Hello ppl. This is my first Inuyasha fic. So I hope u enjoy it. and I'll still be reading the Fruits Basket story, nevery fear.

Chapter 1

Kagome was getting her things to be ready to go to the feudal era. She packed everything she needed for the strip. The walked out the house after saying good-bye to her family. Kagome walked happily towards the well.

Back at the feudal era

Kikyo was standing in front of the well. "You will not interfere with Inuyasha and me any more Kagome."

She put her hand a little above the opening of the well as she began to chant. With in seconds the well glowed with a dark red light. Kikyo smiled and walked away.

With Kagome

Kagome entered the well house and jump through the well that connected the present to the past. When Kagome entered the well a dark red light surround her. She didn't pay much attention to it. When Kagome finally landed, she noticed something different. When she looked up, she didn't she the beautiful blue sky but saw a dark cloud instead.

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