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Becoming an Adult

(In more ways then one!)

Chapter 1 Maturity?

Beastboy sat concentrating on a crossword; Terra walked by and peeked over his shoulder.

"Love Italian style, five letters…" Beast boy muttered to himself.

"Amore, duh Beastboy geez!" Terra laughed. Frustrated Beastboy looked up turned into a wolf and howled in agony.

"Teeeerra! How could you? That was my last one, and it took me hours to do!" Beastboy wailed. Raven looked up momentarily, before she spoke.

"Terr that was mean, you know that Beastboy likes to do those on his own…" Raven went back to reading. Beastboy threw an appreciative look at her, before turning back to Terra.

"Oh quiet Rae what do you know about it anyway?" Terra scoffed, after they had gotten here out of that rock form all she had been was cynical and mean, the Titans did not know why. Beastboy looked wide eyed at Terra for making such a comment but decided to interact with Raven instead.

"So Rae, what you reading?" Beastboy asked casually. Raven blushed slightly at the nearness of Beastboy. At 18 he was quite a looker, well built, still lean but not skinny like he had been.

"Oh it's a Xanth novel, by Piers Anthony… It's called 'Ogre Ogre'" Raven explained.

"Oh, well what's it about?" Beastboy asked, moving closer to see if the book had any pictures.

"Well wait I am on the last page let me finish and I'll tell you," Raven said reading the last couple lines. "Ok it is about a half nymph/human who has to go on a journey with a half Ogre/Human who is cursed with eye Queue; which makes him smart. Well they go through Xanth which is a magical country… and the girl ends up falling in love with the ogre… It was actually really good; I don't think that I explained it well enough." Raven shrugged, she loved the book, and it reminded her of something she just didn't know what.

"I think you explained it perfect… Do you think that I could borrow it maybe?" Beastboy asked embarrassed.

"Sure Beastboy... but why? I mean it does seem sort of girlish." Raven said handing the book over.

"Hey this girl and the Ogre, do they get it on? Like freaky animalistic sex?" Beastboy said trying to play it cool.

"No! Gross Beastboy! Why would you say such things?" Raven Shrieked getting up.

"Yeah right Beastboy I bet you love the idea of the story, like you are the foolish Ogre who turns smart then gets a hot girl! Kind of like when you liked me…" Terra laughed; yes she had gotten spiteful in her 18years of age.

"Hush Terra, I bet you don't even have a boyfriend right now, and that's why you are making fun of B.B. isn't that right?" Cyborg said coming back from his date with Bumblebee. Terra just shot him an evil look and turned away.

"Hey Raven… Could I ask you a question? I've actually been wondering about this for a while…" Beastboy said, somewhat embarrassed.

"Go ahead… shoot." Raven said not noticing the glowing red cheeks of the green teen.

"Ok you know how your not supposed to be overly emotional right?" Raven nodded. "Well how are you supposed to be 'intimate' with someone? You know without destroying the city or something?" Beastboy said blushing 10 shades of red. Raven looked at Beastboy evilly, her face matching his,

"Why are you asking me something like that? It is hardly appropriate! None of you needs to know this!" Raven screeched.

"Actually he makes a good point Rae… See you are basically of age, and we do need to find out how you can control those feelings of yours… in a bedroom setting that is." Robin said none too helpfully. Raven was bright red and the objects around the room began to faze in and out, becoming black and then normal again.

"Wow friend from being embarrassed you are almost destroying the living area!" Star said brightly.

"You all just need to leave me alone." Raven said evilly before turning to leave.

"Rae we are going to As Erath tomorrow be sure to pack some extra clothes, and yes the Titans are all going." Robin said smiling contentedly while going back to his conversation with star.

"Hey we wanna go!" Two voices said from Bumblebee's communicator. It was Speedy and Aqua Lad, pleading to go.

"Of course you can't go! Who will help guard our tower if you two come?"

"I will, I will stay with you and mas y menos." Cyborg offered.

"Fine with me, what about you Rae?" Robin asked, Raven said nothing but glared and nodded. Beastboy seemed to have a longing look as he stared after her.

"So it is just like that book, you the ogre have a crush on Raven, though she is no nymph. Though I am, but long ago you lost your chance with me!" Terra chuckled.

"Oh be quiet Terra, I don't want to get with you anyway. I am no ogre, and Raven is prettier then a nymph. But just cuz I say so doesn't mean anything." Beastboy tried to leave.

"Ha! That is too funny, you like Raven. You think she is pretty? Well I guess two misfits like you go together! Well I am going to pack." Terra got and left.

"Well see ya guys later, hope you all have fun with Terra!" Cyborg joked as he left with Bumblebee.

"This is going to be a loooong ride…" Robin muttered to his self before going to pack.