Hey there! I'm new to and this is my first fanfic I've ever written. I hope you guys like it. I also plan on having a ton of action but also a lot of fluff! I know this might not seem like the regular CC you know, but just wait! It's only the first chapter! An introduction!

Chapter 1: Just the Beginning…


"Mmm…?" I opened one eye. 5:45. I groaned and shut my eye again. That stupid alarm won't shut off! My arm was dangling off the side of the bed, so I reached underneath and pulled out a hockey stick which one of my brothers left in here for some odd reason.

I raised the stick above my head and struck down on the black plastic. It kept beeping. I raised the stick again and struck it even harder. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

"SHUT UP!" I yelled and whacked the clock right off the nightstand, hitting the opposite wall of my room with a sound of cracked plastic. BEEP! BEEP! BEEAAP! Bee-urgh. It broke…. Excellent.

I pushed myself off my bed and sat up. I turned on my light and squinted as my eyes tried to adjust. I laid back into bed and covered my face, trying to wake up. I rolled over to face the wall and just as I was about to fall back asleep I felt a strange poking sensation in my back. I heard little boyish giggles and I flipped over in a flash.

It was my brother, one of them at least. It was Mike. Once I flipped over, a look of pure terror washed across his face. "MIIIKE!" I yelled and I scrambled out of bed fuming. I screamed in rage as I chased him down the hall. Once he jumped the stairs I stopped and walked back up to my room. "That turd… I hate kids…" I said to myself. I decided this was now the time to get dressed and ready for school. Maybe this could be a really good time to introduce myself, too!

Hey. I'm Angie Christopher. I'm 14 years old and I'm a freshman in High School. Tomorrow is my 15th birthday and to tell you the truth I nearly forgot about it. I live in the suburbs in Michigan along with my mom, dad, and 4 younger brothers. In school, I'm not really considered 'popular', I mean I have a lot of friends and all it's just I hang out with my group. Not the people who judge you on how you look or talk about you behind your back but act like friends. Our group is all alike. In a way we are all unique and we know it. I'm the sporty one of our graduating class. I'm a tomboy in a way and yet skater punk. I don't wear skirts, frown upon the color pink and make-up is out of the question.

But yeah, there really isn't anything that interesting about me… seriously. For example, I'm late to school a lot. I glanced over at the clock, "Like I am right now!" I pulled my hoodie sweatshirt over my head and raced down the stairs, stomping my way into the kitchen. I grabbed a Pop Tart, said good-bye to my parents, scooped up my backpack and was out the door. I sprinted to my bus stop and made it just in time. Pop Tart sticking out of my mouth, I got on and spaced out on my headphones.

The one bus stop I looked forward to every school morning was for Aaron Pirkis. He had been my crush ever since the 8th grade. He was so cute! He wore a skull cap covering his longer blonde hair that flipped up at the ends and he had long bangs that covered his eyes. He was a 'skaterish-punk' but super nice! The guy you could take home to mom! He wore his headphones too and sat down in the seat opposite mine. I pretended like I didn't see him but inside my stomach was twirling with butterflies. As soon as the bus started moving again, the butterflies were gone and I felt better. Aaron looks so cute today! If only I had the guts to just try and ask him… if he wanted to go out sometime…

Before I knew it, the school building came into view and everyone got off. It was still dark outside but none the less people were laughing, talking loudly and goofing off. A typical high school. I was still half asleep so I didn't really care when a guy bumped into me.

"Aaaangie!" Came a familiar singsong voice, from behind me. I spun around and clamped my arms to my sides before Ashley could kidney-poke me. "Aw, Angie! You're no fun!" She whined. Ashley was a blonde. Totally a typical blonde, clumsy, kind of spacey, but she was really smart! Not one of the traits of a usual blonde. Long straight hair past her shoulders, her eyes were a cool blue and she was always fun to hang around.

"Have you seen everyone else?" I asked, putting my shoulder length hair into a half ponytail. "Kya! You died your hair over the weekend!" She exclaimed, noticing the new color. It was a dark blue color, almost black until you looked at it closely. Then we heard the usual conversation coming from around the corner, "German test today. This is gonna suck!" It was Eli! Rounding the corner was Eli, Brittany, Lindsey, Stephanie, and Ryan. One of the only guys who hangs out with us. This was most of my 'group' we stuck together and stayed with each other no matter what!

Then like a time portal, it was over. School was almost out. I had 5 more minutes left until the bell rang. It seemed like these last few minutes dragged on for ages. Then "BING! BING! BING!" went the bell. I shoved my stuff in my backpack and swung it over my shoulder. Then a voice came over the P.A. "Angie Murphy. Please come to the main office. Angie Murphy to the main office, please." I looked up at the speaker on the wall above the door and sighed. What now?

I sulked in through the office door and looked up to see who called me down. A young boy with purple hair stood with his back facing me. I adjusted my bag, slung over one shoulder, and cleared my throat. The boy spun around and I got a full look at his face. He was cute! He was kind of short, he had a red headband that made him look really cool, but the thing that hypnotized me were the irises of his eyes. They were red. Not a scary red, a cool red.

"Hello," He said. "My name's Chrono. You must be Angie."

All for now! See you all later in Chapter 2!