe Vapor, and Blighter too.

The ice-jins, the namek king.

They came to know the power of that sayian and his ring. (well demi-sayian but it doesn't fit too well)

Gohan of the nine fingers,

And the ring of doom.

It started with a sayian in S. Tom's cave of gloom.

The power of the ring it grew and Supreme sat in thought.

He knew that it must be destroyed, in fires where it was wrought

For if in evil hands it fell.

The Earth would know it's end.

No force of fists would win the day,

No army could contend.

Gohan of the nine fingers

Accepted a heavy burden for the fires to consume.

Gohan of the nine fingers,

And the ring of doom.

Why does he have nine fingers?

Where is the Ring of Doom?

Me: well I thought this turned out nice.

Tom: why do I have to be Gollum for again?

Me: because he has a split personality one good and one bad. So do you.

(Tom splits into two, one angry, the other smiling and humming the above song. S. Tom and C. Tom)

S. Tom: hey now I'm not evil. I'm just neutral when it comes to helping others unless I have something to gain. And he's insane. (S. Tom points to the other one, who continues to hum and lights his hair on fire)

Me: uh yeah but it's just easier to make you two Gollum and you evil since it takes just a few tweaks to both personalities.

S. Tom: blasted dumb logic I don't wanna be that freak.

Me: don't worry changes will be made so you'll do less things considered weird though most will have to stay. Saying my precious and talking to yourself will have to since you need to be consumed by the ring and no being able to split.

S. Tom: and I swore not to again blasted wanting to do this story now.

Me: whatever. everyone please review and tell us what you think. Bye the next chapter introduces the four demi-sayians who'll go on the quest. Of course Gohan being one of them. If you hadn't guessed on previous ones I'll clarify next chap so this won't go on much longer.