Chappy 9 Jungle Fever

Hermione and Draco looked around the room with awe; it was all in jungle thyme. The common room looked like it was in the middle of a forest the couches were all green and looked leafy, and there was a TV on the wall that if wanted could be covered up with a curtain made of vines, the desks were trees which have fallen over, moss all over it, Hermione walked over and touched the silky softness. The bathroom was through a door that looked like it was a tree trunk, Hermione walked in and Draco followed, the bathtub was a small lake, when Hermione put a hand in it was luke warm, Hermione thought it would be nice if it was hotter and it heated up, if you wanted to just shower instead there was a water fall feeding into the small lake, the toilet was up in a small tree house, the counter was green and blended in with the background and it was along one wall, the sinks on the counter was both a huge leaf with water in it. Waling back out into the common room Draco looked around confused, "where's our rooms? They expect us to sleep on the floor?" Hermione giggled and pointed up words, looking up Draco saw two huge tree houses with a small bridge between the two so they could walk into the others room.

Hermione climbed up her latter to her room, she looked around and saw a big bed, was brown wood and green sheets. Her trunk was at the bottom of the bed and chief had somehow made it up to her room and was sleeping on the bed, looking around Hermione saw a little elevator, when weight was put on it, it would go up or down, like say chief was in Hermione's room, he would step on and it would move down and stay down till weight was put on again, and if the animal stepped on a certain spot on the floor the elevator would come to them(if its not there already)Hermione went back down to the common room and walked around touching the walls, she found one door already, it was a hidden door that connected the library to the common room. Hermione grinned and closed it, not wanting Draco to know about it. Walking along the wall some more Hermione found another door that led to the kitchens and then one more door that led to a deck overlooking the lake. Hermione stayed out there with the door open and started to smoke a cigarette. Draco came back downstairs and saw the door, he walked out and joined Hermione. "You know that stuff is insanely bad for your health, lucky you you're a witch so you can magic yourself better." Hermione shrugged at him.

"We're all gonna die some day, might as well do what I want until I die. You know school is a complete waist of time?" Draco just stared at her, "It's true, all you do I learn this stuff just to forget in 40 years and then die." Hermione moved over to a bench and sat down then stared out at the lake. "Schools a waist and so is love and marriage, what I think is you should just fuck and have kids, as long as it's not incest then who cares who you're fucking. And loves a sham anyways, I looked for it for years. I even dated potty and weasel…worst 4 minutes of my life. But gotta admit, potty was a good fuck. Woulda probably kept him as a fuck buddy if he didn't try to use the L word, I can't believe he thought he loved me. Cause weasel only asked me out in hopes of a fuck, but he didn't get it because he wasn't nice to me. Now you, I know you're not dumb enough to believe in love, so wanna be fuck buddys?" Hermione winked at him, Draco just stared at her with his mouth hanging open, and then he closed his mouth and pressed his lips together in a thin line. "One! I will never touch you, mud-blood or not. Two! I do two believe in love. I can't believe you don't, true love is the strongest of magics! Merlin would be disappointed in you." Hermione glared at him and stood up and started to walk away but stopped and turned back to him long enough to say, "you think you know so much, wait until you see the real world little boy. " Hermione walked back inside closing the door behind her.

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