Okay so this is like the first DA story I started writing because dammit I wanted more than just the 'almosts' that happened when Logan had his legs in the first season. Okay so this is set in-between Logan standing for the first time and when she brings him the chicken. Speeding up his recovery, he's just a little past the point he was at when his legs started to fail. I kept putting off this story because I wanted to see where I was going to take it, then I finally did try taking it somewhere and I didn't like it. So I'm just giving up and posting it like this. So it's just a short little story that mostly works into Season One. Now here's part one.

It was still dark when she woke up. She wished she could block out what had happened six hours earlier, well started six hours earlier, unfortunately though the drugs those goons had been so kind to shoot them up with apparently worked differently than booze and all of her memories remained intact.

"What did they just inject us with?"

Logan looked down at the vials still remaining on the table after Max was done kicking the shit out of everyone, though in Logan's defense he helped way more than he hindered which was saying a lot for a non-transgenic fighting with Max, especially a newly standing one. "Oh shit"

"Oh shit, I don't like oh shit. What is it?" She swiped it from his hand "2-K6?" That meant absolutely nothing to Max.

Logan swallowed deeply, "Ever hear of Viagra?"

For a moment Max was grateful, Viagra was for guys, she was safe, "Yea."

"Yea well combine that with ecstasy and it's for both sexes."

Max dropped the vial, "Please tell me that's a joke" neither of them paid any attention to the sound of breaking glass.

"Must have been how they were able to keep the girls so complacent and here in the city. When the need…" He searched for words, "Yea well the point is you don't really care about getting home."

Max repressed the groan dying to escape, she didn't want to wake Logan who was passed out on the bed next to her. She sat up and looked at the clock next to him. 6:25 it read…

"Okay we both need to go home, now." Max said as she started to feel flushed

"Okay smart move." Logan already seemed to be having issues focusing, "The car's out front." he started towards the door.

"No no, we need to go to our own homes. I'll walk."

He turned "Max, I can't leave you alone on the streets with this stuff in you."

"I'll be fine" she said thinking of when she went into heat, she was able to survive that, well most times she was…

"No my car, my place, we lock ourselves in different rooms, we'll be fine." He saw her open her mouth to fight "No, complaining only wastes more time that we don't have to spare."

Never had a car ride seemed so long, Logan was speeding down the streets, forcing his focus on the road, trying to block Max out of his mind. Max just stared at the clock, she was watching every time the minute changed and every minute seemed like an hour and it was all she could do from slamming the car into park and stopping this agony. They had gotten back to the building at 12:57, they had started at 12:43, the ride should have taken almost a half an hour.

They both realized their stupidity when the elevator doors closed on them. They were alone in the elevator. Suddenly both of their hands reached out to press a lower level so they could get off and take the stairs and that was when all of their good intentions went to shit.