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'The smell of coffee is now officially burned forever in my mind' a pale girl thought while handing out the mochas to the cheerleading squad of Jump City Panthers. "Thanks abunch!" cheered lol one as she licked the whip cream from her lip with a small pink tongue. The pale girl, known as Raven, smiled thinly and nodded at her. "My pleasure." She told her through gritted teeth.

'Ah, what it must be like to be a normal teen. To not have to pay your bills. To have actual loving parents to be there for you.' Those far off thoughts of bliss had run through Raven's mind, many times before, and now walked lazily through her mind. 'No doubt smelling the coffee flowers.' Raven thought dryly to herself, serving a young, spiky haired man his caramel cream latte.

He nodded at her and sipped at it. Raven rolled her eyes and continued to the front counter of the small coffee shop. "Ooohhhhh, he's a cute one huh!" the old wrinkled co-worker of Raven's said, admiring the lightly tanned boy Raven had just served. She rolled her eyes 'Cradle robber.' She thought. "Yeah, real hottie." Raven told her, the spoken venom know as sarcasm dripped through her words. Petunia, the old cradle robbers name, gave Raven a disgusted look, followed by a tongue click old women do when about to scold a youngster. "You know Raven; you should really start hanging out with people your own age. Don't you think." It wasn't a question. That was said as

Petunia turned to the swinging door to, no doubt, go flirt with one of the, YOUNG, dishwashers.

Raven growled, "Humph, shows how much she knows about me." She muttered under her breath.

The bell that announced the arrival of a new customer, rang with a small shrill. Raven rolled her eyes and plucked the small white notepad out of her black apron's pocket and swung the yellow pencil from her small ear, and turned to watch newcomer, a man, walk over to the spiky haired male she had just served and sit down. Raven sighed and began to walk over to the two companions. But was rudely cut off by the ever loving, Petunia.

"I'll get this one doll." She said, hurrying over to the table with the men. Raven blinked, then smirked as Petunia came walking back with a dejected sigh. "Awwww, they rejected you?" Raven said with a bitchy tone that let off that she really didn't care. Petunia glared. "They were hoping for you to serve." She hissed.

Raven was surprised, to say the last, customers requested servers all the time here at, 'Barley's Coffee' but no one had ever asked for her. But fortunately for Raven, as she did have an image to up hold, her naturally dark indigo hair fell into her, equally dark indigo, eyes, hiding her surprise. Petunia growled. "Ya going to go or what?" She barked trying to hide her displeasure and failing horribly. Raven sighed and once again readied the pencil and paper and walked towards the men.

Raven creaked a smile at the two men. "What can I get you sir?" addressing the newcomer, a blond with a scruffy face and an eye patch over his right eye. He grunted and held up is forefinger. Raven sighed and leaned her body weight to her left foot, putting on a pose of boredom.

The spiky haired boy smirked into his big black cup, Raven glared at him for this. 'Stupid, spiky haired little freak.' She seethed silently. Raven sighed in exasperation. The man tutted. "Patients is a virtue." He said quietly. Raven growled "and, unfortunately for you. It's one I don't posses." The man laughed and ordered a hot chocolate. Raven nodded.

'A hot chocolate.' She bristled. 'Took him five bloody minutes to think up hot chocolate. Arggggg.' Today was not her day. The clock was slipping seconds by, a little to slow for Raven's taste. Today was Friday, and she would be receiving her, small, but still there, pay check. Raven sighed as she poured the coco into the big maroon cup that she had picked out for him. She added a big white mass of whip cream and topped it of with small chocolate sprinkles. Her rent was due tomorrow and her fridge was empty. Perhaps the old Ms.Horfed would give her another week to come up with the money. Raven walked in a coma like daze and set the hot chocolate in front of the bland and thought of her school work that she had yet to even start. And how to fit it in to her schedule.

The blond coughed, breaking Raven's train of thought. "Miss Raven, would you care to join us for lunch?" the one eyed man questioned with a purr. Raven rose an elegant eyebrow, then looked at the time and sighed, is was her lunch break but they two men were total strangers. She looked over to the counter and watched Petunia try to seduce a man that looked to be about Raven's age, 'It's either them or Petunia' Raven nodded at them. "I'll be back in a minute." She told them.

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