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Hermione granger looked up as she heard the crash of dishes hitting the wall...again.sigh "looks like they are at it again..." she blocked all the noise and went back to the homework that she had yet to do even though school would start again in a month. instead of working on the potions essay hermione thought back to hogworts and all her "friends" back home, hermione and her parents moved at the begining of summer last year because her dead beat dad lost another job and no one would hire him, he called a friend and got the friend to get him a job, only problem is the job was in america...and not only that but portland oregon to be exact, portland only had one weather for most of the year, WET! but hermione likes rain so she was ok with that, sad thing is she had no friends which ment no one to hang out with, and as for where she lives in Town? she lives in the "hood"-does a retarded gangsta hand sign- the only thing to do on her long summer days is go to the mall and people watch or get into her instant messenger and talk to people far and wide. hermione shook her head clear of the thoughts she was having and got back to work.

when the only thing she heard was her quill scraching on the parchment, hermione looked up again. no noise ment eather that dad left to score another hit.-snorts-"dickhead" or mom went and whored her self out so she can buy some more vodka (her drink of choise)"drunken hoe" or -shudders in diskust-(i know i spelled that wrongsorry)they were "making up" as they often did"eww..."...hermione didnt care to find out which one has happening and didnt want her parents to bother her again so hermione got her favorite outfit on and apprated into the allyway right outside her appartment. moving past the whores working for their money and the bums trying to sleep(and or catch a peek at the whores at work), hermione walked up to the buss-stop and sat on the back of the bench to wait not thinking about getting her clothes dirty as the school " 'Mione" would have.

Hermione taped her foot impationtly and looked down at her watch and saw that it was 10 AM, she jumped up to look at the times to see when it should come but thought about how the 8 buss is always late, so to pass time hermione took out her last cigerette and gave it a kiss(last cigerettes you smoke in a pack is luckys to some people and for good luck some people kiss the cigerette before lighting up and then makes a wish with the last drag left ont he cigerette) and started to smoke it. her cellphone started to play a clasical song which ment it was her best friend calling, miriah. "hey sexi."

"hiya kitten how are you"Hermiones screen name for anything is always kinky kitten(or kinkah depends on her mood)

"blah, mom and dad fought again so i left before i could find out what they did afterwords" there was a laugh in her voice"

"eww, heh so guess where i am"




-snort-"i wish"

"canida? utah? ohio? chicago? new york new york? rhode island? L.A.? england? south america? iceland? greenland? argentina? luxinburg"

"im in portland, Tard"


"yea oh. so wanna go hang out for a bit? im at lloyd right now..." hermione took a last drag of her cigerette and made her wish then looked and saw the buss.

"hmm well the buss is here, i was planing on heading over to lloyd right now, i need to get some clothes for school, i dun care if theres a dress code, the rules state that the dress codes only for class so i figure that at any other time ima wear civies. so wanna go shoppin wif me"

"hell yea, you know how i am."

"hmm ok then ill meet you at the max station ok? in about 30 min" the buss stoped to let her on and she pulled her favorite wallet out of her pocket and flashed her busspass.

"okies then ill see you there. muah bye."

"lov ya bye" hermione hung up and settled down on the buss and scaned the people on the buss to see if there was anyone intresting on it and just to plain people watch. there was an older women with a young girl at about 7, and a gangsta wanna be white boy hanging out with the black gangsters and a few sluts batting their eyes at the gangsters, and a bookworm looking guy people watching as well, he turned his head and staired at her for a moment then went back to people watching. hermione decided just to look out the window instead. she was watching the other cars pass when she saw out of the courner of her eye that someone sat down next to her, she looked up to see the bookworm guy next to her and at the bench seats across from her where mister bookworm sat, an older man in a wheelchair. the man was trying to reach the belt buckle but couldnt quite make it and just as hermione reached out to help so did bookworm"

"sorry." hermione muttered at him and withdrew her hand and watched as he helped the man, then he turned to hermione and said"is that a british accent i heard" hermione nodded and staired at him as if to ask why. "because i used to live in england. moved here about two years ago, i know theres no accent but i desided to drop it when i got sick of everyone asking about it."

"understandable, i just moved this summer but luckly the school i was going to is giving me special premission to go there still."

he nodded "i used to go to a school there, very privet, no one even knew about it except for a few..."the buss stoped abruptly and honked its horn at the car in front of it. hermione herd him mutter something but wasnt sure she heard right, she thought he said damn muggles.." i wish i could go there again, i just got a letter from them today saying that if i wanted to i could go again, i havnt decided for sure...i dont think anyone would remember me anyways."

"they may..probabily not but maybe...you do seem like the sort of person that if they dont know you they would forget you easily. its the same way for me. i go to a school alot like the one you were describing, i actuly grew to hate the school...well not so muych the school as the people inside the school, dumbledore and his i know all gleem in his damn eye..."

"did you say dumbledore" hermione nodded "holy shitt...ackka(she saw a little girl and cleaned up what she was saying)...do you go to hogworts" hermione gasped at him and didnt answer with anything but a small nod. "woah...i used to go there too...i think we need to talk some more..."hermione nodded and kept scilent for the rest of the ride to lloyd and bookworm got off with her weather it was his stop or not.

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