"Hey you paged" Max said walking into the apartment dressed in her normal Jam Pony attire.

He looked up and their eyes connected and more flashes went through his mind from last night, "Uh yea I did." he looked away

"You got my note didn't you?" Max said aggressively.

"Max it's not just the kind of thing we can ignore."

"It is and we can. So end of discussion, did you want anything else?"



He realized they were at a standstill, "You really don't want to talk about this?" he asked


He sighed a breath of relief, that he regretted afterwards for being so obvious about his feelings, "So how about dinner tonight?"

Max shot him a look, then decided she was being too harsh, he was just trying go back to their normal way of life, "Tomorrow?" she said softening up

He smiled, his relief once more showing, they hadn't just screwed everything up "Sounds good, 8?"

Max nodded "I'll see you then"

Dinner was going to be weird, despite their best intentions there was no doubt her mind it was going to be weird. Not only was their first meal after the 'incident' as Max liked to think of it, this was their first dinner with Logan up and fully walking. It should have been a celebration, but those bastards had taken this away from them. Max sighed as she got off her bike, why was the world out to get her?

By the time she knocked on his door she'd turned around 3 times, paused 5 times and had 3 long talks with herself. She wasn't going to let those criminals take Logan away from her, they'd come back from other things, they would come back from this. She just had to suck it up and deal with the crappy aftermath.

"Hey" was all she said as he opened the door dressed in a light blue ribbed sweater and dress pants. She tried to stop herself from admiring him, from thinking of not only what that sweater did to his eyes, but what lay beyond that sweater.

"God you're beautiful" he said almost in awe as he reached her lips after trailing kisses over her body.

She smiled, "You're not too shabby yourself."

She lifted her head off the pillow to recapture his lips. Their hunger for each other growing again rapidly.

'This isn't possible,' she thought to herself as his hand lightly grazed her body causing her to shiver. The satisfaction and relief that had come as they had after their frantic coupling was quickly leaving.

His lips went south again and left hers…Trailing kisses…Slow and tempting kisses.

"Logan" she groaned and he looked up with a devilish twinkle in his eye, his body moved up again, over hers as his lips found hers once more.

"Hey yourself. I picked up a chicken today at the market."

"Ooh lucky" she said putting the memory out of her head and strolling into the apartment.

"I thought so. It should be done soon." He said following her towards the kitchen.

Max noticed the already open wine bottle on the counter and glass of chardonnay resting next to the fridge. She decided to follow his lead and poured herself a glass of wine hoping it would help take the edge off the situation, but she doubted it. They sat in near silence, had a five minute discussion about the weather, and nodded a lot. The ding of the timer caused a sigh of relief in them both.

"Dinner." he said standing, he went to get the chicken, "Oh, no."

Max walked over, and looked into the dish, "Chicken tartare?" The silence and stress had finally been broken and they laughed.

"That's so wrong." he said putting the chicken back into the oven, "Can you get that?" he said as the phone started to ring.

"Yeah. Turn the oven on" her normal wit back.

"Oh" he said as she picked up the phone.

Okay so I'm ending the story here because I liked it just being a funny little story, I'm so glad you guys agreed with me that it was. It became a lot sadder in my mind as I plotted out the rest of the story…So I decided I should just skip that. So I hope you like how this worked out. Just a random little story. Thank you all who reviewed this story…I really appreciated knowing that you enjoyed it.