Holy Water chapter 4 Pain Understanding

And she says - take me away

And take me farther

Surround me now,

And hold - hold - hold me like holy water

She just needs a little help to wash away the pain she's felt

She wants to feel the healing hands of someone who understands

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Pain Understanding

"Nick, I need you to be as quiet and non questioning as you can be ok? I have to get this out in one shot or else I'll clam up again and I'll never tell anyone." Sara said, hoping Nick will understand what she means.

"Of course Sar, I will. And if I don't then just chunk something at me and I'll get the point." Nick said, knowing exzactky how she felt about telling someone somthing thats very important.

"It wasn't always as bad as I thoguht but my parents fought constantly and it was usually over me. Mainly because my father doted on me and I was "Daddy's Lil Angel" and my mother despised me for how much he liked me and not her. So she started beating me but never really that bad, but as a child I could sense something was wrong but I didnt know what. I didnt know my mom was having an affair, I didn't know that she had planned to kill him, I didnt know that she had planned on killing me too just so she could be rid of me. Well, one day, my tenth birthday actually, I was on my way home thinking about how much I hoped they had gotten me something...Anything. But when I got to our house I didn't see or hear my parents. I also didnt see the strange car outside our garage either. I walked inside and as I walked past my parents bedroom and heard voices. I should have kept going but I had to stop. I saw blood everywhere...the celings, the floor, the bed. I saw my mother next to a stranger talking about what they had done. They moved just enough I could see what or should I say who had caused all the blood in their room. What was left of my father was on their bed, I secreamed and the guy turned around and grabbed me. He asked my mom who the hell I was. Her reply was "that stupid little bitch that I've had to take care of for ten years." Sara stopped at the memory of what her mother had called her. She would continue but she needed to stop for a few minutes.

"Sara, take as long as you need to. Don't push yourself to tell me if you don't want to." Nick was worried at the look on her face.

"Ok, I'll finish then you can talk. He asked her what she wanted him to do with me, She said go fuck her for all I care, she shouldnt have said that but he had his orders. Do whatever he wanted to me but I was to be killed when he was done. He dragged me to my room where he forced hi-himself onto me. I pleaded that he don't do it but he didnt care. He...he...he...he raped me... but then when I realized he was going to try to kill me I kneed him in the balls and took off. My mom went after me but I got to the police station too fast for her. I told them what had happened and they took her and her lover in. I had to testify against both of them. She swore that when she could she'd break out and come after me. And now shes out and I'm totally scared because she could kill me if she found me." Sara was bawling again because she had finally admitted to herself that she was scared and had relived those memories.

Nick looked at her like he couldnt believe that she had gone through all that. Not Sara Sidle... Not his sweet Sara that was determined to make her way to the top. But then it all made sense to him. Thats why domestic cases get to him. And rape cases. Now it was his turn to help her to get throught this and admit his feelings to her.

"Sara, I honestly can't believe that you went throught that living hell as a kid but I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always be here for you. She will not hurt you and until they find her, I want you to come and stay at my place. I don't like the idea of you being here by yourself and scared witless. So what do you say? Wanna stay at Casa de Stokes?"

"No Nick I couldnt, I'm fine here I promise."

"No your staying with me."

"Ok ok ok fine I can see that I wont win"

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