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Chapter 6: The Training Room

I followed Chrono out of the office and down the spiral staircase, leaving Father Remington talking fast on Rosette's desk phone. My gaze was immediately drawn back up to the high ceiling. On upper floors, people were running along the glass railings to get to their post, and orders were being shouted across the room to each other. It was chaotic, but yet it was organized.

Entering a separate hallway branching off the main room, Chrono began pointing out different rooms, "Right here are the temporary resting rooms, sometimes we have to stay here for a shorter period of time…. Over there are more offices separate from the main room… Oh, and here is the mail room." He pointed out another room and I stepped inside to look around.

Meeting my gaze were a bunch of small and quickly flying balls of light. They were all carrying packages or parcels over top of them. One of the lights stopped and darted towards me. I jerked my head backward to not get hit by it when it stopped right in front of my nose.

Focusing my gaze, I saw… "A fairy!" I exclaimed. This tiny little person was holding a stack of large envelopes over her head. It seemed like an enormous weight to carry for such a small creature. She was wearing a flowing silver dress that was beautifully positioned on her frail looking body.

"Yeah… those are fairies all right," Chrono said bemused from behind me. It seems like he'd gotten used to the idea of having fairies fly around the mail room. "If there are such things as demons, it wouldn't be right without fairies."

Watching the glowing ball of light, I slowly began to smile. The fairy tilted her head to the side and smiled too. Without warning, her expression changed to a malicious one. Thrusting her leg upward, she aimed true and kicked me in the nose. It felt like someone my size had just flicked me there with their thumb and index finger.

Laughing manically, she zoomed away and joined the rest of her cackling friends. I was holding my nose in my hands and turned to Chrono, "Cheese and rice! She kicked me!"

Chrono nodded apologetically, "They'll do that. Their mischievous little things, I'll give them that much. But when they stop fooling around, they can become very helpful. Let me see your nose."

I walked over to him and tilted it upward. He peered at it and said, "It's not bad. Just a little red. At least they didn't pour hot coffee into your lap like poor Mr. Jenkins the other day."

"What?" I said quietly, stunned at the cruelty.

"Come on. Let's go. We've still got a lot more to see," Chrono said, backing out of the room and continuing down the hallway. I hurried after him, still rubbing my nose.

Turning to another hallway at the end of the first, Chrono lead past the main dormitories, the main kitchens, the equipment rooms and a number of other rooms you can dream of!

Leading me back the way we came, we entered yet another hallway. At the end of this one were large double doors. "This,…" he said, grabbing the handle "is the training room." Pulling the doors open, we stepped inside. Before us was a control room. The panel was directly in front of us which was overlooking the large training room below through a thick glass window.

I walked over to the empty seats and leaned over the panel to see better. "What do you do in here exactly?"

"We set up simulations to mock a battle with a rogue demon. Holographic projections are sent it to make it look almost as real as the actual thing. When you shoot it, the special sensor on it indicates whether or not you hit the hologram, since you can't really blast it away, you know?" he explained.

"Ohh…" I said, looking at all the buttons on the panel. "And I would be training here too?" He nodded and I sat down in a seat still observing the buttons. Noticing a knob on the right-hand side, I slid over on the chair and got a closer look. It appeared to be a radio and a CD player. What the--! "Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes, that's it. Sometimes when you feel like being a little relaxed, this radio/CD player broadcasts the signal to your personal headset during training or you can go without it and have the speakers set up all around the room to play it," he said.

"Ha!" I expressed, wide eyed, "I'd defiantly use that feature!" I gasped and turned to him, "Can I test it out now? I won't be any trouble! I promise!"

"Well,.." Chrono started, but I cut him off.

"Graaaaaandpaaaaaa!" I mused.

He looked uneasily at the panel then back at me. "Fine," he said, giving in. "But only a small trial. I'm not going to give you a level 6 or anything."

Suited up in a kind of S.W.A.T. team outfit with a visor, I stepped out onto the main floor. Looking up at the large window, I saw Chrono standing over the panel. He spoke into a microphone earpiece. His voice echoed around the room through the speakers, "Right, Angie. I'll set up a few level 1s for you on the course. You'll have 20 minutes to get them all, then the simulation is over. Anything else?"

"Music! It doesn't matter which kind, just something to move to!" I said into my microphone as well. I did the Michael Jackson moonwalk and spun around and pointed my gun at nothing. I began doing the hustle, pointing my gun to invisible foes, when Chrono filed through the CDs.

"Okay, here's Rosette's favorite disc to play during her session. You're time starts,… now." A large clock overhead turned on and red numbers appeared counting down from 20 minutes.

I stopped doing the robot and ran forward into the simulated city. Booming on the speakers was the song 'Firestarter' by the Prodigy. If you don't know what it is, get it because it rocked! The strong bass made me feel like a badass for some reason. I smiled to myself as I maneuvered farther in.

Pressing my back against the wall, I held my gun up close to my cheek. Peeking around the corner, I saw nothing. Moving silently through, I held it out in front of me, sweeping it back and forth for any sign of movement.

Passing a couple of trashcans, one of them toppled over and the contents spilled out. I directed my gun to it, but saw nothing from the shadows. Moving on, I kept my gun lowered. Turning another corner and peering into an empty building, I moved on. Suddenly, from a broken window an image appeared.

It was exactly what you would think of a stereotype ghost. It was a rectangular shape with a half circle on top. It's eyes were wide and it's mouth was pressed into a permanent, "Oooooh!" It waved it's arms around trying to make it look scary but instead I tried my hardest not to laugh at it.

"Wooooh! Wooooh!" it moaned.

It reminded me of the character Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. My littlest brother watches that show and for some reason,… that's who this ghost reminded me of… except white.

I raised my gun, BAM! The ghost stopped and evaporated. That was almost too easy. I mean, I've only shot an airsoft gun before. I only did it as a small hobby of shooting my brothers in the ass while they ran away from me.

"Come on! You've got to be kidding me! That's the worst thing I've ever seen! I don't even think that my 2 year-old cousin would be afraid of that!" I shouted to the control room.

Turning back around to walk down the street further, I heard a scrap like metal on cement. I stopped and stared ahead, trying to hear over the music. Realizing what was going on, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I waited for the right moment until… "AUGH!"

I ducked and dove out of the way. The trashcan that had tipped over before came sailing just inches away from my head. Landing roughly on the ground, I looked up at my assailant.

Standing a few feet away was an enormous shadow slowly approaching. Moving into the light, I saw it completely. It was a massive size of about 9 feet, great webbed wings spread out behind him. Humungous horns the entire length of my arm snaked their way from either side of his broad forehead.

His white eyes pierced through me like daggers. His hands were clawed and strong looking, as well as his feet. Dark red fur covered his entire body along with his thick tail.

I scrambled upward and said, "Now this is more like it!"

Meanwhile, Chrono was up in the control room furiously pressing buttons and rearranging knobs. "Not good! Not good!" he kept repeating.

I raised my weapon and pointed it directly at him, squeezing the trigger, the laser flickered on his bare chest. He looked down at it curiously and tried to brush it away. I stopped and stared. 'I thought that it was supposed to make him disappear!' I thought. Something defiantly wasn't right.

He glanced back up at me and charged straight for me. Letting out a startled shriek, I ducked again and ran between his legs. Emerging on the other side, I sprinted away from him.

Slowly figuring out where I had gone, the demon chased after me. He spread his wings further and took off into the air. He gathered up energy into his hands and threw it down at me. It missed me by a few feet but the aftershock was powerful. I was thrown a good few feet before I lay crumpled on the street.

Jumping back to my feet, I felt my forehead. I was bleeding from my eyebrow. I must have smashed my face into the ground.

The demon swerved backward and forward, trying to get me within range. He fired a few more blasts at me but I avoided them. I had to do something! So, I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to face him. I wound up and chucked my gun right at his head. It conked him dead on and I thrust my fist into the air triumphantly. "Ha!"

He looked to be more pissed now and came swooping for me. "Uh oh!" I said quickly. But before I could move, he picked me up and took off once more. My visor was cracked and I took it off and began smashing him over the head with it. "Let me go!"

But, since this demon was so thick, I don't even think he was smart enough to realize what was going on. "I said…" I warned, getting angry, "LET ME GO!"

I threw my visor down to the ground and grabbed the back of the demon's neck. With strength I've never given before, I made the demon look up at me. Those white eyes stared at me in amazement. I pulled my fist back and jammed it into his nose.

Reeling backward, he toppled towards the ground. I kept punching him repeatedly as we spun straight for the ground. I pulled him around to have him crash into the ground first. When we did so, a large crater formed. He tried to fight back but I was somehow overpowering him.

"ANGIE!" I heard Chrono yell from somewhere on the surface.

"Hold on!" I replied back, punching the demon in the cheek.

"Angie, get out of there! NOW!" he shouted again.

Giving one last punch to his eye, I jumped to the edge of the crater and pulled myself up. Rolling I landed at Chrono's feet. He was holding what appeared to be a cross. Pulling me behind him, he jammed the cross into the street and a blue-ish barrier formed in the shape of a cross.

Watching in awe, I saw that the demon below was incarcerated. He couldn't move. "That should hold him," Chrono said. "At least it'll hold him until Rosette gets back."

I wiped my brow with my hand and looked at it. It was still bleeding but I was fine. "That… was really cool," I said.

"It's cool being a demon… or at least part of one," Chrono added.

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