The Mission

By Kate O'Riley

Disclaimer: Stargate is not mine. I am a poor, poor, poor (emphasis on "poor") fan fiction writer. Who's a soon-to-be college student, and you know how much money the average college student has…

A/N: Wrote this while I was applying for a SIM…didn't work out as I wanted it to, but I liked the little bit of a story here and wanted to keep it. Enjoy!

Samantha Carter bit back an exclamation. She wasn't normally someone who vented her feelings through swearing, but that staff blast had come so close, she could swear that the ends of her hair were burnt. She turned and fired wildly, Teal'c and O'Neill beside her, as they tried to provide cover fire for Daniel as he dialed home.

This had turned into a great mission. Absolutely spectacular. Wonderful. Definitely one of those "ten most memorable". It wasn't the fact that it was hot; the temperature was around 90, give or take a couple degrees. She didn't mind heat; ever since the malfunction that sent O'Neill and her to Antarctica, it was cold that she had problems with. It was the humidity. They had stepped out of the Stargate and into a rainforest. There'd been gigantic mosquitoes (seemed the Goa'uld must had taken some along when they took slaves), pouring rain, and mudholes. Big mudholes. Mudholes the size of small swimming pools, and if you weren't looking for them, you walked right into them. When Teal'c had accidentally stepped in one, the rest of the team was promptly covered in mud trying to get him out. They'd finally fished him out, and were all turned a great shade of brown, when the Jaffa patrol had spotted them. The one thing they'd had going for them was the fact that the Jaffa weren't fond of rainforest either; they could barely move in their armor.

Daniel finished dialing, and she hastily tapped in the IDC. She waited a moment for the confirm, and ran for the 'gate. Daniel was already through, and she was happy to follow him. Before she fell into the wormhole, she could see O'Neill and Teal'c coming after her.

Then she was going through the shrieking numbness and falling out the other side. And falling was the right term; as she stepped out, she tripped and fell on the metal grating of the SGC. She quickly rolled, absorbing the impact with her shoulder. Then her eyes widened as she remembered that only half her team had come through…

She scrambled onto her hands and knees, trying to get away, but before she could, O'Neill came through, closely followed by Teal'c. O'Neill never had a chance. He tried to jump out of the way, but only succeeded in tripping over her, landing on her back. Teal'c promptly landed on O'Neill.

As Samantha Carter reflected over the last mission, she was certain of two things. One, that was definitely an interesting mission. And two…she couldn't breathe.