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Usually I say a bunch of worthless crap at the beginning, but since this is the last chapter and all, I decided to get right to the point so people won't riot.

The funeral was over; a choice would now have to be made. Would this apparent farce come to an end, or would this be the beginning of something truly extraordinary? They all just stood there, unsure of what the next move would be. Skinner, him being Skinner, broke the uneasy silence.

"You remember when he swore Africa wouldn't let him die? I wish the old boy had been right." It was like a secret signal, opening the floor to discussion of their fate.

"What's next?" Sawyer stood away from the league, for he was still, in some respects, waiting for an invitation to the private party.

"I have long hidden away from the world, now I wish to see it anew as the century turns. You're all welcome to join me."Nemo now emerged as a leader, maybe even their leader.

"We've all been hiding in one form or another." Mina supported the plan, or was trying to make her own bid for the leadership role.

"The Nautilus awaits."

I bowed my head, and paid my final respects to the great hunter in silence. Life has taught me that silence can be the most respectful and beautiful thing in the world, especially after chaotic times. Whether the others will join me, I will truly start living where the ghosts of time will not haunt me.

"So, who's coming?"

I have no choice; my life is with them now. Before, I thought that I was destined to travel the world; it's coming true. Aunt Polly, you'd be so proud of me; maybe you'd think that me being a rascal was worth it.

Quartermain, I will never forgive you; never. You weren't suppose to die. You weren't...

"So long, old chap."

Might as well tag along; could be a good incentive to continue living.

"Goodbye, Alan."

It would be nice to have friends, actual friends. I always wanted to see the world.

But you've always been such a bloody coward.


No longer I will hide, no longer I will stand behind someone; I will stand beside them in all equality.

The league left, along with the others who attended the old white hunter's funeral. Africa never forgot its word; never.

"Arise, awaken."

Storm clouds filled the sky.

"Arise, awaken."

A portal between the worlds was now being created.

"Arise, awaken."

The earth shake, lightning hit the grave.

"Arise, awaken."

Complete silence.

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