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He's not as smart as he seems. She's not as innocent as she seems. The result is ultimately a game for domination. (Seto Kaiba x Serenity? Well...If I'm sadistic enough...)


Serenity Wheeler was an incarnation of Heaven on Earth. She had the perfect body (34-26-34), the perfect height (can't go wrong with a flattering 5'4"), long, sundry hair (she never tied it back), angelic chocolate eyes (certainly comfort food), and a voice that made boys smack into random objects and girls squeal.

She was a deity in Domino High School, having boys follow her everywhere and girls beg to be her friend. The teachers adored her and were amazed by her perfect grades and attendance. Of course, she shyly declined at every offer of a date, would rarely speak when invited to eat lunch with a group of females, and had the tendency to fall ill in the middle of class. It didn't matter, though. Everyone was happy simply seeing her presence, blithely floating throughout the halls with her ever-smiling face.

For a Freshman, she was amazing. Even Seniors noticed her, and although people would liked to have pointed out the obvious connection between she and her brother, there was a slight problem. Serenity Wheeler was nothing like her brother, Joey Wheeler. In fact, it caused people to talk endless hours about the strange connection between the two. The usual answers were that either Serenity or Joey were adopted, or that their mother had an affair. After all, Serenity was a beautiful young women with an even temperament and brains, while Joey... well... It was difficult to think of a nice way to state that someone was a gluttonous moron.

Yes, Serenity Wheeler was certainly a goddess in disguise. Everyone thought so. Well, everyone except for Seto Kaiba, who didn't even know she existed.

Seto Kaiba himself was known to be a god, a devil, or perhaps a mixture of both. The girls adored him but contrarily to Serenity, the guys despised him. He certainly wasn't friendly, refused to partake in Athletics despite being unnaturally talented at everything and was used frequently in examples by teachers for a model student.

Therefore, he wasn't surprised when a note was tossed onto his desk when coming from Fourth Period. Nonchalantly, he threw it out without even bothering to open it. What he didn't notice was someone sitting three rows behind him, text messaging someone else through their cellular phone. A moment later, another note was passed to him, via the students passing it from hand to hand in a consecutive chain.

With each letter received, Kaiba would brush his hand over it and the folded paper would flutter to the floor. Eventually, there became a pile of paper under his desk, an obviously noticeable pile, especially when it toppled over from yet another addition to it.

Naturally, heads turned from the soft crash and the teacher stopped writing on the projector and lifted her head up to see the commotion. When she noticed the paper slew, she turned off the overhead, turned on the lights and stalked to the mess, now situated between Kaiba and Yugi's desks.

"May I ask where that pile of paper came from?" she demanded, looking from Kaiba to Yugi and then to the entire class. When there was no answer, she bent down and picked one up. Unfolding it, her face was unable to remain stony regarding the contents. Smiling slightly, she gave Kaiba a strange look before traveling to her rightful position at the front of the class.

"Mr. Kaiba, this note is addressed to you," she stated and then cast a glance back to the paper pile. "I'm guessing that the rest are as well. Do you know what this is about?"

Kaiba shrugged, hardly emotionally moved. Not amused by his indifference, the teacher cleared her throat and began to read the note out-loud.

"'Seto Kaiba,

I have noticed you for a while now, and I really want to tell you something special. I've been too nervous to ask you in person, so as a coward, I wrote this note. Please meet me at the basketball court at 4 today. If you do that, I promise not to take up any more of your time.

-Serenity Wheeler.'"

"WHAT THE HELL?" was the first thing that caused the tension to explode into smithereens. Twenty-one heads turned to see a seething Joey Wheeler, brother of the note-writer, standing up and clutching onto his desk. "This hasta be some kinda sick joke!"

"Joey, please take your seat-"

"WHERE DA HELL DID YOU GET DAT NOTE FROM?" His penetrating gaze zeroed in on Kaiba, who didn't even bother to look at him.

"Those notes," he calmly corrected. There was a loud crash and then two male students were restraining Joey from pounding the stuck-up CEO.

"Joey Wheeler, control yourself!" the teacher shrieked, and immediately, Joey quite struggling and sat back down in his desk. For the rest of the class he was glaring at Kaiba, while tiny conversations ran rampant.

"Serenity Wheeler likes Kaiba?"

"Doesn't she know her brother hates Kaiba?"

"She likes him, that has to be it!"

"Serenity... Sweet Serenity... Why Kaiba!"

"Like Kaiba is going to go, she's out of her mind!"

"They would make the perfect couple!"

Kaiba, meanwhile, was indifferent to the entire situation. He had received notes like this before and never went to meet the girl. After all, he didn't have time to waste with some idiotic female. But it was, however, slightly intriguing that Serenity Wheeler would express interest in him. He still didn't know who she was precisely but now knew that she was Joey's younger sister. Quite a disloyal one, as a matter of fact.

If she looked anything like Joey, he wished to never lay eyes on her.

One hour later, when class was over, Kaiba was still in his desk, typing. As usual, he took his time leaving, unwilling to deal with the rush of people or be cornered by some boyfriendless, desperate girl overcome with hormones. When the last person left, he closed his laptop, placed it into his briefcase and shut it with a satisfying snap. He was preparing to finally leave when a girl walked into the classroom and shut the door behind her.

"Uhm...Kaiba..." she began nervously, leaning against the door. Quite noticeably, her skirt rode up her thigh with the act but Kaiba was oblivious. Gripping his suitcase, he made no hesitation to walk right up to her. When she didn't move, his eyes narrowed in exasperation. "Move."

"No!" the girl cried out, crossing her arms stubbornly. "Not until you listen to me!"

"I don't have time for you!" Kaiba growled, reaching for the handle. Instantly, the girl moved against it and Kaiba could feel his temper grow short.

"Move," he repeated, hoping that the tiny idiot would somehow get a clue.

"I really like you-"

"I don't care!"

"No, I really do!"

"So what?"

"Don't you think I'm pretty?"

"I think you're an idiot. Now move.

"I won't..."There seemed to be a flash of anger on her face, one that shouldn't have been noticed. However, she quickly overrode the emotion by closing her hazel eyes tightly. When they opened, they glistened with tears and with her next words, the liquid spilled down her cheeks. "I won't, because I love you!"

Kaiba simply stared at her and for the first time in his life, he didn't know what to do.

.F o u r.H o u r s.A g o.

Serenity Wheeler was nothing like her brother, Joey Wheeler. In fact, it caused people to talk endless hours about the strange connection between the two. The usual answers were that either Serenity or Joey were adopted, or that their mother had an affair. After all, Serenity was a beautiful young women with an even temperament and brains, while Joey... well... It was difficult to think of a nice way to state that someone was a gluttonous moron.

No one really knew that Joey was a nice guy, despite that he seemed like a roughed-up gang member.

Sadly, no one really knew that Serenity was a conniving little monster, despite that she seemed like an angel, who was currently focused on her new prey.

"Tenshi... Devlin...Kurosaki...Simmons...Mutou..." she was reciting to herself while checking off a lengthy list written into the back of her notebook. "Taylor...Wicks... Urahara...Kaiba...Kaiba!"

Jolting up, her pen flew out of her hand and down three stories. Swearing, she cast a glance through the metal fence to see where it had landed and then quickly wiped out her cellular phone and dialed the first person she saw near the vicinities of the dropped writing utensil.


"Richy..." she cooed into the phone, making sure her tone was pitched three times higher than usual. "Can you pleeeease get my pen for me? I dropped it near...Uhm, that bench where those girls are sitting. Yes, yes. Thank you! Oh, my reception is bad, I have to go!"

Quickly she pressed the 'End' button and rolled her eyes. It was beginning to get annoying how every time she had to see a member of the male species, they asked her out on a date. She knew she was gorgeous, but please! At least most of them should know that they were obviously out of her league!

That thought reminded her of why she had lost her pen in the first place. She had shut the notebook in her astonishment and now feared to open it. How would she be able to bear the sight of it! The solitary, unchecked box beside the name of Seto Kaiba from class 3-5.

Since she had begun High School six months ago, Serenity had managed to get almost every guy in the school to confess some type of adoration for her, including those with girlfriends and even teachers. Of course, she hadn't blatantly done it. All she needed was to go up to one, have her hands clasped together in front of her, talk in a timid (yet attractive) voice, lean forward sometime to show a hint of her adorable bra (because she always wore adorable bras) and sway a little bit, never forgetting to blush at some point or all.

The result was usually a stuttering mass of what used to be a human male. Of course, the girls never knew what she did -no one knew. If she was caught talking to a guy in that manner, she would explain in an embarrassed tone that she didn't know how to do the homework and was asking whatshisface. Hell, she even doubted the victim knew what was happening to him!

Sighing, she placed the unopened notebook beside her, drew her legs up and rested her head on her knees. Did it really matter that she had all the guys in the school fall for her in some way? Even the statement of "You're cute" from Kaiba would be sufficient, she supposed...

Suddenly angry, she lifted her head and glared at nothing in particular. Like Hell she was going to give up on Kaiba! She hadn't even tried (except for that time in Battle City, but that didn't count because everyone else was around!), so therefore, she couldn't accept failure!

With a renewed passion for destroying hearts, she stood up and clenched her fists. Lunch was almost over, so she would have to wait until after school to confront Kaiba. He would have no choice but to submit to her absolute cuteness! Not to mention that her bra was unbelievably adorable, and a baby blue shade, which may win her points.

Now that she was certain her attire was appropriate, she simply needed a plan...


She knew he wouldn't come to see her. Therefore, she was prepared. First, she hiked up her skirt until it showed a gratuitous amount of leg and unbuttoned her blouse so that if she bent over, her bra would be revealed. After fixing her make-up and hair half-an-hour after the proposed meeting time, she followed the instructions given to her by one of Tea's friends, a Kaiba worshipper, and entered the classroom.

As told, Kaiba was packing his belongings, completely alone in the classroom.

It was time for the game to start.



1. Serenity's note was meant to be corny. Actually, all of her actions are meant to be corny -after all, she's putting up a corny facade...

2. Whenever there's a change in time, it's always from the time last stated. For example, when it stated 'Four Hours Ago' (making it noon or something), the 'Five Hours Later' following it is five hours from the last time (therefore making it 4 in the afternoon).

3. Uhh, yeah, I am also working on my other fics...just need some inspiration... ahh, plot holes...