Holy Water

The lyrics are from Big and Rich "Holy Water"

Somewhere there's a stolen halo

I used to watch her wear it well.

Everything would shine wherever she would go

But lookin at her now you'd never tell.

Sara Sidle stared blankly at the computer screen in front of her "How could this have happened? She was under 24/7 solitary confinement...with an officer outside her cell at all times. There is NO way she could have gotten away." She mumbled, unaware of the other person who had just entered the room. Nick Stokes was heading home...he wasnt needed to pull a double, He was walking past the breakroom when he heard her whispering something. "Hey Sar, you wanna go and get some food" Nick asked. He hoped that he could figure out what was going on becuase she looked at him with a "Deer in the headlights" look. Thats never good with Sidle.

"OH, uhhhh sure yeah just let me finish somthing really quick. I'll be there in a few miutes and I'll meet you there." Sara already knew where he wanted to go...It was the diner that the whole night shift went to for breaks or a meal.

"Ok, Just don't be too long or else Griss will find you and put you on another case." Nick said, knowing full well how their boss could be.

" Oh I won't be too long Nicky, I promise I'll be there in like...10 minutes or so. If I'm not then I'll owe you. aight" Sara said knowing that it might take her more than ten minutes to get herself a little more collected.

" 'K I'll be waiting... you want your usual? that way by the time you get there it'll be ready"

" Yeah, thats a good idea. Thanks Nick."

As Nick was on his way over to the diner he thought about what was on the computer screen when he walked in on her. It had said something about a woman who had been in prison for murder had broke out and was probally on her way to Vegas. He hadn't seen the name but the way Sara had reacted when he walked in made him suspicious.

Sara was in the process of closing out of the page when Greg walked in. "Hey Sara, Im going to get some food, you wanna come with" Greg asked her. He didnt make it sound like a date...even though he would love it if she would say yes to a date with him.

"Sorry Greggo, I'm meeting Nick in a few minutes. Why don't you come with me that way your not on your own and that wont leave me and Nick alone."

As Sara walked into the diner with Greg, She was looking for Nick. She spotted him at their usual booth.

"Hey Nicky I hope you don't mind I brought Greggy here with me...He just looked so sad when I said no to him asking me out I said he could come eat with us."

Sara said with a glance at Gregs face. He looked at her like she had died. Had he really asked her on a date? ok technically it kinda had been but he hadnt said that to her.

Nick was kinda disappointed that she wasnt alone but it didnt show on his face. " Yeah, thats alright...It's ok Greggo, I think she'd turn even me down. Thats tellin you somthin if she turns me down." Nick couldnt believe that he had just said that last part out loud...NOBODY knew that he had those kind of feelings for Sara, Ok ok Cathrine did but she's a freaking mindreader. But Cathrine knew

that Sara liked him too. Cath had told both of them that she wouldnt tell a soul. Sara didnt really catch what he had said.

"Naw I wouldnt turn you down...Its just that Greggo here isnt quite my type...No offense Greggo."

"None taken but that does hurt Sidle...I still say you should at least try the Sanders charm out...just for ONE date...It wouldnt hurt...well it could but

were just not going there yet... unless you want it to..." Greg said with a light chuckle at his innuendo

"GREG! Oh My God I can't believe you just said that...Nick come on help me out please" Sara said in shock as she caught onto what he was saying. Nick was trying not to laugh but he was slighty jealous that Sanders just hasnt caught on that she didnt want him...but he couldnt say anything because he didnt know if she wanted him like he wanted her. He was seeing a different side of her...one that was better than what she had become.